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Immigration Daily September 19, 2006
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Get A Passport Soon

An article in the Washington Post says "It is as ridiculous to think that passport security will remain secure for [10 years] as it would be to think that you won't see another security update for Microsoft Windows in that time ... So get a passport before it's too late. With your new passport you can wait another 10 years for an RFID passport, when the technology will be more mature, when we will have a better understanding of the security risks and when there will be other technologies we can use to cut the risks. You don't want to be a guinea pig on this one.

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Deadline For Seminar On E-Visas Is Tuesday, September 19

The curriculum for the September 21st phone seminar on E-visas is as follows:

E-2 visas

  • What is a "substantial" investment?
  • How do you show investment funds are "at risk"?
E-1 visas
  • What is "substantial trade"?
  • When is it possible to base an E-1 on "trade in services"?
  • When is the E-1 the better option than the E-2?
The deadline to sign up is Tuesday, September 19th. For more info, including speaker bios, detailed curriculum, and registration information, please see: (Fax version:


Colorado Employers Faced With the Nation's Strictest Employment Verifications Requirement
Franklin A. Nachman, Michael A. Freimann, Bonnie Gibson and Rodney A. Malpert write "While enacted with great fanfare and touted as the strictest and toughest laws in the country, it remains to be seen how effective these new laws will be. They create additional burdens on employers above and beyond I-9 compliance, with substantial penalties for noncompliance. What remains to be seen is the effect of any new federal immigration legislation, which until now, has been stalled in Congress, and to what extent, if any, these laws may be preempted by existing federal legislation."


USCIS Announces Elimination of Naturalization Application Backlog
USCIS's press release says "Cases outside our control, and therefore, not counted in the net backlog include: cases that are pending law enforcement security checks, naturalization test retakes, naturalization candidates awaiting scheduling of a judicial ceremony and cases in which an applicant has failed to respond to a request for additional evidence needed to complete the adjudication."

DHS Terminates Liberia TPS
In announcing the termination of TPS for nationals of Liberia, DHS also granted an automatic six-month extension of EADs through April 1, 2007.


Help Wanted: Immigration Attorney
Manhattan boutique law firm seeks per diem lawyer to prepare and represent high-profile clients at USCIS interviews (AOS, 751, Natz) at NYC, Garden City, Newark. Approx. 40 cases per year. Must know the law and local procedures, be experienced, and have good client rapport. Please send resume, two references, with fee rates to is a blind ad posting.

Help Wanted: Immigration Attorney
Washington, D.C. - USCIS Office of the Chief Counsel (OCC) seeks an experienced attorney for the position of Litigation Coordination Counsel for its Headquarters Office. This position is primarily responsible for assisting in the provision of litigation support in immigration cases involving USCIS operational components. The role of the Litigation Coordination Counsel is to assist in the oversight and tracking of federal court litigation facing USCIS through coordination with OCC counsel located throughout the country and at HQ. Deadline is September 29, 2006. E-mail to apply. For detailed information, including duties, qualifications, benefits, see here or enter vacancy announcement #CIS-COU-2006-0011 in

Help Wanted: Immigration Attorney
New York City, NY - Hodgson Russ LLP, a 225-plus lawyer firm with offices in Buffalo, New York City, Albany, Boca Raton and Toronto seeks an associate attorney for our immigration group in our NYC office. Our group represents multinational corporations, entrepreneurs, athletes, entertainers, scientists and specialized workers. We seek an attorney with experience counseling U.S. and foreign employers. The ideal candidate will have 3-5 years of business immigration experience. Please send cover letter, resume and law school transcript to Mariely Downey:

Help Wanted: Immigration Paralegal
Paralegal sought for small Nassau County, Long Island, immigration firm. Minimum 2 years' experience; bachelor's degree preferred. Must be detail - oriented, have Spanish knowledge, computer skills and good oral and written communication skills. Benefits package. Convenient to LIRR, Southern Parkway, buses, free parking. Send resume with salary requirements to:

Help Wanted: Immigration Paralegal
Experienced immigration paralegal sought for Mid-town Manhattan office in NYC of large immigration practice of 230-attorney law firm founded in 1817. 2 years experience in immigration law required including preparation and filing of business visas (H-1B, L, E) petitions and permanent residency applications. The ideal candidate will have strong computer, communication and writing skills and proficiency with Windows, Word, Excel and Outlook and internet research. Lexis or Westlaw skills required. Korean speaking skills preferred. Send resume in confidence to: Employment Manager, Hodgson Russ LLP, One M&T Plaza, Buffalo, NY 14203 or by email to Melanie Smith at

Case Management Technology
At ImmigrationTracker our clients say it best: "Our criteria for choosing a solution were simple: I wanted an integrated system that was powerful but easy to use. The fact that many of my most respected colleagues use Tracker made the decision a no-brainer" Steve Clark, Managing Attorney, Flynn & Clark. While other vendors talk about bells and whistles, we talk about our track record: 13 Past AILA Presidents, 18 of the 25 largest immigration firms and thousands of immigration professionals who rely on ImmigrationTracker. While others talk about building and customizable systems, we partner with AILA's best attorneys and build it for you -- so you don't have to. If you have been promised the moon but have been left with cheese, give us a call and find out why more firms trust Tracker than anyone else. Call us for a free guided demo at 1-888-466-8757 ext. 278 or email or visit us at


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Readers are welcome to share their comments, email: (300-words or fewer preferred). Many letters to the Editor refer to past correspondence, available in our archives.

