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Immigration Daily April 7, 2006
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Hope And Hype

Security is of two kinds: false and true. The false kind of security is composed of equal parts hype and hope. Hype in harrassing the heck out of everyone to create the impression that something is being done, e.g. TSA airport security check-ins and actions by other DHS components. Hope in crossing fingers and praying nothing happens. The true kind of security is what the Pentagon and the DOS do in their overseas offensives. DHS doesn't have much to do with true security, the best defense is an offense, which is not in DHS's mandate. We encourage Congress to keep the distinction between false and true security in mind as they craft immigration benefits legislation.

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PERM Seminar Next Week

The curriculum for the April 13th PERM seminar is as follows:

  • Audit Proofing & Audits
  • Recently Emerging Issues
  • Restrictive Requirements
  • Good Faith Requirements
  • Impact of BALCA on PERM
  • Reconsideration and Appeals

The deadline to sign up is Tuesday, April 11th. For more info, including speaker bios, detailed curriculum, and registration information, please see: (Fax version:


Extricating Yourself From The Stress Trap
Dustin A. Cole writes "To put it another way, high stress can be a symptom of a poorly managed practice ó or, more likely, an under-managed one."


USCIS Says H-2B Cap Is Reached
USCIS announced today that it has received a sufficient number of petitions to reach the congressionally mandated H-2B cap and that April 4, 2006 is the "final receipt date" for new H-2B worker petitions requesting employment start dates prior to October 1, 2006.

President Bush Comments On Senate Bipartisan Efforts
The White House issued a press statement where President Bush said, "I would encourage the [Senate] members to work hard to get the [immigration reform] bill done prior to the upcoming break."

State Cable On Revised Form I-864 Requirements
The Department of State issued a cable on revised requirements for form I-864 processing.


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New Appointment - Austin, TX
Thomas Esparza, Jr. Board Certified Specialist in Immigration and Nationality with over 28 years experience has been appointed to the City of Austin Commission on Immigrant Affair. The commission is charged with advising the City Council of Austin on all matters involving immigrants. It is currently participating with several other agencies in a county wide demographic study of the immigrants and their needs with the goal of providing both city and county government with hard data to use in allocating resources. Thomas Esparza, Jr. Attorney at Law, 1811 South First Street, Austin, Texas 78704. 512-441-0062.


Readers are welcome to share their comments, email: (300-words or fewer preferred). Many letters to the Editor refer to past correspondence, available in our archives.

Dear Editor:
I completely disagree with ILW.COM's position on the Minute Men (ID's 04/06/06). From what I have heard from their leaders is that they support legal immigration, but are concerned about hundreds of thousands of un-inspected individuals crossing our borders where we are unaware about who they are or what they are carrying across the border. The Democrats view the undocumented as potential votes, and the Republicans view them as cheap labor. Vicente Fox looks at illegal immigration as an answer to his own economic problems, or a social security system for Mexico. When you talk about undocumented, bear in mind that although the majority of these poor people may be just seeking honest work, interspersed in the 500-600,000 people sneaking across the border are dangerous violent criminals, drug traffickers, and potentially Islamic extremists. Just because we believe that the majority of Mexicans are just trying to find a job to support their family, we shouldn't make believe that there aren't criminals within the half a million people migrating into our country annually. There are reports that border patrol officers are being shot at and are in fear of their life; and they are our front line of defense. If neither party in Congress will increase enforcement at the border because they have other agendas, then I support the grass roots efforts of patriots of our Country. My grandparents waited years to come to America legally, learned the English language, never considered themselves "Russian- Americans" and never marched in parades with some other countryís flag. If we do not have contiguous borders to inspect who is entering our country, or immigration laws, or a common language, than we will cease to have a country.

Robert Brooks, Esq.
Hollywood, FL

Dear Editor:
ID's 04/06/06 comment is childish name calling and bigotry. Your comments are direct Republican National Committee propaganda regarding so-called "racist" "vigilante" Minutemen. Obviously, if ILW.COM is bent on losing credibility by utilizing the highly offensive propaganda term "vigilante", then you will simply alienate many people, and you will be tuned out. Oh yes, and let us examine the term "vigilante". Exactly who has been harmed by the peaceful, professional patriots that are part of the project? No one. The Minutemen are carefully screened, background checks are done on each member, and they are never allowed to so much as hug anyone, and only sit on lawn chairs with binoculars, making reports that they forward to the Government. I suspect that actually you know the real truth about the Minutemen, and that ILW.COM is bent on propagating a disinformation campaign that will prey on those who do not know as much about the Minutemen. Either that, or ILW.COM is set on repeating "the Big Lie" so often that it will actually become believed over time. Dare ILW.COM answer these suppositions? I suspect not. Like most propagandists, you will either ignore this email or else issue some bland refutation that will be full of verbiage, but wholly devoid of meaning and logic.

