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To the Editor
I've enjoyed the articles you write. I read them on a daily basis. I am interested because I know of a lot of people in this situation. I'll pass the word around.

There is a couple, moved in the US in 1983 or 1984. Their children came on a visiting visa in 1985. The couple decided to keep the children here because of political problem that started in their country back then.

In 1985 the youngest started first grade and the oldest started fifth grade. It is now year 2000, and they still cannot get their papers.

Now this was just an example. There are others just like this family, where parents are legal residents, or in the case above, American citizens. What do we do for these now adults? What do you suggest these children, now adults, do? Under the law, they are not supposed to work, they are not supposed to go to school since they cannot afford it and they cannot even afford the basic human rights such as health insurance.

In the case mentioned above the US has invested in the lives of all these kids by educating them. Now we have young adults willing and able to work, but the law does not allow them to. What options do these people have? They will have kids, but how will they feed this new generation? Some will try to lie to get a job, isn't that against the law? Should they go in the streets and beg? Become panhandlers?

Please let me know, if you have any information regarding this. I will do my best to pass the word around. Has there been an amnesty for these people? Is there any law that we're not aware of that allows one to work and stay quiet in this country without breaking any law? If a person is a pending resident, waiting for their visa is there any way you could work as an adult without going against the law?

I will be reading your issue on a daily basis. Let me know what's going on and I will forward it to the people I know who are in dire need of this information.


Thank you
Betty Prudent