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Immigration Daily July 17, 2006
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Latinos Are Not The Only Undocumented

According to a San Jose Mercury News report, "Larisa Casillas, policy director for Services, Immigrant Rights and Education Network (SIREN), said that critical Asian perspectives on immigration reform has been largely silent, perhaps overshadowed by the Latino perspective." For the full story, see here.

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  • Corporate Identity: FEIN, NAICS, & Documentation of Business
  • Responsibilities of Parties: Employer, Contact Person, Agents, Attorneys, and Alien
  • Prevailing Wage Strategies: Preparation of Requests at SWA, Defining Skill Levels, Using the OES Analysis, SVP and O*Net Criteria
  • Wage Offers and Wage Ranges
  • Roving Workers and Moving Worksites

SECOND Phone Session on Aug 17, 2006:

  • Minimum Requirements
  • Planning for 2nd or 3rd Preference
  • Alternate Requirement Options
  • Understanding Related Occupations
  • What Happened to Training?
  • Details Required for Job Duties
  • H-12: Are Requirements are Normal in the US
  • Foreign Languages
  • Special Skills
  • Combination of Occupations
  • Offering the Job to a Specific Alien
  • Live-In vs. Live-Out Requirements
  • Special Handling for College or University Teachers

THIRD Phone Session on Sep 14, 2006:

  • Ins and Outs of SWA Job Orders
  • Tips on Sunday Ads
  • Recruitment Options for Professionals
  • Notice Requirements & Layoffs
  • Alien Data, Current Address & INS Status
  • Proving Alien Qualifications on 9089: Education, Training and Work Experience
  • Documenting Special Requirements & Licenses
  • How & When to Use the Magic Language
  • Who Has to Sign the 9089 and When?
  • Employer Declarations
  • What to Do After Filing!
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Achieving 'Security And Prosperity': Migration And North American Economic Integration
Jason Ackleson for the Immigration Policy Center writes "The process of North American economic integration, and development within Mexico itself, create structural conditions that encourage Mexican migration to the US."

Projecting the U.S. Population to 2050: Four Immigration Scenarios
Jack Martin and Stanley Fogel for the Federation for American Immigration Reform write "To assist our members across the country and their elected representatives in assessing the effects on their state from potential immigration changes, our projections show the different population size that would likely result under the different scenarios for each state."


CRS On Immigration Statistics On The Web
The Congressional Research Service released a report identifying selected websites that provide general and statistical information on immigration topics.


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Readers are welcome to share their comments, email: (300-words or fewer preferred). Many letters to the Editor refer to past correspondence, available in our archives.

Dear Editor:
Responding to ID's 07/14/06 comment, I think before there is any 'comprehensive' immigration reform, you'll first see movement toward, and implementation of, a national identity card (or smart card), for citizens, non-citizens, and residents; as well as a verification system for employers; and even possibly an attractive 'guest worker' program. Of course, I'd love to see relief for employment-based cases. Regarding any type of amnesty, I don't see it; I see draconian solutions (in the guise of comprehensive solutions), where those here may be able to stay, with papers, but no 'green card', if they reveal themselves; while those who don't will be subject to immediate deportation, without legal recourse (with the entire country after them).

Paul M. Heller, Esq.
San Francisco, CA

Dear Editor:
I note with interest ID's optimistic hopes with regard to emplyment based petitions (see 07/14/06 ID comment). What concerns me (I am a practitioner based in the UK) is the apparent disregard for existing L-1 beneficiaries who are struggling to get their visas exteded as USCIS seems hell bent on denying a petition with the slightest excuse. I am very concerned for the future as even new L-1 petions we are stuggling to get them approved; until 3 moths ago our L-1 success rate was 100%.

Chris Harewood

Dear Editor:
Mr. Algase's letter (7/14/06 ID) claims that African-Americans "became illegal" when they tried to ride in the front of the bus, etc. That's a stretch. The 14th amendment made it very clear that African-Americans were citizens on a par with all other citizens, and court cases made it clear that discrimination against them in the cases his letter cites violated their civil rights as citizens. Illegal aliens are not citizens of this country and have no civil rights here - human rights, yes, but not civil rights. In fact, if they were entitled to "civil rights", one would expect them to be seeking these in the court system rather than in the streets demanding "amnesty". As for the "campaign" against "brown-skinned" immigrants, I presume Mr. Algase's letter is referring to our rejection of the claim that we as a country are required to accept low-skilled, uneducated and illegal immigrants or even highly-skilled legal ones who displace American workers. It is primarily Third World immigrants who are seeking admittance in massive numbers not only to the U.S. but to Europe, so obviously any attempt to limit immigration at all would be construed by Mr. Algase's letter as racism. Does the US give preferences to white immigrants over nonwhite? No. Most legal immigrants are from Latin America and Asia, and have been for at least the past two decades, and likely so since 1965. Legal immigrants also have limited civil rights until such time as they choose to become citizens. If a legal immigrant declines to make a full commitment to the US by becoming a citizen, then why should we grant to him all the rights and privileges of being one? There is no "right" to immigrate to the US or anywhere else that I know of.