Robert Gorman, Esq.

Dear Editor:
Speaking of "slavery" (see 04/06/06 ID comment), what is a "guest worker" program but a type of indentured servitude akin to slavery? One of the amendments offered in the Senate, and accepted, created an agricultural guest worker program which ties the worker to the industry for several years - if he/she wants to have a chance at a green card. Similarly, any guest worker program which requires that the employee work for an employer for several years for the prospect of a green card limits the freedom of that worker to move. Finally, can all those I've seen proclaiming that "guest workers" are needed because they work more cheaply than Americans, and that of course Americans would never pay more for fruits and vegetables, explain how cheap, indentured labor is any better than slavery? Particularly if, as the President is claiming, there will never be any guarantee of being eligible for citizenship?

Ali Alexander

Dear Editor:
Responding to ID's 04/06/06 comment, in the 1860's, it was the blacks who were brought in against their will. Most Americans came invited, not an invasion without an army or without a flag. Lawlessness is lawlessness and a lawless country is a corrupt country and an corrupt country is an immoral country and all such countries in history have fallen. For apple pie there are 168 countries where people must patiently wait for the legal process. Thieves are thieves and even thieves appear to be nice people. The millions of people who fought for their country, worked honestly and obeyed the laws are the forgotten ones. Never before did the working Americans have to pay Hispanic medical and hospital bills tacked onto theirs. Never before did the US pay hundreds of billions in public services for illegals working American jobs, living in American homes, using American schools. Most immigrant groups pay their own way. Letting 12 million lilligals work in our country and take over is not apple pie and has nothing to do with American icons. If the merchants who let them in, and the legislaturers who looked the other way believe in illigals taking over the land, then I guess robbery, rape, murder would have to be logically okay. No thanks I will stick with the truth. As for an American willing to fight for my country and not boycott the U.S. flag, one of us who obey laws, we haven't come to such a point of view to make moral that which is not. The 12 million illigals are felons. And if you advocate felony then felony will multiply. If you want to live in a country like that Noah left behind, you're on the right track.

David Utterback

Dear Editor:
I was happy to read ID's 04/06/06 commentary. However, I wonder if some younger readers will catch the implied reference to the original Minute Men who fought during the Revolutionary War and were so name because they could be ready at a "minute's" notice for a call to arms.

L. Traphagen

Dear Editor:
This is in response to Mr. Ali Alexander's letter (04/06/06 ID). His letter made a good suggestion for illegal immigrants to be given the opportunity to be absorbed into the American society based on the minimum standard requirements his letter mentioned. That is a good start to reduce the backlog.


Dear Editor:
What? How dare ILW.COM call our hero Minutemen "despicable?" (ID 04/06/06 comment). ILW.COM's traitorous slanderous lying scumbag kind are the ones who are despicable. Our Minutemen are ever bit heroes for fighting for our country as our soldiers are, and many of them served as our soldiers from the Vietnam War to the Iraq war. Sounds like it is ILW.COM who is a vigilante to help & encourage illegal immigration against the laws of our land or any common sense. The Minutemen I know are good people standing up for our country against traitors like you, and every single person I know who is either a Minuteman or supports sensible immigration control also supports immigration at a reasonable level and none are anti-immigrant. Is ILW.COM implying there is a connection to slavery here, that the Minutemen agree with slavery? Oh please. It's sad to know there is so much trash like you living within our borders, you are an impostor of truth, reality, and common sense. ILW.COM is nothing less than a traitor and impostor hiding behind the US American flag.

Ken Williams
Salt Lake City, UT

Dear Editor:
In reference to ID's 04/06/06 comment, you have to be a complete moron to write such things. My family is Mexican-American, they came here legally with no free lunches from the American taxpayers - big difference to what ILW.COM is talking about. ILW.COM must be a paid shill to write such swill.

