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Immigration Daily November 28, 2006
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Standards For Letters

The Email Experience Council recently codified a series of standards with respect to email marketing, including the spelling of "email" (without a hypen). Despite this, ClickZ, an email marketing newsletter, decided to continue to spell "e-mail" with a hypen (see editorial note at article end). This is because all periodicals use standards, and while these standards do evolve, they are what they are at any given time. We offer this example to point out that although we don't disagree with letter writers who oppose our position, it is Immigration Daily's current policy to use the suffix, Esq. to designate letters to the Editor received from attorneys. Using "Esq." instead of "Attorney at law" has the virtue of brevity which is an important consideration for a newspaper in composing headlines.

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  • General Administration Letter 2-98
  • Prevailing Wage Determination Policy Guidance For Nonagricultural Immigration Programs
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Every purchaser of THE PERM BOOK always receives an up-to-date book because included with THE PERM BOOK purchase, are all the published issues of PQ: The PERM Quarterly (currently, this means the first and second issues).

The Table of Contents of the first issue is as follows:

  • Major Fluke In Perm Regulation: Validity Period Of PWD In Error By Joel Stewart
  • What You Do After The Ads Have Been Run? Resumes, Interviews, And Results By Edward R. Litwin
  • Filing Duplicate Applications By Joel Stewart
  • Tips For Filing Schedule-A Applications Under PERM By Sherry Neal
  • Labor Certification Through PERM: An Up-to-date Overview Of The PERM Rule By Joel Stewart
  • How To File Prevailing Wage Requests By Jane Goldblum
  • Recently Emerging Issues By Joel Stewart
  • Ethics: What Do You Do When A Qualified U.S. Worker Applies? By R. Blake Chisam
  • Joel Stewart's BALCA Review By Joel Stewart
  • Note On Online Job Fairs By David H. Nachman
  • Ask The Editor By Joel Stewart
  • Professional Recruitment Occupations From Appendix A arranged by the O*NET SOC Code
  • PERM Resources
  • Errata
CD-ROM Table of Contents:

  • PERM FAQs #s 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
  • PERM Backlog Processing FAQs May 2, 2005
  • Revised Prevailing Wage Determination Guidance Memos (May 9, 2005, August 1, 2005)
  • Hurricane Memos (October 13, 2005, November 16, 2005)
  • BALCA Cases: (Sanchez Elvina, Inc. d/b/a Ely-Lyn House of Beauty; IBM Corporation; Cottonwood Home; Professional Staffing Services of America; Madni, Inc., t/a Silver and Watch Palace; Siemens Energy and Automation, Inc.;
  • Federal Court Case (Liberty Fund v. Chao, DOL Mandamus By Sam Udani)
  • Professional Recruitment Occupations From Appendix A Arranged By The O*NET SOC Code
  • Occupational Outlook Handbook
The Table of Contents of the second issue is as follows:
  • Recently Emerging Issues By Joel Stewart
  • In-Job Experience: Why We Need It and How We Can Still Get It By Gary Endelman
  • Ask The Editor By Joel Stewart
  • Professional & Trade Journals Under PERM By Nathan Waxman
  • Joel Stewart's BALCA Review By Joel Stewart
  • First PERM BALCA Decision By Careen B. Shannon
  • BALCA's Health America Decision Doesn't Go Far Enough By R. Blake Chisam
  • Federal Court Litigation By Sam Udani
CD-ROM Table of Contents:

  • Matter of HealthAmerica, No. 2006-PER-00001 (BALCA, Jul.18, 2006)
  • Darby v. Cisneros, 509 U.S. 137, 125 L. Ed. 2d 113, 113 Supreme Court. 2539 (1993)
  • Carlson Letter On PERM Modification
  • FAQ On Public Disclosure System
  • FAQ On Extended RIR Conversion Date
  • Training And Employment Guidance Letter No. 7-06
  • Public Disclosure System from OFLC
  • Federal Register Notice on RIR Eligibility Date
  • Errata
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Ten Pitfalls To Avoid With The Affidavit Of Support
Charles Wheeler writes "While the agency must still resolve some important issues that have resulted from these changes, we are now at a point where we can make some suggestions on how to complete the forms and avoid common pitfalls."