Ali Alexander

Dear Editor:
Roger Algase's letter (7/14/06 ID) uses such terms as rage, hate and anger in reference to some aspects of our past and present migration experience. These exaggerated emotions may have been reached by some, but they are real human emotions. Why should any negative expression be considered not valid or justified? Are not Americans free to express themselves and/or to have concerns? If not, of what value are supposed freedoms? Contrary to Mr. Algase's letters of Panglossian philosophy advocating a multicultural mecca without prudent limits, some believe that such emotions are to be expected and that separation of cultures is healthy. Americans for Self Determination states: "Racial and ethnic conflict is the norm for pluralistic societies around the world, and indeed, the vast majority of wars in recent years have been civil wars among various racial or ethnic groups." History has shown that there is a good amount of truth in the above from the Biblical Tower of Babel to present. Restrictionists believe that when numbers of migrants are limited, allocated, and selected with controlled entry strictly enforced with assimilation, can result in positive benefits. Deviations from this seem to validate the above quote. Are not those who abuse our hospitality and seek unlimited or large numbers of migrants promoting the increase of rage, hate, anger and disorder? Mr. Algase's letters show a great concern for the questionable rights of migrants, but little or none for the rights of Americans to preserve and control their destiny and culture. The solution to excessive entry numbers is not to increase them. A return to the pre-1965 model of legal immigration should be considered. The primary right of illegals today is a swift and humane deportation with a wish for a happy life in their own country. Any change they may desire could start there.

R. L. Ranger

Dear Editor:
Responding to Ali Alexander's letter (07/13/06 ID), illegal immigrants fake or steal others' IDs and SSNs not to get welfare but to work and pay taxes, which they will never claim back while those shameless lazy US citizens defraud and steal others' IDs to defraud welfare system. Hurricane Katrina fraud is over USD 1 billion, and this is outrageous to US tax payers'. Why does nobody complain about this but point fingers at illegals for stealing IDs for making a living decently by hard and honest work? Many of those hard working immigrants if given the legal status in the US, I can bet anybody here, they will be more succesful and pay more taxes than the natives here. Why coming to this country to collect welfare checks, while opportunities are abundant. Those who collect welfare are likely those lazy taking for granted US citizens, that think being Americans is an automatic entitlement for decent jobs. Not really, jobs can be outsourced to other countries, and human labor can be replaced by robots and computers. Dn't like it? Too bad, but it's the reality. I am immigrant too from China and I understand I am competing with my fellow Chinese in China right now. Am I afraid? Not at all, I am ready to work and compete with anybody anywhere on the level playing field, because I am multilingual, talented and well equipped to fight and empower myself. Whining and complaining are only for losers.

Robert Yang

Dear Editor:
Responding to ID's comment (07/12/06 ID comment), this isn't a civil rights for illegal aliens ... no such thing under our Constitution. There isn't even a comparison of the Civil Rights for blacks movement, and let's not forget the women's movement that later followed...they weren't illegals, they may have been held down and regarded as less valued but they were citizens. So let's compare Rep. Hostettler "wrong doing" to the criminal acts of illegal aliens: invasion of a country, digging holes and tunnels for unlawful passage into our country, over-staying visas, vicious and violent intruders turned loose on our streets, violent illegal gangs and drug wars, murder of citizens and government workers, smuggling of humans, felons, animals, weapons and drugs, aiding and abetting criminal activity, corruption, mexican militia crossing our borders, personal attacks on our citizens, property and government, bringing in diseases, illegal and fraudulent use of State and Federal documents (Social Security cards, licenses, voter's registration cards, passports, visas, green cards, theft of people's identifications) Tax evasion, unlawful employment and hiding from government, to obtain jobs, money, education and social services. A crippling effect on States spending, Federal Government spending and these atrocities result in mayhem and endangering lives of citizenry. So I would say if you can't see who gets the free ride back to their country it's because you don't want to.

Bob Courter

Dear Editor:
Rep. Hostettler paid for his mistake; therefore, according to knowledgeable conservatives, he received "amnesty" and everybody's opposed to that (07/12/06 ID comment).

Dave Anderson
Gainesville, GA

Dear Editor:
It is time we recognize the failures of Congress to stop illegal immigration at the federal level and applaud Colorado and Hazleton, PA for its success at a local level. May each state follow suit and brick by brick this invasion will be brought to its knees once and for all.


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