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Immigration Daily July 29, 2005
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Many Letters

Immigration Daily received an overwhelming response to yesterday's comment (7/28/05 ID) entitled, "Nuking Mecca". To read any or all letters to the Editor, scroll to our Letters Section below.

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The Congressional Research Service released a report providing background and analysis on the complex nexus of immigration and trade. It does not track legislation and will not be updated.


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Help Wanted: Immigration Attorney
Phoenix-based general practice law firm, Ryley, Carlock & Applewhite, seeks associate with 3-5 years of experience handling full range of business-related nonimmigrant and immigrant matters. Must have excellent writing, communication and organizational skills. Please send resume, transcript and writing sample to in Word format. No phone calls please.

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Readers are welcome to share their comments, email: (300-words or fewer preferred). Many letters to the Editor refer to past correspondence, available in our archives.

Dear Editor:
Regarding 7/28/05 ID comment, just ignore the guy when he makes such outlandish comments such as 'Nuking' Mecca. While it is proper to continue to advocate against his immigration policies, your criticism will only make it in his campaign/fundraising pitches as part of the "left wing" loonies conspiracy against him...or something like that.

Adam L. Barnett, Esq.

Dear Editor:
Regarding 7/28/05 ID comment, his hate filled comment about "nuking Mecca" does nothing to help the situation. This man does not deserve to be elected dogcatcher.

Matthew Kashani, Esq.

Dear Editor:
Regarding 7/28/05 ID comment pertaining to Rep. Tancredo's statements, errant or otherwise, it is my opinion that Immigration Daily should opine on issues pertaining to laws of immigration and avoid pretending to be familiar with the laws of war.

Richard Wilner, Esq.

Dear Editor:
Regarding 7/28/05 ID comment, you find his position [nuking Mecca] "legally and morally flawed"? What kind of pap is that? To say that it would be "legally and morally flawed" to "nuke" a city is to accept the idea that it could happen but it would just not be a good thing to do. It would be a horrible, horrible thing to even contemplate. Killing hundreds of thousands of people, incinerating them, burning them, killing slowly by radiation poisoning, the whole idea of it reeks of the worst kind of terrorism imaginable. And all you do is find it "legally and morally flawed'? Shame on you, too.

Peter Williamson, Esq.

Dear Editor:
Regarding 7/28/05 ID comment, while I agree that both immigration advocates and Congress would be better off without the rantings of Tom Tancredo, I am at a loss to see why Immigration Daily saw the need to comment on another of his stupid comments. Furthermore, is Immigration Daily saying that there should be a larger Republican majority in Congress? I do not think Immigration Daily should be playing politics (although sometimes I admit sometimes it cannot be avoided) and certainly not be playing partisan politics. Let's convince America of the merits of immigration and immigrants without playing politics.

Bob Beer, Esq.

Editor's Note: Immigration Daily is a non-partisan periodical.

Dear Editor:
Your editorial entitled "Nuking Mecca" (7/28/05 ID) misses one important point, and that this "war" has been termed by the terrorists as a religious war, a "jihad", directly related to religious beliefs, fundamentally that infidels should be punished for their wicked disregard of the will of Allah. While I do not advocate "nuking" anything, or anyone, nor do I to come to the defense of Rep. Tancredo, or of the Republican Party and their tolerance of miscreant behavior over the past several decades, I believe the world should not bury its collective head in the sand of the deserts of the Middle East. In a declared jihad, I wonder where would be the right place for retaliation, as you say "directly against locations where the terrorists are, and against the military targets of those countries who aided and abetted these terrorists."? This raises some serious questions concerning our "friends" in the middle east. Of course, it is not politically correct to accuse them, after all, they are our friends, not to mention they control the bulk of the world's oil supply, so they will go unmentioned. Regarding your statement, "Religion cannot provide military or moral justification for a US attack against Mecca or Medina.", I say, nothing can morally justify the horrors of war, or of despotic tyrants who abuse the power of office to kill, or imprison other human beings, or to deprive them of basic human rights. Concerning your use of Immigration Daily as a bully pulpit for political attack on Rep. Tancredo, I am disappointed that your publication has chosen to become yet another advocate for a political agenda, which, as has been my position before, will only serve to undermine the professional credibility of your fine publication.

David D. Murray, Esq.
Newport Beach, CA

Dear Editor:
Regarding 7/28/05 ID comment, if it is any rational thought of Mr. Tancredo expression to nuke the Mecca, then wipe out the Vatican City could be the logic response to the similar action in US by the IRA, (Irish Republic Army).

Robert L.

Dear Editor:
Regarding 7/28/05 ID comment, I can't imagine such ignorance exhibited by an elected official. Whether the Republican Party on the national or state level decides to sanction Mr. Tancredo, the global damage he has done is horrendous. He is escalating the unfounded bitterness among the religious fanatics and elevating the hatred of America to a higher degree. This is worse than those who use the term "crusade" in the description of the war in Iraq. So what is next? Vatican? The wailing wall?

