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		[Congressional Record: June 26, 2000 (House)]
[Page H5146-H5162]
From the Congressional Record Online via GPO Access []

  Mr. ROGERS. Mr. Chairman, I move to strike the last word for the 
purpose of yielding to the gentleman from Georgia (Mr. Deal) for the 
purpose of engaging in a colloquy.
  Mr. DEAL of Georgia. Mr. Chairman, I thank the gentleman for 
  Mr. Chairman, as the gentleman from Kentucky (Mr. Rogers) knows, 
illegal immigration into the ninth district of Georgia has skyrocketed 
in recent years. North Georgia has quickly become a destination for 
people entering this country illegally. Word has spread throughout the 
communities that jobs are plentiful in our labor-intensive industries.
  What once might have been called a trickle of illegal aliens into 
North Georgia has turned into an outright flood. A recent study 
completed by Georgia State University concludes that in Hall County, 
Georgia, where I live, there could be an illegal immigration population 
of over 65,000.
  This is especially alarming because of the overall population of the 
country is only 120,000. The schools, health care, delivery system, and 
judicial system have all seen a dramatic influx of residents who do not 
have legal status in our country. This has had a drastic and 
debilitating impact on the social services that our community is able 
to provide.

                              {time}  2215

  But despite the growing problem of illegal immigration in my 
district, I am happy to report renewed optimism. The Quick Response 
Teams, or QRTs which the gentleman and his subcommittee have developed, 
have proved to be a tremendous success where fully implemented. The 
city of Dalton, Georgia, which is one of the cities most affected by 
illegal immigration in my district, has benefited greatly from the 
presence of a QRT team.
  These teams of INS agents work with State and local law enforcement 
to identify, apprehend, and remove criminal and illegal aliens. I thank 
the gentleman for his leadership on the interior enforcement of our 
immigration laws. Too few Members have had the courage to substantively 
address this issue. It is my hope that we can expand these successful 
QRTs to other communities that are dealing with this problem such as 
Hall County, Georgia. I would simply ask for the gentleman's commitment 
and for his continued support of interior enforcement of our 
immigration laws and especially the Quick Response Teams.
  Mr. ROGERS. Mr. Chairman, reclaiming my time, I thank the gentleman 
for reminding us of this enormous problem in his district. I know of 
few districts that are impacted as significantly as the gentleman's 
district in Georgia. In fact, we included an additional $11 million in 
the bill which was not requested by the administration to expand this 
QRT program around the country. In fact, I want to tell the gentleman 
that he is the inspiration for the QRT program, and I appreciate the 
problem he is facing in his home area, as well as other areas of the 
country; and I assure the gentleman that we will be happy to work with 
him as we proceed to address the problem.
  Mr. DEAL of Georgia. Mr. Chairman, I thank the gentleman.