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September 28, 2000
Deferred Enforced Departure for Liberians

Q. What is DED for Liberians?

A. Deferred Enforced Departure, referred to as DED, grants certain, qualified Liberian citizens and nationals protection from removal from the United States until September 29, 2001.

Q. Do I have to apply for DED?

A. No, DED is automatic for qualified Liberians, regardless of age. However, applicants in need of evidence of work authorization must apply.

Q. Who is eligible?

A. Any qualified Liberian national or citizen who is present in the United States as of September 29, 2000.

Q. Who is not eligible?

A. Although DED status is automatic for qualified Liberians, there are some exceptions to eligibility under this program, including persons who have committed certain crimes, persons who are persecutors, and persons who have previously been deported, excluded or removed.

Q. Who is eligible for Liberian DED-related employment authorization?

A. With certain exceptions, the eligible class for Liberian DED-related employment authorization consists of Liberian citizens or nationals who are present in the United States as of September 29, 2000. The word "present" is defined to mean no absences from the United States after September 29, 2000; or, if there were absences since that date: 1) the total time period of such absences does not exceed 180 days, and 2) for each absence, the Liberian either returned to the United States with advance parole, or was inspected and admitted to the United States.

Q. What forms do I need to file?

A. To obtain employment authorization, Liberian nationals must file a Form I-765, Application for Employment Authorization, and a Form I-765D, "Liberian DED Supplemental to Form I-765."

Q. What documentation must I submit when I file?

A. Applicants must submit with their applications copies of the following documents, if available: Form I-94, Arrival Departure Record; their last Employment Authorization Document (EAD) card; any documentation proving their residence in the United States as of September 29, 2000; a photo identity such as a passport, driverís license or identity card, or school identification card; and any documentation to establish that they are a citizen or national of Liberia. All applicants must also submit two photographs.

Q. What if I donít have proper documentation?

A. If you cannot provide documentation regarding eligibility, you may submit an affidavit affirming that you are a national of Liberia and were present in the United States as of September 29, 2000, and are eligible for DED. To detect and deter fraud, INS will conduct interviews to determine eligibility in these cases.

Q. Will I be required to submit any filing fees for the Employment Authorization Document (EAD)?

A. The filing fee for submitting an EAD application is waived for DED recipients. However, all first time applicants will be required to submit the standard $25 fingerprinting fee.

Q. Where do I submit my complete application?

A. Applicants must submit all application materials to the District Office that has jurisdiction over their place of residence.