Dear Editor:
I do not very often agree with R.L. Ranger's letters, but I wholeheartedly support his letter's criticism of the Bush administration's abuses of power and violations of civil liberties (ID 09/18/06). Unfortunately, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Sensenbrenner has shown the same contempt for the courts, due process and fundamental rights in drafting HR 4437, which would subject legal as well as illegal immigrants to the arbitrary decisions of immigration officers, even to the point of Guantanamo-like indefinite detention in some cases, and cut off recourse to the courts. Mr. Ranger's letter also cites an article comparing America to a house which will collapse if it welcomes the wrong people in. Anatol Lieven, in his recent book "America Right or Wrong", compares America to a splendid and welcoming house, but one with demons in the cellar. Lieven mentions anti-immigrant prejudice as one of the demons. While his example was that of prejudice against European immigrants in earlier periods of our history, this is also true of today's partisan exploitation of hatred against Latino, Middle Eastern, Asian, and Caribbean immigrants by right wing Republicans for short-term political advantage. This cynical strategy is sure to backfire in the future, something that President Bush, with all his shortcomings, seems to realize better than many others in his party.

Roger Algase, Esq.
New York, NY

Dear Editor:
I imagine many others will respond to Mr. Algase's assertion (ID 09/18/06) that illegal aliens generally haven't committed crimes, but I can't restrain myself. Those who EWI (enter without inspection) have violated 8 USC 1325, a misdemeanor the first time, a felony thereafter. Once here, every illegal alien who uses fraudulent documents or lies to obtain employment has committed a crime. If they lie to obtain driver licenses, to get public benefits improperly or to avoid paying taxes, I assume criminal charges could apply. Mr. Algase wrote that he was concerned about accuracy. I agree with him there; we should all try to be accurate.

Baileyville, ME

Dear Editor:
The Roger Algase letter (9/18/06 ID) appears to be in error by claiming that "...most types of illegal entry and other immigration violations are not crimes...". Black's Law Dictionary broadly defines crime as, "A positive or negative act in violation of penal law; an offense against the State or the United States". Criminal behavior is defined as, "Conduct which causes any social harm which is defined and made punishable by law". Further, those who like to compare illegal entry to a parking ticket should realize that traffic violations become misdemeanors or a felony if injury to a person or destruction of property is involved. To cite only two examples of damages by illegals, the 9/11 perps were entry violators and/or had taken advantage of lax entry law and millions of illegal border crossers have left tons of garbage in our Southern border area and improperly materially benefit in many ways from our society. By any definition, illegal entry is criminal and a crime. Today, it should be made a much more serious crime, either a high misdemeanor or a felony with costs assessed to the violator and/or the country of origin. I believe that returning after deportation and illegal hiring of illegals already are felonies. The power to define a crime and classify it as a felony, misdemeanor, or infraction rests solely with the legislature at the federal level, which HR 4437 addresses. To label limited entry advocates "restrictionistas" or to accuse them of "name calling" is absurd as it is the "Nonrestrictionistas" who falsely cry "racism" at every turn and whose positions lead to the dilution, destabilization and dissolution of our society and they owe all of US a better explanation for their destructive positions than the phony ones they frequently use.

R. L. Ranger

Dear Editor:
Regarding your comment "Arizona Primary Win" (ID 09/15/06), you have it wrong. And most definitely the Republicans have it wrong. Randy Graf and others like him have it right. The American people aka citizens want the borders closed and illegal aliens deported. Our nation is committing suicide with unlimited and uncontrolled numbers of illegal aliens invading. The only true description of what is happening is an invasion. Billions upon billions of dollars are being spent on non-citizens who mostly hate Americans, laugh at our laws, broke our federal laws by coming here, continue to violate the laws by their continuing presence, and receive benefits far and above those that citizens can receive. It is unfair, it is unjust, it is destroying our country, and it will be stopped. Citizens are rising up and saying "Enough!" The victory of Randy Graf is only the beginning.

Carol DeLis

Dear Editor:
Responding to Roger Algase's letter (09/14/06 ID), we should not end all immigration, but we should surely end all illegal immigration. Please bear in mind that we are not against legal immigration, but illegal immigration.


Dear Editor:
Dont even trust this person (ID 10/07/05). Sorry sir, but i called you once for an immigration matter and you scared the crap out of me. That INS will arrest me, get all my document and come to your office. to fill up your pockets? It was nothing. I went to USCIS and thy just re-scheduled my appointment. I just stumbled across your article, and wanted to let innocent surfers know that you are nothing but a drama, cheap desi tactics to run your business.

Muhammed Ahmed

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