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Immigration Daily December 2, 2011
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Comment: The HR 3012 Model -The passage of HR 3012 in the House with overwhelming majority of 389-15, suggests a new strategy for pushing immigration reform. Pro-immigration groups have historically pinned their hopes for immigration relief solely on President Obama and the Democrats. They supported them heavily in elections in 2008, and with the Democrats controlling the Presidency and both the chambers of Congress for two years, they received no immigration benefits and only increased enforcement. Based on their actions, it appears that the immigration status quo - with millions of undocumented immigrants living in the shadows, and employers unable to hire employees they need - is politically desirable to the Democrats.
In passing of HR 3012, Conservative Republicans and Liberal Democrats found some common ground on easing a few restrictions on employers and taking small steps towards unification of families. While Republicans have been influenced heavily by the anti-immigrationist wing of the party, there are some pro-immigration voices, however mixed, within that party. When Gov. Perry spoke, however inarticulately, in favor of education for the undocumented Texans he was roundly attacked by the rest of the Republican Presidential field. The current front-runner, Newt Gingrich, has proposed a more ambitious plan which was recently analyzed by the Pew Hispanic Center. The New York Times reports "How many illegal immigrants could gain legal status under an idea proposed by Newt Gingrich? Perhaps as many as 3.5 million, according to figures published Thursday by the Pew Hispanic Center in Washington. Mr. Gingrich set himself apart from his leading rivals for the Republican presidential nomination last week by saying that he would open a path to legal status for illegal immigrants who had been in the country for many years, had strong family ties here - children and maybe grandchildren - and no criminal record. The Pew Center took up the challenge of calculating how many illegal immigrants might meet Mr. Gingrich's standards. About 35 percent of the estimated 10 million illegal immigrants in the United States who are adults have been here for 15 years or more, the center found, based on an analysis of 2010 census data." Would a President Gingrich be better able to push through actual immigration reform through the Congress using a coalition of Republicans and Democrats, than President Obama has been willing or able to do? Please let us know your thoughts about strategies for pursuing bipartisan immigration reform by commenting in our letters section or by writing to us at

Article: NYC Mayor Bloomberg Signs Bill On 11/22/11 Revamping City's Policy Of Detaining Arrested Undocumented Immigrants Vis-A-Vis ICE Detainer Holds by Alan Lee, Esq

Article: Electronics Manufacturer Ordered To Pay $43,000 For 62 I-9 Violations by John Fay

Bloggings: Pew Research Study: Gingrich Immigration Plan May Prevent Deportation of Millions by Matthew Kolken

Bloggings: Rick Perry gets support from Joe Arpaio. From the moat to the desert tents by Roger Algase

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Letters of the Week: Paul Cass, Joe Whalen, Robert M. Foley, Honza Prchal, Richard y, Jim Roberts

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Too Many People?: Population, Immigration, and the Environmental Crisis By Ian Angus, Simon Butler, Betsy Hartmann, and Joel Kovel Haymarket Books, 280 pp. Paperback, ISBN: 1608461408, $12.53

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