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Immigration Daily April 11, 2006
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Senate Democratic Leadership Blocks Comprehensive Immigration Reform

On Friday, April 7th, the just-born Hagel-Martinez compromise which would have rescued major elements of the McCain-Kennedy bill in a final Senate bill came apart among finger-pointing on all sides. A TIME magazine article makes clear what really happened: "Disappointed members of both parties say it was [Senate Democratic Minority Leader] Reid's election-year ambitions that ultimately doomed the immigration bill". A National Immigration Forum press release says "the Democratic Senate leadership was more interested in keeping the immigration issue alive in the run up to mid-terms than in enacting immigration reform legislation." Naturally, proponents of comprehensive immigration reform in both parties are furious. Given the large immigrant rallies over the weekend, it is likely that the Senate will return to comprehensive immigration reform when it comes back from its recess.

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PERM Seminar Deadline Is Tuesday, April 11th

The deadline to sign up for this week's PERM seminar is Tuesday, April 11th. The curriculum for the April 13th PERM seminar is as follows:

  • Audit Proofing & Audits
  • Recently Emerging Issues
  • Restrictive Requirements
  • Good Faith Requirements
  • Impact of BALCA on PERM
  • Reconsideration and Appeals

For more info, including speaker bios, detailed curriculum, and registration information, please see: (Fax version:


Thrive- Talkin- Cutting-Edge Strategies To Grow Your Immigration Practice In 2006
Angelo Paparelli, et al. offer material from the recently concluded telephone seminar series.


5th Circuit Says Government Should Not Be Deprived Of Alien's Speedy Departure
In Banda-Ortiz v. Gonzales, No. 04-61100 (5th Cir. Mar. 28, 2006), the court disagreed with the 9th, 8th and 3rd circuits and declined to read into 8 USC 1129c(d) the requirement that the BIA automatically toll an alien's voluntary departure period during the pendency of a motion to reopen.

President Bush On Senate Impasse
In his weekly radio address, President Bush said "Members of the United States Senate reached a promising bipartisan compromise on comprehensive immigration reform. Unfortunately, this compromise is being blocked by the Senate Democratic leader who has refused to allow Senators to move forward and vote on amendments to this bill."


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Reeves & Associates, one of the largest and oldest immigration firms in California, with offices in Pasadena, San Francisco, Manila and Las Vegas, seeks an immigration attorney for its Pasadena office. Ideal candidate should have one or more years experience in business immigration, exceptional writing ability, case management skills and ability to supervise support staff. R&A offers a highly competitive salary and benefits package including health, dental, vision, long term disability, Bar and CLE reimbursements, 401K retirement plan with matching dollars, commissions plus a yearly bonus. We have an experienced support staff, state of the art technology and extensive immigration library and resources. Excellent opportunity for career advancement. Send cover letter, resume, + salary history to or fax (626) 795-4999.

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Cella & Associates, LLC, a prominent immigration law firm, seeks experienced immigration paralegals for its Clifton and Cliffside Park, New Jersey offices. Ideal candidate must have experience working in an immigration law firm; possess excellent verbal and written communication skills, and the ability to perform multiple tasks in a fast-paced environment. E-mail your resume to

Credential Evaluation And Translation
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Award Bestowed
Montag & Nadalin LLP announces that Jonathan D. Montag, Esq. was honored by California Lawyer Magazine with the CLAY award at the annual Attorney of the Year Awards in San Francisco on March 2, 2006 for his work in the case of Tchoukhrova v. Gonzales [404 F.3d 1181 (2005)] which established that children with serious disabilities and their families constitute a "particular social group". Address: 110 West C St, Suite 1809, San Diego, CA 92101. Tel: (619)230-1420 Fax: (619)230-1427.


Readers are welcome to share their comments, email: (300-words or fewer preferred). Many letters to the Editor refer to past correspondence, available in our archives.

