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Immigration Daily July 26, 2006
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According to a Washington Post news report, "In an attempt to strike a pre-election Republican compromise on immigration, two conservative lawmakers will unveil a plan today that would allow most of the 11 million illegal immigrants in the United States a chance to work here legally, but only after the government certifies that U.S. borders have been sufficiently secured, two congressional aides said." For the full story, see here.

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The Effect Of Illegal Immigration And Border Enforcement On Crime Rates Along The U.S.-Mexico Border:
Pia M. Orrenius and Roberto Coronado write "Border patrol enforcement is associated with lower property crime rates but higher violent crime. Interestingly, it is local enforcement (same or neighboring sector) that is correlated with higher violent crime."


President Bush Speaks On Immigration Reform
During remarks at a naturalization ceremony, President Bush said, "Congress is now considering legislation on immigration reform; that legislation must be comprehensive. All elements of the problem must be addressed together, or none of them will be solved at all."


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Readers are welcome to share their comments, email: (300-words or fewer preferred). Many letters to the Editor refer to past correspondence, available in our archives.

Dear Editor:
This is in response to Peter Griswold's letter (7/25/06 ID) which states, "Put a stop to abusing the Fourteenth Amendment. Foreign babies born to foreign parents on U.S. soil are foreigners." How many generations backward, and forward, would this proposal go? In Latvia, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, those deemed "foreigners" can be fourth generation born in those countries but still not citizens. The colonists from the Mayflower were "foreigners" without visas and passports. They didn't speak the language of this country. Maybe only those descended from the true first inhabitants of the Americas (Inuit, Oneidas, Sioux, Apaches, etc.) should be U.S. citizens. Even the indigenous peoples migrated here thousands of years ago. Unless you believe that humankind originated in the Western Hemisphere, everybody on this side of the globe came from someplace else.

Judy Resnick, Esq.

Dear Editor:
Letters like Roger Algase's (07/25/06 ID) are misunderstanding a point made by many of the immigration restrictionists writing in. Ali Alexander and R.L. Ranger's letters are not talking about the color of one's skin when the condemn multi-culturalism, they're talking about habits of life. To pretend that people who were until very recently foreigners are not different from Americans is just silly. Recent immigrants are the first to talk openly of different national habits. They try to assimilate to many of the American habits fast, keeping only what they consider important. That is generally good, but can be bad. To caricature the restrictionists worries about the inevitable down-side of the retention of some habits as per se evidence of racism is silly. Even a generally open-borders type like myself is worried that so many of our illegals come from one country that still teaches its people to hold a grudge over a border dispute with us from the 19th century. The objections to "multi-culturalism" are that it stands in opposition to assimilation, and that it substitutes a hyper-sensitive critique of America's wildly successful society for an actual understanding of foreign cultures and politics, warts and all. Yes, racists often dislike multi-culturalism too, but opposition to multi-culturalism or even immigration does not identify one as a racist. The arguments for immigration from a prudential standpoint are more likely to convince the opposition and the fence-sitters than incessant scolding in the name of "multi-culturalism". It's certainly more effective than calling someone a "racist". Some of the most Anglo-chauvinist people I have ever met have no genetic relation to Britannia at all. So let's keep the aspersions to a minimum. If you get called a "racist" or a "traitor" by the other side, that's usually an indication you've won an argument.

Honza Prchal, Esq.
Birmingham, AL

Dear Editor:
For the past several weeks I have been reading letters to the Editor from Robert Algase, the latest being 07/25/06, wherein his letters seems bound and determined to turn the issue of immigration into an issue of race and bigotry against "people of color", dwelling on the admittedly abhorrent history of US immigration, while seemingly espousing a "let'em all in no matter what" attitude. I do not see the current immigration reform debate as being based on race, ethnicity or "hate mongering", but on a broken system that is 20 years out of hand from lack of proper enforcement, and the shortsightedness of the Congress in waiting until there was a crisis before even considering improvement of the immigration system, and even then blowing it big time. Of course there are bigots among us, nobody can deny that, but I do not see true immigration reform coming from the views of either the bigoted restrictionists, or the bleeding heart pro-immigrationists, each of whom is as harmful as the other to the type of immigration reform that will benefit the US, its citizenry and its economy. Any meaningful immigration reform would apply equally to whites, blacks, yellows, browns and little green men from Mars - it seems only the red skinned will continue to be the forgotten underclass, notwithstanding they needed no immigration papers when the European immigrants of all ethnicities declared they were "the government," marched westward across the land, slaughtered their buffalo and unashamedly stole their land without recompense. I look forward to Mr. Algase's explanation of exactly how he would reform the broken immigration system to make it work both for the citizens of the US and for the foreign nationals of every race and ethnicity that the US requires in order to satisfy the needs of employers.

