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Immigration Daily December 29, 2006
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Saudi Princess To Be Deported

The Washington Post reports that "A Saudi Arabian princess accused of breaking U.S. immigration laws by locking up her domestics' passports and forcing them to work for low pay was ordered to be deported."

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  • Joel Stewart's BALCA Review By Joel Stewart
  • Note On Online Job Fairs By David H. Nachman
  • Ask The Editor By Joel Stewart
  • Professional Recruitment Occupations From Appendix A arranged by the O*NET SOC Code
  • PERM Resources
  • Errata
CD-ROM Table of Contents:

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  • PERM Backlog Processing FAQs May 2, 2005
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  • Hurricane Memos (October 13, 2005, November 16, 2005)
  • BALCA Cases: (Sanchez Elvina, Inc. d/b/a Ely-Lyn House of Beauty; IBM Corporation; Cottonwood Home; Professional Staffing Services of America; Madni, Inc., t/a Silver and Watch Palace; Siemens Energy and Automation, Inc.;
  • Federal Court Case (Liberty Fund v. Chao, DOL Mandamus By Sam Udani)
  • Professional Recruitment Occupations From Appendix A Arranged By The O*NET SOC Code
  • Occupational Outlook Handbook
The Table of Contents of the second issue is as follows:
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  • In-Job Experience: Why We Need It and How We Can Still Get It By Gary Endelman
  • Ask The Editor By Joel Stewart
  • Professional & Trade Journals Under PERM By Nathan Waxman
  • Joel Stewart's BALCA Review By Joel Stewart
  • First PERM BALCA Decision By Careen B. Shannon
  • BALCA's Health America Decision Doesn't Go Far Enough By R. Blake Chisam
  • Federal Court Litigation By Sam Udani
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  • Darby v. Cisneros, 509 U.S. 137, 125 L. Ed. 2d 113, 113 Supreme Court. 2539 (1993)
  • Carlson Letter On PERM Modification
  • FAQ On Public Disclosure System
  • FAQ On Extended RIR Conversion Date
  • Training And Employment Guidance Letter No. 7-06
  • Public Disclosure System from OFLC
  • Federal Register Notice on RIR Eligibility Date
  • Errata
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USCIS Issues Fact Sheet On Asylum Travel
USCIS issued a Fact Sheet describing "the relevant statutes and regulations regarding traveling outside the United States as well as the consequences that could result if an asylum applicant, an asylee, or a lawful permanent resident who obtained such status based on his or her asylum status returns to his or her country of claimed persecution."


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Dear Editor:
I agree with most of what you said in your comment in ID 12/28/06, but the statement "every family chain must begin somewhere, and it usually begins with a labor cert; seen in this light, labor certs are best understood as the foundation for all family immigration" makes absolutely no sense.

Jeffrey A. Feinbloom, Esq. Feinbloom Bertisch LLP
New York, NY

Dear Editor:
It is believed that the main purpose of the requirement of labor certificate when employing professional foreign workers is, in fact, to protect American workers from being unemployed (ID 12/28/06). This certificate is to be issued only after DOL believes that American workers are not passed over or displaced in favor of foreign workers. But, it is reported that DOL is issuing certificate very easily to the employers without any deep investigation on the applications filed by employers. It does not seem to have sought whether there were any applications from American workers for vacancies or the reasons why they were rejected. Moreover, DOL and CIS also do not seem to have asked employers even to submit a list of applicants that applied for vacancies. When the application for working visa is filed by the employer, DOL as well as CIS do not seem so serious to look into the application as to why the job that is being given to the foreign worker, is not made available to American worker. It is saddening to note that employers do not submit to CIS and DOL a list of American applicants that applied for the vacancies at the time of filing petition nor show any reasons why they are rejected. Therefore, the employers who seek to hire professional foreign workers are to be made to submit to DOL and CIS a list of all applicants with their telephone numbers and addresses. Furthermore, the name, phone number and address of all employers that seek working visa in favor of professional foreign workers should also be listed on the Internet. This will help American workers to find where the vacancies are available. It is also high time that DOL should set up a publicly accessible web page that provides jobs available throughout the US.

S. Salike

Dear Editor:
ICE creates a detention center specifically for families to ensure that parents and children apprehended are not separated, or detained separately, pending their imminent removal together to their home countries, and this is decried as somehow inhumane? Advocates are quick to invoke "family unity" as a high priority, usually in support of immediate release of apprehended illegal families. Does "family unity" not count when a family faces imminent deportation, or when the family will or should be returning together to their home country? Traditionally, a parent or family member caught upon their illegal entry with a child has enjoyed an almost special status of practically unconditional release within the community, never to be seen again, which is surely what the editorial in the Austin American Statesman advocates (ID 12/20/06). Experience has proven that arbitrarily releasing most families with a promise to appear in court does not work, and only serves to entrench them into the community, virtually guaranteeing that their removal, separately or together, will rarely, if ever, be effected. This facility was apparently built to support the end of catch-and-release, and the expanded use of "expedited removal" in Texas, meaning most detainees who have no right or claim to remain in the US are simply awaiting their quick and enforced deportations. Temporarily holding deportable families iin ICE family detention centers seem to be the best and most effective means of accomplishing removal while ensuring family unity, and will ensure and enforce the quick repatriation and enforcement of laws illegals are subject to, regardless of age or parental status. If the parents find their expectations drastically changed, and these temporary living conditions inconvenient and unpleasant, perhaps word will get back to their home countries, and a parent might think twice about how their actions and decisions will ultimately affect them and their children.

L. Smith

Dear Editor:
As someone who spent about 27 years trying to enforce the immigration laws, I'd like to disagree - repectfully, of course - with a couple points in Mr. Murray's letter (ID 12/28/06). First, I don't think we need any more laws; what we need is a will to enforce the laws that are "on the books". No law is, or will be, "effective" unless it's enforced. If Congress wanted to do something useful (that's theoretical, of course) they could pass legislation to provide for some form of secure ID that employers and enforcement agents could use. Second, Mr. Murray says that the "true problem lies with the U.S. employers" of illegal aliens. Most of us "restrictionists" agree that "employer sanctions" is a very important part of immigration enforcement, and we're all for prosecuting employers who "knowingly" hires illegal aliens. But I believe there are a lot of other folks as "guilty" as employers for the mess we're in - people who "enable" the illegal aliens and their employers - the "lazy Congress" that Mr. Murray mentioned; the present administration and almost all others before it; the "do-gooder" organizations who assist illegal aliens; and the bureaucrats in charge of DHS, CBP, ICE, etc. The bureaucrats are much like flags; they look to the White House to see which way the "wind is blowing" and that's the way they go. Enforcement takes a back seat to their careers. Unless and until this country reaches a consensus on what it wants to do about immigration, passing more laws and punishing one group of people isn't going to change much of anything.

Baileyville, ME

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