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Immigration Daily January 30, 2006
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AILA Invites 2006 Nominations

The American Immigration Lawyers Association has invited its members to nominate candidates for consideration as AILA officers or directors. The deadline is February 17th. For more details, AILA members should see here.

We welcome readers to share their opinion and ideas with us by writing to


Immigration Books

ILW.COM is pleased to feature the following distinguished works of scholarship:


Myths About Immigration
Leo Anchondo of Justice for Immigrants sheds light on commonly held immigration myths.

Immigrants At Mid-Decade: A Snapshot Of America's Foreign-Born Population In 2005
Steven A. Camarota writes "The [Census Bureau] data also indicate that the first half of this decade has been the highest five-year period of immigration in American history."


CRS Report On Immgration-Related Document Fraud
The Congressional Research Service released a report on the primary civil, criminal, and immigration-related penalties associated with immigration-related document fraud.


Help Wanted: Immigration Attorney
Mintz Levin is a large, multi-disciplinary law firm with a regional, national and international practice. Our Immigration Section is seeking an associate to join the Boston office. Ideal candidate will have at least 5 years of business immigration experience. Candidates should have a background in the following: PERM Applications, H1B, L-1, O1, J1, E and I-9's. Experience dealing with immigration consequences of merger and acquisition activity is strongly preferred. We look for candidates with stellar academic records and outstanding writing and interpersonal skills. We offer excellent benefits and we are an equal opportunity employer. Interested candidates should send resumes to: Catherine L. Murphy, Lateral Associate Recruiting Manager at or Mintz, Levin, Cohn, Ferris, Glovsky and Popeo, P.C., One Financial Center, Boston, MA 02111.

Help Wanted: Immigration Attorney
Boutique, two-partner NYC firm seeks associate attorney w/ 1+ years experience in family & business immigration, including processing of PERM/ labor certifications. Must be confident managing case load, making appearances and meeting w/ clients. Strong writing skills a plus. Dynamic opportunity to work on a broad range of cases in casual and collegial work environment w/ generous benefits package. Position available immediately in recently relocated Tribeca office. Please send resume & salary requirements to Sharyn Bertisch:

Help Wanted: Immigration Attorneys
The internationally reputed Murthy Law Firm seeks senior level associates with 5+ years' experience in business immigration law. Our practice is dynamic and fast paced with high volume work that lends itself to varied creative solutions within the framework of the law. Applicants must have prior work experience in H1B and nonimmigrant options as well as an in-depth understanding of immigrant processing procedures. We have created a fully customized, sophisticated case-management system and expect the attorney to supervise paralegals and support staff. Good writing and analytical skills are required. Work is in beautiful, scenic Owings Mills, Maryland, convenient to rural settings and to the culture of Baltimore city. We offer a family friendly and collegial atmosphere. Please email resume and cover letter to Kim Rutherford or fax 410-356-4140. All communication will be treated in confidence.

Help Wanted: Immigration Attorneys
Hodgson Russ LLP seeks associates with five years progressively more responsible business immigration experience to join our Eastside Manhattan office (steps from Grand Central Terminal). The successful candidate will have demonstrated an ability to work independently, have worked on a wide range of business immigration matters, and have excellent communication skills. We also seek an experienced business immigration attorney on a contract or per diem basis. Please send your resume and cover letter to: Mary Kelkenberg at

Labor Certification Advertising/Recruiting
Adnet Advertising Agency Inc. has provided labor certification advertising services to immigration attorneys since 1992. Adnet helps attorneys find appropriate places to run labor cert ads, places the ads, obtains the tearsheets, and offers a variety of billing options. Attorneys can manage the entire ad process through Adnet's secure web-based Ad-managment system. Most of Adnet's services are free since we receive a commission from the newspapers and journals where the ad is placed. Adnet services large international law firms as well as solo practice attorneys. Call us at 212-587-3164, visit, or email us at Contact us today to find out why we are the ad agency of choice for immigration attorneys since 1992.

