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Immigration Daily July 9, 2012
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Comment: Economics of Deferred Action - The Center for American Progress, founded almost a decade ago by Bill Clinton's White House Chief of Staff John Podesta, notes the top five economic benefits from the Deferred Action announcement. The Center suggests the effects will include widespread economic growth for all; a raise in wages for native-born workers; encouragement of education to help the workforce keep pace in the global economy; an increase in federal revenues; and, complementary capabilities to native-born workers. The Center for American Progress bills itself as an " independent nonpartisan educational institute" and that seems fair given the sources of information for the above propositions. The article linked below quotes statistics from a variety of government agencies, like the DOL and SSA, plus carries comments from all sides of the political spectrum from George W. Bush's Council of Economic Advisers to the libertarian Cato Institute to even Paul Krugman, the famously liberal New York Times columnist. After reviewing all the information, it is hard not to see a number of benefits to the Deferred Action announcement even beyond the ones suggested by the CAP. To read the full article, continue here. Is the CAP right? Share your opinions with us at

Article: Travel Abroad And Reentry With Advance Parole Safer by Sheela Murthy et al.

Blogging: More Companies To Be Covered By Georgia's E-Verify Law On July 1 by Bruce Buchanan

Blogging: Suggestions For Organizations Who Assist The Undocumented by Deferred Actions Oranizations Blog

Blogging: Would Mitt Romney Really Be Worse For Immigration Than Barack Obama? by Roger Algase

Blogging: Immigration Egregore: The "Illegal Immigrant" Slur by Angelo Paparelli

Blogging: Applying For Deferred Action? Proceed With Caution by Carl Shusterman

News: DOJ Issues Flyer On Best Practices For Job Postings

News: DOJ Issues Flyer On Proper Uses of E-Verify

Focus: Asylum For Specific Social Groups and Bars to Asylum
Tuesday, July 10 is the deadline for the Thursday, July 12 phone session of "Asylum For Experts" with David L. Cleveland, Elizabeth Barna, Jason Dzubow, Hilary Han, Ashley Huebner, Jeffrey Martins, and Other Speakers to be Announced. The curriculum is as follows:

    Particular Social Groups
    • Gangs Matter of S-E-G- 24 I and N Dec. 579
    • Domestic violence
    • Forced marriage
    • Genital mutilation

    Bars to Asylum
    • The one-year deadline
    • Persecutor of others
    • Crimes
    • Terrorist activity
    • Firm resettlement
    • Internal relocation
    • Material support

Tuesday, July 10 is the deadline to sign up. For more info, including speakers bios, detailed curriculum, and registration information, please see: Online: http://www,
Fax form:

Headline: President's New Immigration Policy Opens the Door to Shape Future Latino Leaders
Headline: Appreciating Undocumented Americans
Headline: Polls show support for Obama's deferred action immigration policy
Headline: We Shouldn't Be Throwing Out Hardworking Immigrants
Headline: U.S. courts immigrants who excel in science
Headline: Jul 6 - Prosecutorial Indiscretion
Headline: Photo: This Country was built on undocumented immigration! (and slavery)
Headline: Obama Deportation Policy Change: Groups Help Immigrants Prepare To Apply For Reprieve
Headline: Commentary: Immigration debate harbors plenty of misconceptions

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