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[Congressional Record: December 15, 2000 (Senate)]
[Page S11898]
From the Congressional Record Online via GPO Access []

  Mr. ABRAHAM. Mr. President, as I leave the service of the Senate, I 
would like to take a moment and recognize the service of my dedicated 
staff over these last six years. Pay in a Congressional office is not 
great, Mr. President, the hours are incredibly long, and often times 
the work they do goes unheralded. But still these staffers dedicate 
their time and effort to helping the people of Michigan and advancing 
their interests.
  I would like to take this opportunity, on behalf of the people of the 
State of Michigan, to thank them all for their dedicated and tireless 
  Mr. President, at this point I would like to enter into the Record a 
list of those people that have served on my staff, both here in 
Washington and back in Michigan, as a way of thanking them.
  There being no objection, the material was ordered to be printed in 
the Record, as follows:

              Staff of Senator Spencer Abraham, 1994-2000

       Mohammed Abouharb, Staff Assistant; Stuart Anderson, 
     Director of Immigration Policy and Research; Gregory Andrews, 
     Regional Director; Anthony Antone, Deputy Chief of Staff; 
     Sandra Baxter, Assistant to the State Chief of Staff; Beverly 
     Betel, Staff Assistant; Rachael Bohlander, Legislative 
       David Borough, Computer Specialist; Michell Brown, Staff 
     Assistant; Katja Bullock, Office Manager; Carrie Cabelka, 
     Staff Assistant; Cheryl Campbell, Regional Director; Robert 
     H. Carey, Jr., Legislative Director; David Carney, Mail Room 
       Joseph Cella, Regional Director; Cesar V. Conda, 
     Administrative Assistant/Legislative Director; Adam Condo, 
     Systems Administrator; Jon Cool, Staff Assistant; Ann H. 
     Coulter, Judiciary Counsel; Majida Dandy, Executive 
     Assistant; Anthony Daunt, Staff Assistant.
       Joe Davis, Director of Communications; Nina De Lorenzo, 
     Press Secretary; Larry D. Dickerson, Chief of Staff/Michigan 
     Operations; Joanne Dickow, Legal Advisor; Hope Durant, 
     Executive Assistant to the Chief of Staff; Sharon Eineman, 
     Senior Caseworker.
       Paul Erhardt, Special Assistant; Tom Frazier, Regional 
     Director; Bruce Frohnen, Speech Writer; Renee Gauthier, 
     Caseworker; Jessica Gavora, Special Advisor; David Glancy, 
     Staff Assistant; Thomas Glegola, Special Assistant.
       Todd Gustafson, Regional Director; Alex Hageli, Staff 
     Assistant; Mary Harden, Staff Assistant; Phil Hendges, 
     Regional Director; Paul Henry, Staff Assistant; Joanna 
     Herman, Special Assistant; Melissa Hess, Staff Assistant.
       Stephen Hessler, Deputy Press Secretary; Kate Hinton, 
     Deputy Chief of Staff; David Hoard, Special Assistant; Kevin 
     Holmes, Special Assistant; Kelly Hoskin, Caseworker; Michael 
     J. Hudome, Special Assistant; Randa Fahmy Hudome, Counselor.
       F. Chase Hutto, Judiciary Counsel; Michael Ivahnenko, Staff 
     Assistant; Eunice Jeffries, Regional Director; Kaveri Kalia, 
     Press Assistant; Raymond M. Kethledge, Judiciary Counsel; 
     Elizabeth Kessler, General Counsel; Kevin Kolevar, Senior 
     Legislative Assistant.
       Jack Koller, Systems Administrator; Kerry Kraklau. Systems 
     Administrator; Peter Kulick, Caseworker; Kristin La Mendola, 
     Staff Assistant; Patricia LaBelle, Regional Director; Brandon 
     L. LaPerriere, Legislative Assistant; Stuart Larkins, Staff 
       Matthew Latimer, Special Assistant; Joseph P. McMonigle, 
     Administrative Assistant/General Counsel; Eileen McNulty, 
     West Michigan Director; Meg Mehan, Special Assistant; Rene 
     Myers, Regional Director; Jennifer Millerwise, Staff 
     Assistant; Denise Mills, Staff Assistant.
       Maureen Mitchell, Staff Assistant; Sara Moleski, Regional 
     Director; Jessica Morris, Deputy Press Secretary; Margaret 
     Murphy, Press Secretary; Tom Nank, Southeast Michigan 
     Assistant; James Patrick Neill, Director of Scheduling; Shawn 
     Neville, Northern West Michigan Regional Director.
       Na-Rae Ohm, Special Assistant; Lee Liberman Otis, Chief 
     Judiciary Counsel; Kathryn Packer, Director of External 
     Affairs; Chris Pavelich, Regional Director; John Petz, 
     Southeast Michigan Director; James L. Pitts, Chief of Staff; 
     Conley Poole, Staff Assistant.
       John Potbury, Regional Director; Tosha Pruden, Caseworker; 
     Laurine Bink Purpuro, Deputy Chief of Staff; Lawrence J. 
     Purpuro, Chief of Staff; Brian Reardon, Legislative 
     Assistant; Elroy Sailor, Special Assistant; David Seitz, Mail 
     Room Manager.
       Dan Senor, Director of Communications; Mary Shiner, 
     Regional Director; Anthony Shumsky, Regional Director; Alicia 
     Sikkenga, Special Assistant; Lillian Simon, Staff Assistant; 
     Lillian Smith, Director of Scheduling; Anthony Spearman-
     Leach, Regional Director.
       Robert Steiner, Mail Room Manager; Anne Stevens, Special 
     Assistant; Matthew Suhr, Special Assistant; Julie Teer, Press 
     Secretary; Amanda Trivax, Staff Assistant; Meagan Vargas, 
     Special Assistant; Shawn Vasell, Staff Assistant.
       Olivia Joyce Visperas, Staff Assistant; Sue Wadel, Legal 
     Advisor; Seth Waxman, Caseworker; Jeffrey Weekly, Special 
     Assistant; Jennifer Wells, Caseworker; La Tonya Wesley, 
     Special Assistant; Tyler White, Special Assistant; Patricia 
     Wierzbicki, Regional Director; Gregg Willhauck, Legislative 
     Counsel; Billie Kops Wimmer, State Director.

  Mr. ABRAHAM. Mr. President, I thank my colleagues for this 
opportunity, and I yield the floor.