Immigration Law Conference
The 29th National Legal Conference on Immigration and Refugee Policy "Future Shock: Perspectives on Comprehensive Immigration Reform" will be held on March 13-14, 2006 in NYC. Presented by the Center for Migration Studies, in association with the Fordham School of Law (ILW.COM is the media sponsor for this event). The conference will offer an insider's look at the policy and politics in the growing debate on comprehensive immigration reform. Immigration professionals, gov't officials, HR professionals, and non-profits should not miss the chance to hear noted experts speak on topics such as border control, prospects for a guest worker program, internal worksite enforcement, and many other business, family, and asylum issues. Opportunity to interact with key policymakers at this unique international event. Participants are eligible for up to 9.5 credit hrs. Discounts are available for students, nonprofits and government employees. For more info, see here.


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If you have a professional announcement such as: New Position, Honors And Awards, Mergers & Acquisitions, New Office Address, New Appointment, New Associate, New Attorney, New Partner, that you wish to share with the Immigration Daily community, send your professional announcement to: comingsNgoings announcements is a free service.


Readers are welcome to share their comments, email: (300-words or fewer preferred). Many letters to the Editor refer to past correspondence, available in our archives.

Dear Editor:
I would like to thank Carolyn Elefant for her excellent article, "Treating Family Like Business" (01/27/06 ID). As the mother of a 10-year old child and an attorney for the last 14 years, I agree with her that we women attorneys are remarkably good at goofing up our priorities and being scaredy cats when it comes to negotiating for ourselves in the workplace. I worked 3 days/wk when my daughter was 3-18 months old. Since then, I have worked various combinations of FT/PT hours (3-5 days/wk), while my husband also shifted his work schedule to full- or part-time, to maximize our time spent parenting our daughter. My husband has had to have a strong sense of self esteem to endure all of the stupid remarks of people who looked down on what they perceived as his "Mr. Mom" image. Just last week, a law firm managing partner that I used to work for called to refer a client to me, and said, "I wasn't sure that you were practicing law anymore, the last time I talked to you, you were working part-time." He said it in such a way as to convey his attitude that an attorney working part-time is not a real attorney at all. In order to put our children first, we have to make lots of personal and professional sacrifices, have a thick skin, become extra efficient with our time, and, most importantly, we have to learn to negotiate for ourselves. This holds true for all parents - men and women alike. I'm amazed at how many attorneys are bulldogs in the courtroom, but when it comes to negotiating favorable employment terms for themselves, they get weak in the knees and can't speak up. Carolyn Elefant's article was right on track.

Jeanne Glader Kildow, Esq.

Dear Editor:
I agree with Larry Hines's letter (01/27/06 ID) that ID has often gone "way too far", in their editorials, and that they have once again gone "way too far" in voicing an opinion that demeans not only an idea, but the man (Rep. Tancredo) personally. Though I do not agree with Rep. Tancredo's position on immigration, I defend his right to express it, and to let the voters of his Congressional District decide whether his views give voice to their views. It is ironic that while ID, by way of selective editing, doesn't allow its contributors to Letters to the Editor to in any way make negative or personal references, even when true, they themselves appear to exercise no restraint in trashing someone, or allow someone else to trash someone in their publication, so long as it suits their own agenda. I guess that is "the power of the pen", or is it "the power of the press"? Regular ID readers know from my letters over the past few years that I'm not an anti-immigrationist, but that I do believe in a total re-thinking and re-writing of the Immigration & Nationality Act, to provide for a legal system of immigration that is in touch with the needs of US employers, to stop putting the carrot on the end of a stick over the Southern Border, or any other US Border, and then expecting illegals and visa overstays not to come and to live and work in the land of golden opportunity. It is my position that Americans should demand that all laws of the US, including immigration laws, be respected and obeyed, and if someone does not like the law, then they should work to change it. That's the American way.