Dear Editor:
With reference to the Tom Barry hit piece on FAIR (ID 04/10/06), the paranoia reflected in the authors excited claims about our pervasive intellectual, policy, legal, political, ethical, scientific and cultural influence on the American scene is indeed gratifying. We have been sharing it for months as a supplement to support our fundraising efforts. Could you imagine a better way to show potential contributors the effectiveness of our work? And, in all modesty, why hasnt it been updated to include the credit due FAIR for killing the Specter amnesty bills, and preparing Georgia SB 529, the latest "comprehensive" state-level immigration reform measure? Karl Rove already knows this, but let me confide to your readers that FAIR supplied all those Mexican flags youve been seeing on television. We might also deserve credit for the Irish birthright citizenship constitutional amendment, the Danish restrictions on fiance visas, and the Australian mandatory detention laws. While as a lawyer I would prefer to advocate our views on the question of the century in reasoned public debate and discussion, I understand that the devils deal between the cheap labor multinationals and open borders fanatics is a formidable impediment. Exhibit A would be the pathetic refusal of John McCain to live up to his May 2005 promise, published on ILW.COM, to "respectfully" debate FAIR "anytime, anywhere." Were still waiting. We succeed because ideas have consequences, and there are no answers, other than venal pleadings from special interests, to our rigorously ethical environmentally-based critique of modern mass immigration. As in so many areas of life, in public advocacy you often just have to play the hand youve been dealt. So thank you for the free publicity.

Michael M. Hethmon, General Counsel
Immigration Reform Law Institute (IRLI), the public interest law affiliate of FAIR

Dear Editor:
I find your characterization of the Minutemen as "despicable," "vigilantes" and "miscreants" offensive and inaccurate (ID 04/06/06 comment). Sitting on the border on private land armed with binoculars and cell phones, observing and reporting sightings of illegal aliens breaching our borders hardly merits these labels. Your statement that ILW.COM believes "immigration is American as apple pie" following this characterization of the Minutemen and other anti-illegal alien organizations seems to infer that illegal immigration is no different than legal immigration and should be equally supported. The Minutemen's actions are clearly in response to illegal immigration and the social, economic and criminal harm it is causing this country, and to my knowledge, they have never made comments or taken any action against legal immigration. The "vigilante" label is usually indiscriminately applied to any unofficial, civilian organization that attempts to mimic, assist, or do the job of the overwhelmed Border Patrol and similar law enforcement agencies along the border. Perceived indimidation by illegal aliens by the mere sight of a Minuteman's holstered and lawfully carried weapon, or by those illegals who take exception to the iimpediment or inconvenience caused by the Minutemen's reporting to authorities, hardly qualifies as "vigilantism." But if you label the Minutemen vigilantes based on the aforementioned actions, then please include the organizations who "patrol" the borders by operating around law enforcement and Border Patrol officers and their trained search and rescue teams, purporting to offer emergency aid and humanitarian assistance by driving illegal aliens to their camps and churches and unlawfully facilitating and furthering unlawful entry in the name of their social justice agendas.

Logan Smith

Dear Editor:
The Senate has finally come to their senses and refused to pass an amnesty bill despite thousands of illegals protesting in the streets seeking a free handout. Maybe now they can concentrate on the important issues such as border security and immigration law enforcement.


Dear Editor:
To my own opinion in this USA land of opportunity and welcoming the immigrant has gone soar by those people who harbor bigotry to anything different than what they were rear. Ignorant is a powerful weapon to use and even in Congress and Senators carry this in their heart. God will be our shield in this endeavor for those beneath help by the Congress and Senate.

Gladys Farris

Dear Editor:
I do not know why you keep dropping me. I have been getting your on line newspaper for years and every once in a while you drop me and I must then plead with you to reinstate me (why I don't know). Surely I have not done anything to be dropped and especially at this time when so much is going on. Can you please put me on whatever list or whatever it is to send me your daily paper. Thank you!


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