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Immigration Daily October 27, 2005
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Senate Goes Comprehensive

Sen. McCain, Sen. Cornyn, and Senate Majority Leader Frist jointly agreed that "comprehensive immigration reform is the way to go. You can't fix a piece of [immigration reform] and claim victory." (GOP Senators Try to Unite on Immigration Overhaul, LA Times, Oct.26.2005). This act of solidarity demonstrated by the proponents of the two competing proposals (McCain-Kennedy and Cornyn-Kyl bills) and the person who controls the Senate agenda indicates that the Senate GOP has reached consensus and that the votes are in place for Senate floor action on comprehensive immigration reform in February 2006. The Senate bill will include border enforcement, interior enforcement, guest workers, and legalization. Meanwhile, some Republicans in the House of Representatives continue to advocate an enforcement-only approach. If the anti-immigration Republicans carry the day, then, the stage will be set for a contentious battle in conference committee in March 2006 and President Bush will likely be called upon to broker any deal. Whether President Bush will be able to work out the differences between the chambers of Congress depends on the amount of political capital he has at that time. If President Bush's ratings in the polls improve, comprehensive immigration reform (enforcement, benefits, guestworkers, and legalization) will very likely happen. Otherwise, it is hard to say what will happen. Stay tuned to Immigration Daily to remain informed.

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Third Circuit Describes "Disturbing Pattern Of IJ Misconduct" In Asylum Cases
Christina B. LaBrie writes "In a recent published decision, the US Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit noted that a "disturbing pattern of IJ [Immigration Judge] misconduct has emerged" in asylum cases brought before the US Courts of Appeals."


CRS Report On Terrorist Grounds For Exclusion Of Aliens
The Congressional Research Service issued a report on the terrorism-related grounds for inadmissibility.


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Dear Editor:
As Muslim I take great offense at Immigration Daily's statement "At a time of grave threat to the nation from Islamist terrorists." (10/26/05 ID comment). Immigration Daily is indirectly implying that instead going after Hispanic and Vietnamese looking men and women, the Federal agents should be going after Muslims. Islam and Terrorist cannot be linked together. Islam is a peaceful religion, and history is testimony to this facts. When Serb Christians slaughtered hundred of thousands of Bosnian Muslim, they were never called Christian Terrorists. Why this double standard? Terrorist are terrorists and they should not linked to any peace loving religion and its people. Muslims in US have suffered a lot after 9/11. Many are still locked up to this day without charge. US Muslim charities helping the poor and needy all around the world have been shut down. So please, we do not need your or anyone else's linking Islam to terrorism. Muslim's have throughout history have been victim's of terrorism which have often been state sponsered — be it in Bosnia, or Chechnya, or Kashmir, Palestine or elsewhere.

Azam Haque

Editor's note: We said "Islamist" terrorists, not "Islamic" terrorists.

Dear Editor:
Please tell us, just when do hurricane "victims" stop being "victims" and become plain old illegal aliens and subject to what should be routine enforcement? (10/26/05 ID comment). I'm more than a little tired of the double, or should I say, triple, standard that seems to apply to illegal aliens, particularly if they are Hispanic. We can say that Hispanics should not be the target of enforcement efforts, but that "Islamic terrorists" should be. It's OK, apparently, to claim that we should see more "Hispanic" faces on TV, but check immigration status and it's racism, although many Hispanics look like Arabs or other ethnic groups since they're an ethnicity, not a race, and Arabs ruled Spain for centuries. Finally, Americans are expected to follow the laws but illegal aliens, Hispanic or otherwise, should have their transgressions ignored and even rewarded.

Ali Alexander

Dear Editor:
In response to Mr. Griswold's letter (10/26/05 ID), many countries adhere to the "jus soli" doctrine granting citizenship to native-born individuals. Among them you can count most American countries (e.g., Argentina, Brazil, etc.). The "jus sanguis" doctrine is prevalent in "old world" countries where they believe that native race bloodline is a more significant factor in citizenship. Italy, for instance, allows unlimited number of generation to pass on citizenship even if they haven't had any relationship with the country and don't speak the language. You choose which one makes more sense. At a hearing, Rep. Hostettler suggested that someone could give birth in the U.S. with the idea in mind of being petitioned to become a citizen later on. This was an utterly ignorant comment because the children has to be 21 year old to petition the parents and then, the parents will have to wait perhaps for an extra decade or more of backlog, all this just to become permanent resident, not even citizen. I can't think of anyone seeing an advantage in being a citizen forty years after the fact. In addition, any constitutional interpretation limiting this principle will create a messy situation given the variety of non-immigrant, immigrant, illegal statuses generated by poorly drafted legislation and persistent backlogs. The hospital, or someone else, will have to act as citizenship police to determine which is the actual status of the parents and how it applies to the newborn. The immigration officers don't actually know all the potential statutes, just imagine the records office employees.

Washington, DC

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