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INS will make every effort to facilitate the entry of those visitors who would have used the VWPP during the 30-day period beginning May 1, and ending at 00:0 (edt) May 30, 2000. To facilitate travel during this period, ports-of-entry (POEs) have been instructed to parole for 90 days all applicants who would have been VWPP eligible if the program had been continued. The parole will be granted for the public benefit, pursuant to section 212(d)(5)(a) of the Act.

The alien must complete both the front and back of form I-94W prior to application for admission. If the alien would have been admissible under the VWPP, INS inspectors have been instructed to place the admission stamp on the I-94W (both the arrival and departure portion):

  1. In the admission block, a line will be drawn through the word "admitted" that appears in red security ink and the word "paroled" inserted in its place. The same notations will be placed in the alien's passport.
  2. For the paroled code, the officer will write, "cp," the code corresponding to public benefit parole.
  3. Under "cp," the officer will parole the alien for 90 days (unless the alien withdraws the application for admission, is ordered removed, paroled for prosecution, etc.). In a case where the alien is denied admission and returned abroad or paroled for another reason, the appropriate disposition result will be noted in both the arrival and departure block of form I-94W.
  4. In box 12, under "government use only", the appropriate disposition code, "wt," "wb," "wd," "er," "ef," etc. will be indicated. Inadmissible aliens will be subject to withdrawal and/or expedited removal. The "wr" code will not be used during the effective period (5/1 through 5/30).
  5. To insure uniformity, POEs will assign a person(s) to ensure the I-94Ws for each flight are completed in accordance with this procedure.

During the 30-day period, participating VWPP transportation lines will not incur any fines under section 273 of the Act for transporting persons who would otherwise have been admissible under the VWPP.