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Immigration Daily August 2, 2006
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IJ's Asylum Decisions Vary Sharply

According to a New York Times news report, "Immigration judges vary sharply in their willingness to grant asylum to foreigners seeking to live in the US - with denial rates ranging from 10 percent to more than 98 percent, according to a review of federal figures" by the Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse (TRAC). For the full NYT story, see here. For the TRAC report, see here.

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The Indispensable All-In-One CSPA Handbook - Shipping Now!

ILW.COM is pleased to present the Child Status Protection Act Handbook by Charles Wheeler of the Catholic Legal Immigration Network (CLINIC):

  • Chapter 1: Overview Of Age Out
  • Chapter 2: Overview Of The CSPA And Implementation
  • Chapter 3: The CSPA And Family-based Visas
  • Chapter 4: The CSPA And Employment-based Visas
  • Chapter 5: The CSPA And Diversity Visa Lottery
  • Chapter 6: The CSPA And Asylee/Refugee Processing
  • Chapter 7: The CSPA And VAWA
  • Twenty-four Appendices
  • Numerous CD-ROM Resource Materials
For more info on the Child Status Protection Act Handbook, and to order, see here.


Amnesty Under Hagel-Martinez: An Estimate Of How Many Will Legalize If S. 2611 Becomes Law
Steven A. Camarota writes "Based on the outcomes of the last amnesty in 1986, we expect that nearly 10 million illegal aliens will receive amnesty under the Hagel-Martinez bill."


USCIS Clarifies H-2B Procedures And Cap Counting Methods
USCIS issued a release urging that H-2B employers continue to identify "returning workers" when filing petitions.

USCIS Reminds Customers Of Filing Change For EADs
USCIS issued a reminder that the interim procedure of issuing local production of Form I-688B Employment Authorization Card (EAC) cards will be discontinued October 1, 2006, in favor of Form I-765 Employment Authorization Document (EAD) produced at one central location using national systems.


Help Wanted: Immigration Attorney
San Francisco, CA - Pearl Law Group is one of California's top business immigration law firms. Founded in 1995, we have built a solid reputation as the "A+" service provider in our field. Pearl Law Group offers competitive salary and comprehensive benefits, including 401(k), medical, dental, vision, life and disability insurance. We currently seek experienced business immigration attorney. Ideal candidate possesses: 5+ years business immigration law firm experience handling full range of IV and NIV matters; ability to manage a diverse corporate caseload; experience in supervising paralegal staff and holding self/team accountable for results; excellent grammar, proofreading and legal writing skills; detail orientation; and references attesting to customer service focus, teamwork, leadership and reliability. For immediate confidential consideration, e-mail cover letter, resume, + original writing sample (5pps. maximum) to Only qualified individuals with requested experience and complete submission will be contacted.

Help Wanted: Immigration Attorney
Prestigious immigration law firm, with LA, SF, & NY branches, seeks associate attorney for its Los Angeles, CA branch. At least 2 yrs experience in all areas of immigration law, including family and employment based cases, court appearances for removal/deportation, and consular processing. Job requires occasional travel outside LA and CA. Send resume, salary requirements, and writing sample to Office Manager by fax: (818) 543-5802 or email:

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We offer a wide range of back-office & clerical support services to immigration attorneys in NIV and IVs, including managing checklists, form completion, drafting cover/employer letters, consular processing assistance, follow-up/correspondence with clients and other related services. Our services cover document generation, data entry, accounts, scheduling/calendaring, clerical & archival. Adnet Services, Inc. Headquartered in New York City, Adnet Services provides the highest quality services to law firms enabling them to cost effectively and securely outsource law firm back office processes, and focus on increasing earning, growth and servicing their clients. We work as your partner offering tailored services that accelerate product delivery. With state-of-the-art communication facilities and infrastructure, our offsite center functions as a virtual extension of your office providing 24 x 7 support and significant cost savings. Convenient billing options are available. For more info. Contact Johaina Mumtaz at or call 212 406-3503 ext 224.

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Immigration Books
Deflecting Immigration: Networks, Markets, And Regulation in Los Angeles By Ivan Light. Russell Sage Foundation Publications, 246 pp. Hardcover, ISBN: 0871545381, $35.00.