David D. Murray, Esq.
Newport Beach, CA

Editor's Note: Immigration Daily accepts full responsiblity for statements in our Comment section. However, the letters to the Editor section is different in that this section contains not our opinion but those of our correspondents'. If one of our correspondents libels someone with our inadvertent error, our understanding of the law is that we would be responsible for something which we did not intentionally endorse. Hence the difference in treatment of opinions in the two different sections.

Dear Editor:
In response to 01/27/06 ID's comment regarding Mr. Hackett supporting deporting the undocumented, that's too bad because he looks like a promising trend returning Iraq vets running as democratic party candidates. He ran against that Congresswoman who called Murtha a coward and he has turned his sharp tongue against Limbaugh sending him running. I think this guy needs some grooming.

Robert J. DuPont, Reeves & Associates, APLC
Pasadena, CA

Dear Editor:
Paul Hackett who's running to unseat Ohio Senator Mike DeWine (R.) was quoted by Immigration Daily (01/27/06 ID comment) as saying he'd deport persons present in the US without legal status. That's hardly such a radical position for Hackett to take. If he said he wouldnt enforce the INA, that would be news.

Mark Levey
Washington, DC

Dear Editor:
Mr. Baer's letter (01/27/06 ID) confirmed what I had expected to be the case: that despite more than 20 years in the US, roughly 20 of them legally (since the 1986 amnesty), the two children legally resident in the U.S. have still not chosen to become U.S. citizens, and have not achieved a level of financial stability here that would support their mother were they to bring her. Precisely the reason why amnesty for the current crop of illegal workers is a bad idea.

Ali Alexander

Dear Editor:
Robert Yang's letter (01/27/06 ID) is to be commended for his personal initiative in job preparation. And yes, "global competition is real". But when our leaders harm Americans by not protecting our technology, borders or our markets, they are favoring foreigners above their own citizens. This is xenomania or globalism, and any charge of xenophobia towards those who object is inappropriate. It's also truly "anti-American" in regards to ID's ludicrous 01/26/06 comment of nativist Rep. Tom Tancredo who properly favors US over non-citizens in his policy efforts. Americans don't fear foreigners, but deserve basic protections in preserving their technology, culture, economy and borders. A person isn't in fear by prudently safeguarding his home or a nation in investing in a military or controlling entry. Mr. Yang's letters continue to deny his being a globalist, but his letter's views aligns with the globalists. Parade magazine recently featured, "The World's 10 Worst Dictators". Listed # 6 was China's Hu Jintao where few multi-nationals are getting rich, and, "...up to 150 million Chinese live on $1 a day or less in this nation with no minimum wage". Dissidents are held in camps without trials, the government censors all communications and there are no privately owned TV or radio stations. This is the world that the organized globalists and the unofficial ones with the same mindset, are moving US towards --- The Global Plantation. Regardless of preparation, anyone's job will eventually be at risk, at least at the present wage, including immigration attorneys, with such wage differentials. And there's more than simply economics or jobs at stake as more free societies will become less free in this process. This is the direction that the Senate will be moving US towards should they add a guest worker amnesty provision to HR 4437.

RL Ranger

Dear Editor:
Wishing Immigration Daily would give more highlight to find and click on "Letters to the Editor".

Peter Griswold

Editor's note: There is no clickable link to the letters to the Editor section in the email version of Immigration Daily. This would require changing to an html Immigration Daily email version for which there are no plans at this time. However, please note that a link directly to the letters to the Editor section is available on our homepage.

An Important disclaimer! The information provided on this page is not legal advice. Transmission of this information is not intended to create, and receipt by you does not constitute, an attorney-client relationship. Readers must not act upon any information without first seeking advice from a qualified attorney. Copyright 1999-2006 American Immigration LLC, ILW.COM. Send correspondence and articles to Letters and articles may be edited and may be published and otherwise used in any medium. The views expressed in letters and articles do not necessarily represent the views of ILW.COM.

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