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Immigration Daily August 25, 2005
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Undocumented Victims Awarded Vigilante Ranch

According to a New York Times article, two undocumented aliens were awarded a 70-acre ranch to satisfy judgments in a lawsuit against a vigilante group that promised to use force to keep undocumented immigrants from sneaking across the U.S.-Mexico border. "Certainly it's poetic justice that these undocumented workers own this land," said Morris S. Dees Jr., co-founder and chief trial counsel of the Southern Poverty Law Center, which represented the immigrants in their lawsuit. The immigrants said the ordeal, in which they feared that they would be killed by the men they thought were soldiers, had left them with post-traumatic stress. Mr. Dees said the loss of the ranch would "send a pretty important message to those who come to the border to use violence."

As this lawsuit illustrates, allowing armed civilian vigilantes to take enforcement of immigration laws into their own hands is a throwback to the wild wild west and a surefire recipe for violence and mayhem. This incident is just one of many symptoms (e.g. the Minuteman vigilante coalition, Arizona and New Mexico state of emergencies) of our nation's woefully inadequate immigration system. It is up to Congress to pass comprehensive immigration reform so that our immigration laws reflect the reality that large-scale immigration is a part of modern America's landscape.

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Software Logic In Form 9089
Jake Lipman et al. write "With any new process, there are bound to be discrepancies between the electronic procedure and the regulation itself.


Aggravated Felon Alien With 5+ Years In Prison Is Ineligible For 212c Relief
In Pereira v. Gonzales, No. 04-1473 (1st Cir. Jul. 21, 2005), the court said that an alien aggravated felon who spends at least five years in prison on an aggravated felony offense was ineligible to seek 212(c) relief.


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Dear Editor:
Tom Berry's article, "Immigration Debate: Politics, Ideologies Of Anti-Immigration Forces" (8/25/05 ID article) is sanctimonious, sniveling "smugwumpery". Because I may favor immigration restrictions I must be, according to Berry's article, a "reactionary nationalist" with "a belief in the superiority of U.S. culture and values" (sic.). Berry's article even has a neat system for both pigeon-holing the roots of thought and finding guilt by thought-association with any number of citizen militias, white supremacists, reactionary nationalists, right-wingers, paleo and neo conservatives, hold the line environmentalists and border vigilantes.


Dear Editor:
Paul Donnelly has requested an apology for my letter (8/22/05 ID). After speaking with him and reading the biographical information that Immigration Daily published (8/23/05 ID), I hereby apologize to him. He has much to be proud about in his work on immigration. I regret that a quick Yahoo search gave me the wrong impression. In particular, it was unfair to state that he appeared to be an "associate" of Norman Matloff. To the contrary, the two have been opponents in debate. Mr. Donnelly is not a xenophobe. I do respectfully suggest that some such misunderstandings might be avoided if Immigration Daily would routinely request a biographical sketch from every writer.

Bruce A. Hake, Esq.
Damascus, MD

Dear Editor:
It is very sad that we the, American public, must endure the, well I guess it needs to be said, stupidity, of our elected officials. We have made the mistake of choosing, for the most part, doctors and Lawyers as our representatives in government, bad idea. They are self serving, not as we had hoped our servants. The legislation seldom veers into the realms of professional immigration, why would we want to import professionals to take our citizens jobs? Well if you do not have enough trained or enough beings trained to provide the services necessary, what would you suggest? Most of our doctors are 50+ in age (AMA states that over 50%) who takes over when they retire in the very near future? Our population is aging and within the next 10 years the vast majority of our professional leaders will be retired or at least in the age group that requires more intensive medical care, who will be there to provide that? This applies not only to doctors but also to many in the healthcare profession, legal profession, engineers, high teck and information technology, have I left anyone out? We need to open the doors to highly trained professionals worldwide-come to America the land of the Free- or we will be free and soon descending the food chain in prosperity as our producers will be in retirement homes, care facilities, on the beeches, or even worse in other countries chasing the American Dream. The most important part of a plan is not the plan it is the action of the plan. Let us stop developing a plan and put into action a resolution, and a solution to a problem we are sitting back and "discussing" instead of preventing.


Dear Editor:
Fortune magazine's article "Is America the World's 97-lb. Weakling?", discusses America's need for increased immigration to stay competitive. It notes that because of the mess the system is today, many valuable researchers and H1-b workers are returning home after obtaining an American education. Ironically, it was exploitation in their home countries that brought the brightest minds to the US in the first place, and now it's exploitation in the US that is driving them out. I came to the US twelve years ago as a graduate student, obtained three Masters' degrees, and for the last five years have been working at relatively much lower salaries than other USCs with similiar qualifications. My employer is dragging my immigration process, so that today, I still haven't obtained residency, and am unable to change jobs. I haven't traveled out of the US for fear I cannot return easily. The stress of not knowing when my GC will be processed, reminding my employer to file papers in time, staying current with new immigration developments to make sure my paperwork doesn't, is proving to be almost too much for me to handle, especially when I can return to India and live very comfortably with an American education. I love America, and when people ask me if I go home often, I reply "I go home every night". Going back to India would now be a culture shock. However, the system is proving too much for me and many others like me. A colleague with identical credentials, tired of waiting for her residency to change jobs, returned to work for India's Tata Consultancy, and is now processing outsourced work for GE, IBM, among others. America must depend on substantial contribution from foreign labor, either from outsourcing, or from immigrants. Which should America choose? No surprises.

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