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Immigration Daily July 14, 2006
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Optimism Prevails

Immigration Daily believes that Congress is unlikely to complete its budget negotiations before the election and thus, the probability of a lameduck session is high. Therefore, one must analyze the prospects for comprehensive immigration reform in this light. The window for immigration reform can occur either during the lameduck session after the November election or in September (if Congress chooses to focus on immigration reform and handle appropriations during the lameduck session). Despite the gloom in many quarters, it is not hard to see that the pieces are already in place for a successful compromise on comprehensive immigration reform. Such successful compromise would involve a delay in benefits but a guarantee of benefits kicking in without further Congressional action. Even if comprehensive immigration refom dies in 2006, we believe at a minimum, significant immigration benefits (H-1B numbers, Schedule A numbers, and perhaps retrogression relief for employment-based beneficiaries) will come down the pike, no later than early 2nd quarter 2007. It appears to us reasonable to believe that there will be significant benefits from Congress in the next 2-10 month timeframe.

We welcome readers to share their opinion and ideas with us by writing to


Naturalization, Citizenship And Nationality Law: 2006 Update

The curriculum for the July 20th phone session of "Naturalization, Citizenship And Nationality Law: 2006 Update" is as follows:

  • Citizenship through birth outside of the US to USC parent or parents: general principles and your research tools
  • How does one derive US citizenship and conditions precedent and subsequent
  • How to read and use the chart
  • Establishing and documenting the claim and the definitions of Residence and Physical presence
  • Continuing validity of prior acts of Congress
  • The Child Citizenship Act as the last Act of Congress
The deadline to sign up is Tuesday, July 18th. For more info, including speaker bios, detailed curriculum, and registration information, please see: (Fax version: For more info on the Child Status Protection Act Handbook, and to order, see here.


Rate-Raising Strategy, Increasing Your Fees
Edward Poll writes "When expenses go up but the workload decreases, lawyers have four basic options if they want to operate at the same profit level: work longer hours, cut costs, become more efficient or be more creative with fee structures."


USCIS Releases Latest H-1B Advanced Degree Cap Count
USCIS released the latest H-1B advanced degree cap count as of July 6, 2006.


Help Wanted: Immigration Professional
Corporate/immigration Legal Assistant - Moore & Van Allen PLLC has an exciting opportunity in business immigration law with a large, full service law firm in Charlotte, NC. Prior immigration experience not required. However, candidate must have interest in working with large business immigration practice with multinational clientele. Candidate must be well-organized and have strong attention to detail. Candidates fluent in Standard Mandarin and/or Standard Cantonese preferred. Preference also given for candidates with experience working with clients in China, Singapore, or Japan. Salary is negotiable and commensurate with experience. Attractive benefits package offered. Relocation assistance may be provided to the right candidate. Please submit letter, resume and salary requirements to Stephen Hader Esq.:

Help Wanted: Immigration Paralegal
Charlotte, NC - Large business immigration practice seeks experienced immigration paralegal. Undergraduate degree required. Candidate must be well-organized; have strong writing, communication, and computer skills; have strong attention to detail; and have ability to work independently on multiple tasks. Prior employment-based immigration experience preferred. Candidate should also have experience working with Fortune 500 clientele and international executives. Salary negotiable and commensurate with experience with an attractive benefits pkg. Relocation assistance may be offered to right candidate. Submit cover letter, resume + salary requirements to Steve Hader Esq.:

Help Wanted: Immigration Paralegal
Phoenix, AZ area - Join a team that works hard in a relaxing, collegial atmosphere. Employment-based firm with Fortune 500 clients seeks a full-time paralegal. Must have at least two years employment immigration experience including H-1B, L-1, TN and labor certification. Physician J-1 waiver and NIW experience a plus. Must be highly motivated, detailed-oriented and have outstanding communication, technology and people skills. College degree preferred. Excellent salary and benefits including health, dental, vision, long and short term disability and retirement benefits. Arizona offers year-round hiking, camping, boating, professional sports and the Grand Canyon. Email cover letter with resume + salary requirements to Theresa Talbert:

Help Wanted: Immigration Attorney
Quarles & Brady seeks attorney with 1-3 years of business immigration law experience for our Milwaukee and Madison, Wisconsin offices. We are a national law firm, providing immigration services for 30+ years, with offices in Wisconsin, Arizona, Florida and Illinois. Requirements: experience in range of business immigration matters; ability to provide exceptional client service; and superb analytical, organizational and case management skills. Collegial environment and competitive salary and benefits. Submit resume, cover letter, transcripts and at least two writing samples (substantive support letters or significant memos) to: Michelle Bigler, Manager, Attorney Recruiting, Quarles & Brady LLP at