David D. Murray, Esq.
Newport Beach, CA

Dear Editor:
Responding to Roger Algase's letter (7/25/06 ID), a "restrictionist" is defined as: "A viewpoint or policy approving the imposing of restrictions, as on immigration or trade". I am not against limited, controlled, legal entry but oppose open or excessive entry policies whether legal or illegal. An analogy I have used is advocating a prudent speed limit which does not make one against driving. But, advocates of unlimited or high entry never seem to mind if it is legal or illegal and deny our right to control it and oppose efforts and limits to do so, always claiming a false racism. When the Germans tried to exterminate the Jews is racism. I could not be happier that Rep.'s Sensenbrenner and Tancredo are Americans, as well as Alan Keyes and others who put America's interests first. But there are valid concerns about those "citizens" or illegals who don't and have other priorities that weaken US. Mr. Algase's SGI article (Oct 2003) entitled: "Working Towards a Diverse World" reveals that as an immigration attorney, his goal is to, "assure the basic human rights of immigrants". His article denied any fault of lax entry policies that contributed to the 9/11 disaster in his own city. SGI=Soka Gakkai International, a modern form of Buddhism that claims to pursue tolerance and world peace, but according to Wikipedia, several opposing websites maintain that their cult- like group is involved in harassment of former members, political intrigue and support of the globalist U.N. A sovereign America can invite on a limited basis, those to come who will assimilate and contribute, but has no need for those who won't or have other priorities and can not absorb the mass numbers that might like to come.

R. L. Ranger

Dear Editor:
Peter Griswold's letter (7/25/06 ID) mistakes a poorly worded list of demands for a coherent argument. It's unclear what his letter means when suggesting that the US should 'pay the home country a tuition fee to imprison persons convicted of crimes'. Is that a proposal for US taxpayers to pay for the education of alien felons in our prisons, or a proposal for US taxpayers to fund education in foreign prisons?

A reader

Dear Editor:
In response to Mr. Algase's letter (07/25/06 ID), I'd begin by refusing to legalize or amnesty anyone who enters this country illegally, or commits fraud to do it (unless they are able to show it was done because of persecution). Respect for the law is a key cultural value of this country, and someone who violates it to come here shows that they don't understand that, or don't care to adhere to it. As for other cultures, well, Mr. Algase's letter appears to forget that immigrants can be and often are more intolerant than Americans. Or does Mr. Algase forget that the reason that immigrants such as my Christian grandfather fled the Ottoman Empire was because of that Empire's intolerance toward ethnic and religious minorities and that modern day Europe is experiencing the difficulty of trying to be tolerant toward new residents for whom intolerance toward homosexuals and other religions is a matter of faith? Or, that some immigrants of color to this country have their own prejudices toward immigrants of other colors? Or, that other cultures have accepted practices such as plural marriage, the marriage of older men to pubescent girls, slavery, genital mutilation, and the subservience of women—practices which immigrants bring with them to this country. Would Mr. Algase have it the other way — that we must accept everyone and anyone because they "look different" regardless of the cultural values they bring with them?

Ali Alexander

Dear Editor:
Peter Griswold's letter (07/26/06 ID) reflects ignorance if it states that no English speaking whites are illegal here. Many Irish illegals are in this country, they are whites and speak English very well and work very hard and deserve themselves to get the opportunities to reach American dream. And you will be surprised to find some Western or Eastern or even Canadian whites who are also illegals. I don't understand why politicians in this planet should limit the freedom and interests of people and businesses to hire and get hired the best available labor and also limit the interests of consumers to get the best products and services for less. If no Americans fill the job offers, let foreigners fill them temporarily and if they met certain criteria they can be sponsored for permanent residency. Same thing with E.U. or Japan. If no natives fill the jobs, let Americans or elses work there temporarily and permanently. Protectionism only hurt global consumers, create wars and poverty at the other side of the "unfortunate" globe, for the comfort and interests of those who take anything for granted just because they're citizens of certain wealthy nations which are rich by exploiting the less fortunate by apartheid economic and immigration laws.

Robert Yang

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