DOS-CBP Final Rule On Passports
The Department of State and the Bureau of Customs and Border Protection issued a final rule on documents required for travelers departing from or arriving in the US at air ports-of-entry from within the Western Hemisphere.


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Naples, FL - Blanco & Pelier, P.A. is an established, intimate law firm seeking a full-time legal secretary with one to two years immigration experience in the areas of family, asylum, natz, removal, appeal, immigrant and non-immigrant visas. Experience in business visas is a plus, but not required. The ideal candidate is bi-lingual in Spanish and English, articulate, an independent worker with excellent attention to details, possesses good writing skills and presents a professional image. A college degree or equivalent education is preferable but not mandatory. We are more interested in a candidate's abilities, reliability, work ethic and integrity. If you think this description fits you and would like to work in a relaxed but professional environment, e-mail a detailed and verifiable resume to:

Help Wanted: Immigration Professional
Busy immigration law firm seeks Immigration Specialist. This position involves no client contact. We want you to prepare the case for us. You will communicate with our existing staff members who will provide intakes/info/docs and you will prepare both non-immigrant and immigrant cases. We want you to write and prepare the supporting Memo of Law or Brief as well as necessary forms, scan them back to us (final work product reviewed by firm attorneys in accordance with legal ethical standards). You will be paid on a contract basis. 3-5 years relevant experience required in immigration law as paralegal or attorney in this area of law. Projects will include, E2's, L1's/L2's, H1B's, (and RFE's as necessary), MTR's for asylum cases, EB-5's and the occasional O Visa. We want great writers/researchers. Interested candidates can be located anywhere since work is performed remotely. Send cover letter, resume + sample of your most recent cases to (Word/Adobe formats only).

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Becoming a Citizen: Incorporating Immigrants and Refugees in the United States and Canada By Irene Bloemraad. University of California Press, 382 pp. Paperback, ISBN: 0520248996, $21.95. Hardcover, ISBN: 0520248988, $55.00


Readers are welcome to share their comments, email: (300-words or fewer preferred). Many letters to the Editor refer to past correspondence, available in our archives.

Dear Editor:
I obviously spend most of my time far outside frame of reference described in David Murray's letters, but I get the impression from his letter (11/21/06 ID) that he does not like the 700 mile long border fence. Unfortunately, I do not understand why. I do not understand what specifically he does not like about the border fence. Perhaps his letter lost me when ridiculing the "Domino theory" as applied to Southeast Asia. I seem to recall three countries in the area falling into the Soviet orbit and Burma moving solidly into that of the Chinese after the US pulled troops out of the area, save or our mission to Thailand, which did not fall. Is his letter stating that R.L. Ranger's notion of sovereignty is a myth or that the border fence cannot work? I agree that a border wall can only mitigate illegal immigration, not stop it, just as even Israel's wall has only mitigated suicide bombing and China's wall only limited nomadic raiding across the frontier, and I am also skeptical of "economic sovereignty" as opposed to notions of clear property rights, but I would appreciate a clearer critique of the wall. Mr. Murray wields a rapier sharp pen, or keyboard, at times, and I'd like for his future letters to share his thoughts in a way I can understand.

Honza Prchal, Esq.
Birmingham, AL

Dear Editor:
Immigration Daily's 11/27/06 issue highlights a short article by lawyer Adam Ketcher of the Cyrus Mehta firm entitled "New York City Bar Ethics Opinion Permits Legal Services Outsourcing." The article quotes a letter of mine to this publication questioning the propriety of such outsourcing. A quick reader might assume that the headline accurately describes an authoritative holding by a bar authority. In fact, however, it is my opinion, and the opinion of several other lawyers with whom I've discussed this development, that the opinion's qualifications entirely swallow up the opinion's apparent liberality. As Mr. Ketcher's article notes: "The Committee qualified this pronouncement by requiring that New York lawyers take into account certain ethical considerations before contracting out any legal work; specifically, the Committee stated that lawyers must (a) provide vigorous supervision to ensure competent representation and to avoid aiding in the unauthorized practice of law; (b) preserve client confidences and secrets; (c) inquire into possible conflicts of interest; (d) bill clients appropriately; and (e) obtain the necessary client advance consent." It is impossible for an outsourcing lawyer to actually comply in good faith with these requirements. Therefore, this new opinion is meaningless.

