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Immigration Daily October 19, 2005
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Catholic Legal Immigration Network, Inc. On Immigration Law

ILW.COM is pleased to announce a new seminar moderated by experts from CLINIC, focusing on family immigration, removal, and criminal matters. The deadline to sign up for "Catholic Legal Immigration Network, Inc. On Immigration Law " is Tuesday, October 25th. For more info, including speaker bios, detailed curriculum, and registration information, please see: (Fax version:


Keeping Extremists Out: The History Of Ideological Exclusion And The Need For Its Revival
James R. Edwards, Jr. for Center for Immigration Studies writes "But whatever the level of immigration, excluding or removing noncitizens from the US based on their promotion of such beliefs ("ideological exclusion") can help to protect the country."


CRS Updated Report On VAWA
The Congressional Research Service released an updated version of its report on the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), including new initiatives in the Violence Against Women Act 2000.


Help Wanted: Immigration Attorney
A Chicago law firm with a large immigration practice, including business, family-based and removal defense, seeks attorney with 2+ years experience practicing immigration law. Fluency in Spanish or another foreign language preferred. Send resume to:

Help Wanted: Immigration Attorneys
Hop on the Express Train to career growth in immigration law. Paparelli & Partners LLP - a nationally renowned immigration firm with a focus on sophisticated business immigration clients and matters - seeks experienced immigration lawyers in the firm's New York City and Irvine, California offices. The ideal candidates are detail-oriented, team players who excel in oral and written communication. Good moral character and bar license (any state) are required. The open positions involve work on a full range of employment-based and family-based cases and the opportunity to work on cutting-edge immigration law issues. The candidates must show a track record of embracing new technology since computer software is used extensively (research databases, Internet, MS Word, MS Outlook, Excel, ProLaw, PowerPoint, VOIP, etc.) Send resume + cover letter to Chris McCoy at (fax) 949-955-5599 or e-mail her at No phone calls please.

Help Wanted: Immigration Paralegal
Kapoor & Associates seeks paralegal/legal assistant for busy family- and employment-based immigration law firm located in Midtown Atlanta, GA; Duties include a little of everything, including preparation of immigration documents, case mgmt, and client liaison; Must have a college degree, and 1-2 years of immigration experience; Must have excellent computer skills; Multi-linguals preferred. Competitive salary/benefits. Send resume with salary history to Romy Kapoor:

Help Wanted: Immigration Attorney
Well established Midtown New York City firm has opening for attorney with experience in immigration related litigation. Firm has a large nonimmigrant practice and represents corporate and individual clients in all aspects of the immigration process. Individual will concentrate on litigation side of practice but will also be involved in nonimmigrant appeal work and I-9 review. Candidate should have 2 to 5 years experience. Salary commensurate with experience. Submit resume + cover letter in confidence to: Steven Weinberg:

Credential Evaluation And Translation Service
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New Office - Las Vegas
Alikhan Law Office, LLC is pleased to announce its opening in Las Vegas, Nevada. Founding principal, Husna Alikhan, is a licensed Member of the Law Society of Upper Canada, the State Bar of Nevada and the Federal Court of the United States. We are uniquely positioned to assist with either Canadian and/or American immigration issues. 4445 S. Eastern Ave., Ste B, Las Vegas, NV 89119, Tel: (702) 374-6619, Fax: (702) 933-6770.


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Dear Editor:
Lawyer bashing serves no purpose in the discussion of immigration law and needed reforms. I tried to make that clear in my letter (10/14/05 ID) which included the statement that, "Immigration lawyers do not write or enforce the laws. That's up to government.". My letter, including that statement was neither "disingenuous", nor "dishonest", as Ali Alexander's letter suggests (10/18/05 ID). There are thousands of immigration lawyers throughout the US, and I stand by the fact that these practicing immigration lawyers neither write nor enforce the immigration laws. If we did, you can bet the law, the implementing regulations, the policies and procedures, would be much different. It is no secret that special interest lobby groups lobby everything, immigration included. Notwithstanding that some lobbyists may also be lawyers, and that AILA (a group to which I chose not to belong) lobbies congress, it is the legislature that enacts the immigration laws, the governmental agencies that draft the implementing regulations, and CIS, CBP and ICE that enforce the laws the legislators write.

David D. Murray, Esq.
Newport Beach, CA

Dear Editor:
Chucky's letter (10/18/05 ID) states that he will only have to pay an extra dollar for his salad in an illegal worker environment. One needs to think ... crops spoil and most are picked during a short window of time, including weather. Sorry, but another dollar won't buy anyone a salad.

Dave Anderson
Gainesville, GA

Dear Editor:
A news report indicates that the Senate will not take up any immigration reform proposals until at least January which should include much tougher border security. This should give all illegal aliens a few months to pack their bags before they get an official INS escort out of the US.


Dear Editor:
Mr. Murray's letters to the Editor have appeared on various topics over the last year or so. Overall, I am impressed with his even-handed opinions regarding illegal immigration, amnesties (no matter the name they are given) and demands of the workplace. I agree with most of his letters - we need to stop tolerating illegal immigration, impose serious penalties on employers to dissuade them from employing undocumented folks, close the numerous loopholes illegals use to gain residency (sham marriages being the most common) and ask Congress to pass legislation that would provide a reasonable number of seasonal work visas so as to reduce the chances that certain industries would exploit unauthorized labor. However, the public at large should understand that the US cannot absorb 80% of the world's population, merely to offer them a better life. There must be limits to immigration, whether permanent or temporary (excepting tourism and some other categories), and regrettably, not everyone will qualify for these future programs and thus, anyone and everyone may not be able to work and/or live in the US. Is this fair? Well, I would love to pilot a Boeing 777, but, I don't have the skills (nor time or money to invest in flying lessons) this fair? Yes. I don't want a "weekend warrior pilot" driving my airplane. The US should encourage legal opportunities to live and work here, but be more than firm preventing those relatively few from doing an endrun around the laws. I believe Mr. Murray is one of the few immigration attorneys who recognizes the need for balance and equity in our system, rather than trying to make a fast buck from any illegal knocking at your office door.


Dear Editor:
I just wanted to congratulate Gary Endelman and ILW.COM on his recent article, "What If They Gave A Visa And Nobody Came?: Why The H-1B Feels Unloved", published online in the Immigration Daily (10/3/05 ID). Like most people in my circumstance (currently on H1-B and waiting since 4 years for green card backlogs to clear) I agree 100% with his views.


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