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Immigration Daily July 10, 2012
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Comment: Death Of Print Media - The New York Times chronicles the trials faced by print newspapers and periodicals in the increasingly digital world of media. Hyperlocal stories are being written overseas, papers are reducing the number of days on which print editions are released, and, of course, countless local newspapers have boarded up the doors and shuttered the windows in recent years. The market to infuse traditional print media companies with the capital they need to evolve with the market has tightened and those companies are often at a loss for what to do. No field is immune from this general trend. ILW.COM is proud to have launched the first daily email newspaper in the field of immigration law over twelve years ago, and looks forward to reporting on it over the next decade. Share your thoughts with us at

Article: H-1 Visa Issuance Perils by Rajiv Khanna

Article:The Ties That Bind: Can Family Unity Co-Exist With Maintanance Of Lawful Permanent Resident Status? by Gary Endelman and Cyrus D. Mehta

Blogging: More About "Mitts Immigration Plan" by Roger Algase

Blogging: Obama Administration Being Sued for using Secure Communities to Detain U.S. Citizen in Maximum Security Prison for Two Months by Mattew Kolken

News: DHS Releases Report On Nonimmigrant Admissions For FY 2011

News: SCOTUS Denies Arizona's Request To Postpone 9th Cir. Ruling Striking Down Forcing Voters To Prove Citizenship

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Headline: Luis V. Gutierrez Bad Ass Congressman Attacks AZ Immigration Law Using Justin Bieber
Headline: Best Immigration Lawyer Most Helpful For Critical Immigration Problem
Headline: Salvadoran Journalist in Ga. Up Against Immigration Dilemma
Headline: Judge keeps South Carolina immigration law on hold after Arizona ruling
Headline: Fox "Straight News" Ignores Key Facts Of Obama's Immigration Record
Headline: Stop Notario Fraud by AILA
Headline: Scalia blurring Constitution's lines?
Headline: High court's immigration ruling also is significant
Headline: The new Obama’s immigration policy, is it a real solution for youth deportation?
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Headline: Economics of Deferred Action
Headline: President’s New Immigration Policy Opens the Door to Shape Future Latino Leaders

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Letters of the Week: R. Yang, Joe Whalen

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