Readers are welcome to share their comments, email: (300-words or fewer preferred). Many letters to the Editor refer to past correspondence, available in our archives.

Dear Editor:
I respect the right to one's opinions about immigration and other issues. But there is no excuse for R.L. Ranger's letter's (07/26/06 ID) unjustified attack, based on false and irrelevant insinuations, against a Buddhist religious organization, SGI (Soka Gakkai International) merely because an article in its magazine quoted me as supporting immigrant rights. SGI is an NGO member of the UN and has no position on immigration or any other US political issue. I am a member of SGI-USA, which is part of SGI, but my views on immigration are my own. SGI-USA's members have diverse backgrounds and political opinions. I knew one member who worked as an attorney in the INS deportation section, and once met another who worked as an officer in an immigration detention center. Mr. Ranger's letter's misleading rehash of baseless innuendos against SGI in a distorted Wikipedia entry, which admits that its own article's neutrality is in dispute, is beyond the pale of legitimate comment. SGI has 12 million members in more than 190 countries and territories, and has received favorable recognition from leaders all over the world for its activities on behalf of world peace. SGI is also connected with the Soka Gakkai in Japan, which was founded by Tsunesaburo Makiguchi, a Japanese educator who died in prison during WWII for opposing Japan's war of aggression against the US and its allies. More information about SGI is available on its websites. Irresponsible and unfounded attacks against a respected non-political religious organization such as SGI should have no place in this discussion about immigration.

Roger Algase, Esq.
New York, NY

Dear Editor:
Being a CNN junky, I found Julie Hollars article (07/31/06 ID) on CNN's biased reporting to be an interesting read. Lou Dobbs is almost clown-like in his alarmist tone. I have written numerous letters to his show disagreeing with his point of view on immigration and not one has been read on the air. In fact, almost all of the letters he reads all support his anti-immigrant point of view. To write to Dobbs' show, one has to first classify the e-mail as positive or negative. Dobbs claims that he distinguishes between "illegal immigrants" and immigrants, but he has had shows critical of all aspects of immigration such as H-1B's and family immigration. His opinions are unabashedly xenophobic. Field reporters on Dobbs' show such as Lisa Tucker and Casey Wian file reports that are also skewed entirely to fit Dobbs' opinion. On a recent tour of CNN studios in New York, I saw Jack Cafferty and Lou Dobbs working on the same side of the studio. It seems that Cafferty has seen Dobbs' high ratings and has decided to join in the controversy. His job entails reading silly viewer letters in the dreadful Situation Room. If he were not controversial, he probably would not have a job. Glenn Beck is new to CNN and he is a conservative radio talk-show host. His take on these matters is light-hearted and his proposed solutions to the problem overly simplistic and unrealistic: tighten border security and fine employers of illegal immigrants heftily, period. Jeff Greenfield was given a bad rap in the article. He usually tries to be fair in his reporting. Maybe Ms. Hollar could write an article on Fox News Channel's reporting on this matter. I'm sure it would be equally colorful.


Dear Editor:
Re: Mr. Murray's letter (08/01/06 ID), most immigrants are not employment-based. I mentioned in my 7/28/06 ID letter that the woman I tutored was the sister of a doctor who had sponsored her legal immigration and the immigration of her husband and son. The woman held two part-time jobs, one in a hospital cafeteria and another in a grocery store, while she sought to improve her English and look for better work. Her husband had a technical degree from India and worked in a factory. Their 12-year-old son was in school. In other words, family immigration already does provide a large number of educated or skilled workers, but whose education and skills are not necessarily a good match with the exact needs of our labor force. I also recall an article from several years ago which discussed a major chicken producer who brought over workers from Asia legally for unskilled jobs in its plants. It found that its workers included many who were far more highly educated than the job called for and had literally bribed their way into the program in order to get a chance to come to the U.S. With time, these workers are able to get targeted education or skills, because they start with a good base already. As for indenturing, well, what is our present practice of employing uneducated, unskilled illegal alien labor is, but indenturing? Or, the guest worker programs being proposed? Only in these cases, those who are indentured have little basic education to begin with, very little opportunity themselves to get the education or skills needed to move out of poverty, remain part of the working poor whom taxpayers must fund, and provide their children with a diminished chance of improved economic status.

Ali Alexander

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