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Dear Editor,

I do not know what to do. I have three children and a wife. The youngest child is an American citizen, but we all others are illegal immigrants. We have been here since January 1999 - from east Europe. We (I) hoped for amnesty for all illegals, or at least for parents of American citizens. But nothing happen and I sink to think that amnesty for us will come in next months or even years.

I know that now I cannot get a green card on the ground of my sons citizenship - only after he will be 21. But how to live without work permit? How to feed 5 family members? And pay bills? I worked illegally for $6 per hour, but it is not enough. Then I worked 6 months at two jobs for $6 per hour, both full time. It is enough but I cannot work this way more. I have got tired. My wife is not working because she breastfeeds the smallest child and she cares for next two. And it is difficult to find job for her without work permit or SS and with poor knowledge of the English language.

Do you have any idea for us, what to do? To go back is not a good idea. And to stay...We, my wife and I, are chemical engineers, but here we work as day and night cleaners. Should I risk and apply for a better job (at chemical company) with fake documents? Or should I divorce and marry an American woman like do too many of my friends and foreigners? Or what?

Sorry that I worry to sign all my name. Sincerely,