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Immigration Daily October 13, 2005
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Protectionism In The Labor Market

Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan's remarks before the National Association for Business Economics Annual Meeting, Chicago, Illinois on September 27, 2005 offer a perspective that those involved with immigration will find of interest:

Flexibility is most readily achieved by fostering an environment of maximum competition. A key element in creating this environment is flexible labor markets. Many working people equate labor market flexibility with job insecurity. Despite that perception, flexible labor policies appear to promote job creation. An increased capacity of management to discharge workers without excessive cost, for example, apparently increases companies' willingness to hire without fear of unremediable mistakes. The net effect, to the surprise of most, has been what appears to be a decline in the structural unemployment rate in the United States. Protectionism in all its guises, both domestic and international, does not contribute to the welfare of American workers. At best, it is a short-term fix at a cost of lower standards of living for the nation as a whole. We need increased education and training for those displaced by creative destruction, not a stifling of competition. Moving forward, I trust that we have learned durable lessons about the benefits of fostering and preserving a flexible economy. That flexibility has been the product of the economic dynamism of our workers and firms that was unleashed, in part, by the efforts of policymakers to remove rigidities and promote competition. Although the business cycle has not disappeared, flexibility has made the economy more resilient to shocks and more stable overall during the past couple of decades. To be sure, that stability has created some new challenges for policymakers. But more fundamentally, an environment of greater economic stability has been key to the impressive growth in the standards of living and economic welfare so evident in the United States.
Taken in the immigration context, we read Mr. Greenspan's remarks to mean that cross-border flexibility in labor force management including increased immigration will lead to improved standards of living for all Americans and will lead to improvements in the welfare of American workers. Viva, Mr. Greenspan!

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No Level 1 Wages For Most Entry Level Licensed Professionals
In the Matter of Adminstrator Wage and Hour Division, ESA v. Family Health Center of Columbia County Inc, No. 2005-LCA-96 (OALJ, Aug. 2, 2005), the Office of Administrative Law Judges said that ETA differentiated Level II Licensed Professionals who independently exercise the privileges of their license from Level I practitioners whose jobs impose close supervisory oversight before exercise of license privileges. Even though the Employer in this case had offered an affidavit from the SWA supporting its position, the OALJ noted that "while the regulations are deferential to [SWA] prevailing wage determinations, the rationale employed to classify entry level primary care physicians as Level 1 was not entirely consistent with ETA's guidance in these situations". The OALJ ordered back wages and civil penalties paid by the Employer.


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Lifetime Achievments Awards Presentation
The Los Angeles County Bar Association's Immigration Law Section will be honoring Attorneys Josie Gonzalez and Stuart Folinsky with Lifetime Achievement Awards. The awards will be given at the Section's Celebrating Diversity Masquerade Gala being held October 22, 2005 at The Millennium Biltmore Hotel in downtown Los Angeles. Honored guests will include Senator Barbara Boxer, Senator John McCain, Congressman Howard Berman, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, Consuls General from around the Globe, leaders from the Department of Homeland Security, and Immigration Advocates. Clients and friends are invited to attend. Tickets, program advertisements and tributes, can be purchased through LACBA. Proceeds from the event will benefit local charities.


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Dear Editor:
Hayworth is one of the ones who are sane in all this illegal 'immigration' deal (see comment, ID 10/12/05). Lawyers are primarily looking for profit opportunities and forget that support illegals to come to this country is wrong and what is wrong can bite us later. Remember that before earnings opportunities for lawyers, you should think about the consequences of letting invadors coming from over the world suck public resources in the US. By supporting legalization of 12 million illegal aliens you are one of the supporters of a cultural division in America. You are just opening the doors for future illegalization since the next batch of invadors in this country will just be waiting for another amnesty. That's pretty obvious.

Name Not Supplied

Dear Editor:
CLINIC's undated report, "The Impact Of Our Laws On American Families" (ID 10/12/05), contains data and information that is seriously outdated and in many ways does not reflect the current system, level of service, backlogs, etc. Most of the data presented is 5-10 years old and fails to incorporate significant changes made after the reorganization of INS over two years ago. The paper failed to include the improvements such as the nationwide implementation of InfoPass that has completely eliminated lines at USCIS offices, electronic filing, streamlined adjudication of applications, and a reduction in the backlog of many applications. Although the laws remain the same and considered by many to be overly harsh, a true and up to date representation should be included.

Warren Janssen

Dear Editor:
Please give the info on how/where to report the illegals. I had several names/address of people without the social security. I would appreciate it very much.

Lourdes Bitanga

Dear Editor:
In light of Hurricanes Katrina & Rita, the overwhelming demand for unskilled/low skilled workers has become as obvious as the proverbial 'nose on our face'. Thanks to Mother Nature, Congress now has our attention, and is hearing our desperation of dealing with this 'ignore it and it will go away' problem. And thankfully, there were two bills already on the table when Katrina/Rita hit. So the dialogue had officially begun, and it has now found its proper place at the top of the priority list. Keep pushing, friends...momentum is on our side. And by the way...the nation's colleges and universities are wondering where all the Hispanics are who could be potential students? (Guess what the look on one university president's face was when I told him the reason?...) DREAM ACT, guys, DREAM ACT. Make sure that's included in the immigration legislation.

Pamela Mann, Advocate, Grant County Migrant Education Program, Grant County Schools
Crittenden, KY

Dear Editor:
It appears that there is a lot of complaining about the recent retrogression that will cause many potential legal residents to wait a little longer to get their green cards. I believe that if Congress should help any group of people it should be those that have chosen to play by the rules instead of granting another amnesty to illegal aliens.

O. Sanchez

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