Bruce A. Hake, Esq.
Damascus, Maryland

Dear Editor:
Having an international law practice, I talk with people from around the world on a daily basis. We often discuss matters of culture, politics and religion and in twenty-eight years of practice, I have learned to appreciate that different cultures often have very different viewpoints on these subjects, and that values, policies and procedures held almost sacred in America are not necessarily revered in other countries. In response to a discussion on immigration, which is a global problem, not just an American problem, Danny Lederer, a long-time friend of mine in Israel, sent me the following observation: "Countries in Europe, and also Israel, have only succeeded in combating illegal immigration through appropriate legislation, such as heavy fines for employing illegal aliens, making it impossible to receive citizenship, social services, child welfare and education, etc. The borders in Europe are completely open and yet many countries such as Switzerland have been able to control illegal immigration thru legislation. On the other hand England, which is an island (with the Navy and Air Force patrolling the sea around), and theoretically would have no problem, has not been able to control immigration because of giving social welfare to practically anyone who resides in Britain." There is no reason to build a 700-mile fence at the Southern Border, or a 3,000-mile fence at the Northern Border to stop illegal immigration. There is no way to stop terrorism. It will take place, somewhere, somehow, by a citizen, a permanent resident a visitor, for there are no borders on evil, and those who believe a 700-mile fence will protect America from terrorism are fooling themselves.

David D. Murray, Esq.
Newport Beach, CA

Dear Editor:
The comments in RL Ranger's letter (11/27/06 ID) on the Second Amendment are, predictably, straight straight out of the NRA playbook and unrelated to the facts, which are these: 1. Starting with US v Cruikshank in 1876, the Supreme Court and other federal courts have directly, specifically and repeatedly ruled that the Second Amendment does not establish or protect private gun ownership rights. It operates only to prevent Congress from disarming the individual states. A few minutes of online research will prove that to anyone whose mind is not made up in advance. 2. Wikipedia and other non-judicial opinions have no legal effect and cannot undo judicial decisions to the contrary. 3. Judge Cummings' state court decision upholding the NRA's interpretation of the Second Amendment, a decision that Mr. Ranger's letters find persuasive and praiseworthy, was overruled on appeal. Even if someone is not a lawyer, he/she should know that overruled decisions mean nothing and that a state court judge cannot overrule the Supreme Court, as Judge Cummings purported to do. 4. The late Chief Justice Warren Burger, although a hunter and gun owner, once described the NRA's interpretation of the Second Amendment as one of the greatest frauds ever perpetrated against the American public.

Sid Lachter, Esq.

Dear Editor:
In response to Mr. Ranger's letter (11/22/06 ID), which said "We don't have to repeat the Indians failure to control entry which every nation has the right to do." For us, it's an example of double standard, selfishness and hypocricy. It was ok for white Europeans to "invade" the great land of native Americans for their own survival and better future, but not with those Mexicans, Asians and Africans at this present time? Europeans have colonized most of New Worlds, Asia and Africa, sucked them dry and now these rich countries want to erect borders and also trade barriers to keep those poor unwanted people out? The only way to end immigration and poverty is global economy, financial justice by committing to free trade, free movement of capital and labor globally. Human beings should not be called illegal at all and restricted to benefit from their honest and hardworking labor and talents by apartheid laws to protect selfish interests of citizens of the other parts of the planet who can't compete by their own merits. How can US businesses and people can survive global competition without being baby sitted by their politicians, that the biggest home work to be done.

Robert Yang

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