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[Congressional Record: October 19, 2000 (House)]
[Page H10469-H10470]
From the Congressional Record Online via GPO Access []


  Mr. THOMAS, from the Committee on House Administration, reported that 
that committee did on the following dates present to the President, for 
his approval, bills of the House of the following titles:

           On October 18, 2000:
       H.R. 4516. Making appropriations for the Legislative Branch 
     for the fiscal year ending September 30, 2001, and for other 
           On October 19, 2000:
       H.R. 707. To amend the Robert T. Stafford Disaster Relief 
     and Emergency Assistance

[[Page H10470]]

     Act to authorize a program for predisaster mitigation, to 
     streamline the administration of disaster relief, to control 
     the Federal costs of disaster assistance, and for other 
       H.R. 1715. To extend and reauthorize the Defense Production 
     Act of 1950.
       H.R. 2389. To restore stability and predictability to the 
     annual payments made to States and counties containing 
     National Forest System lands and public domain lands managed 
     by the Bureau of Land Management for use by the counties for 
     the benefit of public schools, roads, and other purposes.
       H.R. 34. To direct the Secretary of the Interior to make 
     technical corrections to a map relating to the Coastal 
     Barrier Resources System.
       H.R. 208. To amend title 5, United States Code, to allow 
     for the contribution of certain rollover distributions to 
     accounts in the Thrift Savings Plan, to eliminate certain 
     waiting-period requirements for participating in the Thrift 
     Savings Plan, and for other purposes.
       H.R. 1654. To authorize appropriations for the National 
     Aeronautics and Space Administration for fiscal years 2000, 
     2001, and 2002, and for other purposes.
       H.R. 2842. To amend chapter 89 of title 5, United States 
     Code, concerning the Federal Employees Health Benefits (FEHB) 
     Program, to enable the Federal Government to enroll an 
     employee and his or her family in the FEHB Program when a 
     State court orders the employee to provide health insurance 
     coverage for a child of the employee but the employee fails 
     to provide the coverage, and for other purposes.
       H.R. 2883. To amend the Immigration and Nationality Act to 
     modify the provisions governing acquisition of citizenship by 
     children born outside of the United States, and for other 
       H.R. 2879. To provide for the placement at the Lincoln 
     Memorial of a plaque commemorating the speech of Martin 
     Luther King, Jr., known as the ``I Have A Dream'' speech.
       H.R. 2984. To direct the Secretary of the Interior, through 
     the Bureau of Reclamation, to convey to the Loup Basin 
     Reclamation District, the Sargent River Irrigation District, 
     and the Farwell Irrigation District, Nebraska, property 
     comprising the assets of the Middle Loup Division of the 
     Missouri River Basin Project, Nebraska.
       H.R. 3235. To improve academic and social outcomes for 
     youth and reduce both juvenile crime and the risk that youth 
     will become victims of crime by providing productive 
     activities conducted by law enforcement personnel during 
     nonschool hours.
       H.R. 3236. To authorize the Secretary of the Interior to 
     enter into contracts with the Weber Basin Water Conservancy 
     District, Utah, to use Weber Basin Project facilities for the 
     impounding, storage, and carriage of nonproject water for 
     domestic, municipal, industrial, and other beneficial 
       H.R. 3292. To provide for the establishment of the Cat 
     Island National Wildlife Refuge in West Feliciana Parish, 
       H.R. 3468. To direct the Secretary of the Interior to 
     convey certain water rights to Duchesne City, Utah.
       H.R. 3577. To increase the amount authorized to be 
     appropriated for the north side pumping division of the 
     Minidoka reclamation project, Idaho.
       H.R. 3767. To amend the Immigration and Nationality Act to 
     make improvements to, and permanently authorize, the visa 
     waiver pilot program under section 217 of such Act.
       H.R. 3986. To provide for a study of the engineering 
     feasibility of a water exchange in lieu of electrification of 
     the Chandler Pumping Plant at Prosser Diversion Dam, 
       H.R. 3995. To establish procedures governing the 
     responsibilities of court-appointed receivers who administer 
     departments, offices, and agencies of the District of 
     Columbia government.
       H.R. 4002. To amend the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961 to 
     revise and improve provisions relating to famine prevention 
     and freedom from hunger.
       H.R. 4205. To authorize appropriations for fiscal year 2001 
     for military activities of the Department of Defense, for 
     military construction, and for defense activities of the 
     Department of Energy, to prescribe personnel strengths for 
     such fiscal year for the Armed Forces, and for other 
       H.R. 4259. To require the Secretary of the Treasury to mint 
     coins in commemoration of the National Museum of the American 
     Indian of the Smithsonian Institution, and for other 
       H.R. 4386. To amend title XIX of the Social Security Act to 
     provide medical assistance for certain women screened and 
     found to have breast or cervical cancer under a federally 
     funded screening program, to amend the Public Health Service 
     Act and the Federal Food, Drug, and Co Cosmetic Act with 
     respect to surveillance and information concerning the 
     relationship between cervical cancer and the human 
     papillomavirus (HPV), and for other purposes.
       H.R. 4389. To direct the Secretary of the Interior to 
     convey certain water distribution facilities to the Northern 
     Colorado Water Conservancy District.
       H.R. 4681. To provide for the adjustment of status of 
     certain Syrian nationals.
       H.R. 4828. To designate the Steens Mountain Wilderness Area 
     and the Steens Mountain Cooperative Management and Protection 
     Area in Harney County, Oregon, and for other purposes.
       H.R. 5417. To rename the Stewart B. McKinney Homeless 
     Assistance Act as the ``McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance 
       H.R. 5107. To make certain corrections in copyright law.