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INS Updates on TPS Application Period

1.         When will the official notice appear in the Federal Register?

  • The notice is scheduled to be published on Thursday, May 11, 2000.

2.         When does the TPS re-registration period for extension begin for eligible Hondurans and Nicaraguans?

  • TPS application will be accepted beginning May 11, 2000, the date of the publication of the TPS regulation in the Federal Register and accepted by the INS Service Centers until June 9, 2000.

3.         Who may apply for the TPS extension?

  • Individuals who applied for TPS during the initial designation period may apply for the TPS extension.  Late initial registration is only available to an individual who meet the requirements for TPS, including residing in the United States since December 30, 1998, and who, at the time of the initial registration,

- Was a nonimmigrant or has been granted voluntary departure or any relief from removal;

- Had an application for change of status, adjustment of status, asylum or relief from removal pending or subject to further review or appeal;

            - Is a parolee of had a pending request for reparole or voluntary departure; or

- The applicant is a spouse or child of an alien and meets the TPS eligibility requirements under the initial TPS designation.

4.         Are spouses and children who did not initially apply for TPS and who would be independently eligible for the benefit now eligible to apply?

  • Yes, the spouses and children of hose who applied for TPS under the initial designation and who independently qualify for TPS may apply as late initial registrants during this extension period.

5.   Does the TPS extension allow Hondurans and Nicaraguans who are not present in the United States and who arrived after December 30, 1998 to apply for the TPS extension?

        No.  The extension of TPS does not allow individuals who are not present in the United States to apply for TPS or to enter the United States to apply for this benefit. Only Hondurans and Nicaraguans residing in the United States prior to December 30, 1998, are eligible for the TPS benefit.

6.   What is advance parole?  Can individuals who are granted TPS apply for advance parole?

        Advance parole allows an individual to travel abroad and return to the United States.  Advance parole is issued on a case-by-case basis.  Individuals who are granted TPS may apply for advance parole by filing form I-131 at their local Ins district office.  TPS applicants must have the advance parole prior approved to departing the United States.  Failure to do so may jeopardize their ability to return to the United States.

7. Is there a fee to reapply for TPS and EAD (work authorization permit)?

        In order to file for the extension, a TPS applicant must submit form I-821 and Form I-765.  Both forms must be submitted for re-registration. If the applicant is only seeking to re-register for TPS and not a work authorization extension, there is no filing fee.  However, if an applicant is seeking and extension of employment authorization, a $100 filing fee must accompany form I-765(work authorization permit application).  These forms are available from the toll-free INS Forms line, 1-800-870-3676 or from the INS website,

If an applicant is filing as a late initial registrant, they must file a $50 fee with the Form I-821 or request a fee waiver.  The separate $100 fee for an EAD work authorization card, if being requested, must also be submitted.

8. Can I apply for a fee waiver if I am seeking an extension of my work authorization?

        TPS applicants who would like to apply for an EAD work authorization fee waiver may request one when filing with the Ins Service Center.