Ruth Slater
Phoenix, AZ

Dear Editor:
In ID's 04/06/06 comment, there's no link between the two (pro-slavery and modern Minutemen) save for a name, not to mention the support the Minutemen get from numerous Black American groups in their continued fight against the new form of slavery in this nation, illegal labor. I am directly descended from several of the original MinuteMen and proud that these other true patriots are using that image. These men and women risk their lives for our nation. This is what the original Minutemen did back in the Revolutionary times. While your side is being headed up by violent anti-American rallies lead by groups such as the Communist party and La Raza shouting slogans in support of terrorists and the killing of all the "Gringos". What right do people have to come to this nation, break our laws and then protest when they will be punished? If American citizens wish to express their discontent peacefully with criminals entering a nation which is sovereign and is permitted to have a border like any other nation on earth then they are allowed, as given permission by the US Government and constitution. These people have never harmed an illegal and have in fact rescued hundreds by providing water and first aid to them. According to Webster's dictionary, vigilante is defined as "a member of a volunteer committee organized to suppress and punish crime summarily". The Minutemen do not punish anyone, nor do they make contact with any criminals trying to come over the border. They gather evidence on video and call the proper authorities who make the arrests. Also a vigilante would not rescue and give first aid to a criminal. They are concerned citizens whom you are slandering, perhaps you know what that means, and yes that is a criminal act.

A concerned citizen

Dear Editor:
Comparing the current "Minute Men" to the pro-slavery "minute men" does nothing to help the debate over immigration, illegal and otherwise (see ID's 04/06/06 comment). If we do not stop demonizing the individuals and politics of others, our country will suffer greatly from the lack of actual effective devate. Illegal immigration is a legitimate concern and needs good information and debate in order for us to get to a workable sustainable plan for handling immigration. The reason illegal immigration is an issue and a problem today is because we did not have anyone engaged in actual debate and work to a resolution that would benefit our nation. The 12+ million illegals here today could be here legally if we had faced the issue when we should have and crafted a program that would manage effectively the needs of our country to have immigrants and the desires of other to immigrate. Ignoring the issue didn't help in the past, demonizing opposing views won't help in the present.

Vic Jackson

Dear Editor:
Lawyers doing a little bit of flag waving? (see 04/06/06 ID comment). Lawyers would sell their mothers on the street corner if the price was right. The only thing that ILW.COM is interested in is the $5k per head fee they can garner from third-worlders who want to move here to take an American job from an American citizen. As to what is - and what is not American, immigration lawyers fall on the other side of the line - the un-American side of the line.

Vicky Davis
Idaho Falls, ID

Dear Editor:
I disagree with ID's 04/06/06 comments about the Minute Men. I view our Minutemen of today as modern day militia placed on our borders to protect us, American citizens, against an all out invasion. They have not hurt anyone, nor do they intend to. In fact, they are working with the Border Patrol and there have been no instances of violence. Their only wish is to secure our borders and to keep people who have no right here from coming in and further destroying the infrastructure of this country. We have laws in place that are not being enforced and they should be enforced. Instead, we are allowing illegal immigrants to walk across our borders and invade and infiltrate our American system with little respect of our laws, our people, our language or our culture and now we are trying to find ways to reward them for illegal behavior. Most Americans believe in immigration Ė we are a land of immigrants - but they believe that those who wish to immigrate to this country must abide by the laws set forth to protect this country. Those who enter this country illegally are showing from that very first step that they have no regard for our laws or our country. Iím proud of our Minute Men and everything they stand for. Iím glad that they are there because our government is doing nothing to protect this country or its citizens. If we cannot count on our government to protect our basic rights as Americans, then who will protect us?

Jenny Michaud, Paralegal

Dear Editor:
I read ID's 04/06/06 comments, once again castigating American citizens (The Minutemen) who are bravely standing up for the sovereignty of the United States of America. ILW.COM goes on to feebly draw a parallel between the Minutemen during the slavery era and how the 21st century group is somehow violating a sacrosanct organization that was not focused on illegal immigration, all the while claiming patriotism because they post an American flag on their site. It is appalling, but not surprising that ILW.COM supports illegal immigration; after all, billable hours is really their goal. The more people crossing the border, the more fat undeserved fees AILA members salivate over. Their portrayal of today's Minutemen as vigilantes or miscreants only demonstrates how immigration attorneys are no friends of American workers; they will sell us out for $200 an hour. Which group shows a love for America, and true patriotism, unfettered by greed? The Minutemen or immigration attorneys?


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