Help Wanted: Immigration Attorneys
San Francisco, CA - Berry, Appleman & Leiden LLP, a global corporate immigration law firm seeks experienced attorneys with 3+ years practicing business immigration law. Our attorneys work in a fast-paced, high volume practice and utilize carefully developed procedures, advanced practice tools, and a state-of-the-art case management system. Experience in a range of business immigration matters, ability to provide exceptional client service, experience managing teams of legal assistants, and superb analytical, organizational and case management skills required. We strive for excellence in legal practice in a collegial environment, promoting cooperation and learning from each other. We offer competitive salary and benefits. Please submit resume to or fax 415-217-4426.

EB-5 Investor Program
We can make you a powerful offer. A conditional green card with no quota backlog for your clients. A generous finders fee from American Life Inc. for you if allowed in your state. One of the best-kept immigration secrets ... a real estate limited partnership investment of $525,000 in an EB-5 Regional Center program gives your accredited investor clients freedom. Live anywhere in the U.S. without being tied to a job or business. No need for day-to-day management of an active business. Want to know more about the immigration benefits of EB-5 cases? Call Mark Ivener at 1-866-767-1800 to answer your EB-5 immigration questions. With more than 30 years immigration law experience and five immigration law books to his credit, Mark Ivener is American Life's Immigration Consultant. For more information visit our website, www.amlife.US.


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Readers are welcome to share their comments, email: (300-words or fewer preferred). Many letters to the Editor refer to past correspondence, available in our archives.

Dear Editor:
Responding to ID's (07/13/06) comment, how about ILW.COM = I love webads?

Joseph B. De Mott, Esq.

Dear Editor:
Ali Alexander's letter (07/13/06 ID) objects to my letter's comparison (07/12/06 ID) of the 1960's African-American civil rights movement to today's immigrant rights movement. First, his letter points out that African-Americans were not in this country illegally. True. But, at least in the South, they became "illegal" whenever they tried to ride in the front of the bus, go to school with whites or otherwise live a normal life. I am old enough to remember the rage that many white people all over the country felt when the Supreme Court ruled that school racial segregation laws were unconstitutional in 1954. In 50 years, I have not witnessed so much hatred and anger against a racial group, or an ethnic one (as Mr. Alexander's letter correctly refers to Latinos) until today's hate campaign against brown skinned immigrants. Secondly, today's anti-immigrant campaign not only targets illegal immigrants, but also seeks drastic reductions in legal immigration which, among other things, would be a humanitarian disaster for millions of legal immigrants and their US citizen family members. Moreover, the House "immigration reform" bill contains severe restrictions against the basic rights of legal immigrants, many of whom would become criminals because of technical immigration violations, or deported because of minor offenses committed in the distant past. Many US citizens, especially those who are members of immigrant communities, would be adversely affected as well. We are not just talking about "amnesty for illegals" here. I stand by my comparison.

Roger Algase, Esq.
New York NY

Dear Editor:
Funny, I thought ILW.COM meant "Immigration Law Weekly"; figured it had evolved from a weekly, to a daily without a name change (07/13/06 ID comment).


Dear Editor:
Re: Mr. Yang's 07/12/06 ID letter, ATM's and EZ pass don't require me to support them and their families because their employers aren't paying them enough to live decent lives here. As for handouts and welfare just like families, Americans are stuck with those citizens who are lazy or commit fraud. But to import the world's shiftless and criminally inclined is an entirely different situation. Committing fraud to get a visa or violating our laws by crossing without inspection is hardly an endorsement of the character of illegal aliens. Likewise, committing fraud and identity theft to get jobs or other benefits reserved to citizens is at least as bad as the fraud Mr. Yang's letter cites by Katrina evacuees and every bit as illegal. There's a quote from Shakespeare that applies nicely: Who steals my purse steals trash; tis something, nothing; Twas mine, tis his, and has been slaves to thousands; But he that filches from me my good name robs me of that which not enriches him, and makes me poor indeed - Othello, III,iii,157-61(Iago).

Ali Alexander

Dear Editor:
Responding to ID's comment (07/12/06 ID comment), I feel that is a great idea. Maybe Rep. Hostettler should learn how it feels to be incarcerated, your rights stripped of you and be flown with hundreds of other human beings back to their natural born countries. Oh, thats right he gets a free ride because he has a little power.

Desirae Sanchez

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