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Immigration Daily December 1, 2006
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Anti-Immigration Children's Book

According to a New York Daily news story, "A Brooklyn judge is courting controversy with a new illustrated children's book that some critics are calling a thinly veiled anti-immigration screed." For the full story, see here.

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The Deadline For The Crimes Seminar Is Tuesday, Dec. 5th

The intersection of immigration law and criminal law is an area with constant state and federal developments from the judiciary and other branches. This seminar will cover all recent matters in the this interdiscipline.

Phone Session on Dec 7, 2006: Immigration Consequences of Criminal Convictions

  • Record of Conviction After Shepard
  • Drug Offenses - as Controlled Substance Offenses and Aggravated Felonies
  • Theft Offenses
  • Domestic Violence Offenses
  • Burden of Proof in cases involving Post-Conviction Relief
The deadline to sign up is Tuesday, December 5th. For more info, including speaker bios, detailed curriculum, and registration information, please see: (Fax version:


Immigration Monthly: November 2006
This month's Featured Article, "Fences and Mushrooms Along the Border" is by Michael A. Olivas.


CRS Report On Airport Prescreening And Terrorist Watchlist Checks
The Congressional Research Service issued a report on US air passenger prescreening processes and terrorist watchlist checks.


Help Wanted: Immigration Attorney
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Help Wanted: Immigration Attorney
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Help Wanted: Immigration Attorney
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Help Wanted: Immigration Paralegals
Chicago, IL - Laner Muchin, one of the nation's oldest labor law firms, has openings for full-time U.S. immigration paralegals. As part of our philosophy of providing cost effective counsel, whenever legal tasks can be done by a paralegal, the client benefits. Our paralegals have the opportunity to contribute to a growing immigration practice and do challenging work. Ideal candidates must have 1+ years of substantial experience in employment-based immigration, including substantial PERM labor certification experience. Entry-level opportunities available for global immigration specialists to manage non-U.S. visa case matters. Successful candidates must be highly motivated, detailed-oriented and have outstanding communication, case management, computer and people skills. College degree required. Japanese, Chinese, Korean and/or other foreign language fluency a plus. Competitive compensation package + excellent benefits offered. E-mail cover letter and resume to We are an affirmative action/equal employment opportunity employer. Women and minorities are encouraged to apply.

Case Management Technology
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Immigration Book
Ellis Island: Ghosts of Freedom By Stephen Wilkes and Bill Bradley. W. W. Norton, 144 pp. Hardcover, ISBN: 0393061450, $47.25


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Dear Editor:
I am certainly no supporter of a Berlin Wall along the Mexican border, as my recent letters have made clear. But, if it comes down to a choice between a wall and the draconian penalties for illegal entry proposed in David D. Murray's latest letter (11/30/06 ID), which in some respects goes even beyond Congressman James Sensenbrenner's punitive "enforcement only" bill, H.R. 4437 (which, fortunately, appears about to die a more or less graceful death as Republican control of Congress also expires), I would without question go with the wall instead.

Roger Algase, Esq.
New York, NY

Dear Editor:
Sid Lachter's letter (11/28/06 ID All) would have us believe that the 2nd Amd "... operates only to prevent Congress from disarming the individual states". Millions of individual, lawful gun-owners are proof to the contrary, who find the language of the 2nd Amd. to be plain, explicit and reaffirming except to liberal lawyers or judges. His letter urges us to do an online search to justify his erroneous position. That is exactly what I did to find support of the individual right (11/26/06 ID), not from any NRA "playbook". If we are going to quote authoritative persons on fraudulent organizations, perhaps Luke 11:46 & 52 would be of interest. I agree with David Murray's letter that we should enforce the laws against hiring illegals and remove all benefits including birth citizenship. But this position foolishly advocates a serious enforcement action without controlling entry including border barriers. Leaving borders open will defeat any enforcement plan that does not include this as the failed 1986 fiasco showed us. It would be hard to find a home or business owner that does not secure their property utilizing doors, gates, fences and other barriers. We can do no less for our nation. Our money should be spent on these things that directly benefit US rather than foreign aid and wars. Robert Yang's letter deems it "selfishness and hypocricy" (sic) to learn from history for which none of us are responsible. His letter seems less interested in the Indians than in using them to justify an open borders policy today. Such critiques display an all to common proclivity of entrants to view America only as a market place and not a sovereign nation and culture. This is the result of not enforcing a selective, limited, allocated and screened entry policy with secured borders and barriers.

R. L. Ranger

Dear Editor:
China will surpass USA as no. 1 economy in the world in the year 2050 so will India. Right now they're busy investing and making strategic alliances with other less developing but rich in resources African and Asian nations. Unless we educate Americans in science and other skills, we will lose competition to them. While they study and work harder and willing to earn less for the same quantity and quality jobs, we're partying and get drunk here in the colleges, and how many languages we can speak other than English? Many Americans barely know the capital of Alaska state, how can we compete in the global stage then? Our competitiveness starts from ourselves. Never depends on our politicians who care only about our votes to stay in power. Immigration laws, fences, borders won't help much. Yes, I got fences and doors in my house to keep the unwanted people but I will welcome good "guests" in my house, if they pay taxes (rent), behave well and not asking welfare from me. Our border should be open for good and beneficial people, if they're looking for anything "free", then we need to send them home, but wait what about many more lazy US citizens who do the same?

Robert Yang

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