Farouk Wang

Dear Editor:
Regarding 7/28/05 ID comment, why did you not write such a rant when Durbin spoke out with his crazed comparison of Gitmo? Maybe you should revoke his Democratic membership but I vastly prefer him in your fold as it can only mean votes for the side of good. Please continue to support Durbin and Dean as though they were delivering the Ten Commandments ... oops, sorry about the Biblical reference, but then you may not know that. In any case, keep up the solid good works and speak out, loudly, clearly and often. We appreciate it.

Laurence Toews

Dear Editor:
Regarding 7/28/05 ID comment, not so fast. Mr. Tancredo's comments are probably crazy but what if it were the Saudi government who was sponsoring the terrorists? Remember President Reagan's strikes in kind for the Lybian support of the Labelle disco bombing in Berlin, Germany in the mid 1980's? I believe the US government would be entirely justified in such a strike if and only if it found evidence that the Saudi government were an active participant in helping terrorists carry out a nuclear attack on the US.

William B. Ramsey

Dear Editor:
Regarding 7/28/05 ID comment, congratulations on Immigration Daily's comment. This is a constructive service to all and specially to the great nation of the United States, who works hard and has high standards and values. As Samuel P. Huntington said "We can win the world better by our ideas and values". The US has so much to offer the world in all areas of medicine, technology, social science, art, culture and above all "system" that would make the world love America and Americans. Misguided few individuals including Rep. Tancredo need to learn from the great majority of respectable Americans who has tried hard over the centuries and maintained a healthy balance in the US and the world. I pray for Rep. Tancredo and wish him complete health and happiness.

Mohamad Navab

Dear Editor:
Regarding 7/28/05 ID comment, I read with sadness and certain anger the last declaration of the biggest moron this country has. This type of individuals are extremely dangerous to any social conglomerate. The lack of sympaty, and some times the hatred that citizens of some countries feel for the US is caused by people like Mr. Tancredo. Mr. Tancredo is a disgrace not only for the House, but for the government and ultimately for all of the humanitarian and wonderful people of this great country. Congress should get rid of this bad individual before he continues putting the citizens of the US at risk.

Luis A. Delgado (A United States citizen)

Dear Editor:
Regarding 7/28/05 ID comment, I am surprised that Immigration Daily responded to such a ridiculous notion as this. Giving it serious consideration ("We believe Mr. Tancredo's position is legally and morally flawed") only serves to give it legitimacy, which is further reinforced by making it the day's headline. Regardless of whether such comments come from elected representatives or self-appointed pundits, as an organization made up of educated, internationally-minded, professionals, Immigration Daily should seek to maintain a level of discourse that is at a minimum equal to the intellectual standards of its subscribers.

Sean Aiello

Dear Editor:
Regarding 7/28/05 ID comment, did anyone happen to see the Representative Tancredo's explanation on the Hannity and Colmes TV show on Wednesday night? I do believe Rep. Tancredo defended his answer quite well and it shouldn't be taken out of context as it has been. He was asked a theoretical question and thus answered it as such. No?

Bobb Mann

Dear Editor:
Regarding 7/28/05 ID comment, while Mr. Tancredo's comments were not at all helpful, I believe his point was that Saudi Arabia has been funding the schools and groups which recruit the militant Islamists. As such, whether or not they are based on Saudi soil, the acts of violence are the natural and intended results of conscious policy decisions, including enormous economic incentives, from the Saudi government. Now, we may disagree with his presumption that Saudi Arabia has funded terrorist groups, and the madrasses and mosques which recruit terrorists. We may disagree that a military response is appropriate if Saudi Arabia has simply funded terrorist groups, funded textbooks advocating jihad, racism, viiolence and intolerance, and assisted in recruiting terrorists. Many of us may not even believe that there is anything wrong with recruiting militants to make the West pay for its misdeeds, its Capitalism, Imperialism, Materialism, etc. That's all fine and dandy. But I don't think Mr. Tancredo was advocating punishing anybody simply for being Muslim. At least I hope not.

Stephen Berman

Dear Editor:
Regarding 7/28/05 ID comment, you have beautifully pointed out to the adverse consequences of flawed mental processing of Republican Rep. Tancredo. He has a criminal propensity to see destruction at a large scale. Such a thought alone if printed many times will create an affect as if such weapon has actually been mounted and used. Its amazing that a Republican leader elected four times to his office lacks leadership in solving the problems by using intellect. He rides on the mount of intolerance, hatred and bigotry. The history shows that such a ride is bumpy and dreadful. Hatred is a bigger weapon than nuclear arsenal which he has already used. The world which has transformed into global village needs harmony and sensitivity towards each other. The concept of borders is vanishing. Any country which is stubbornly inflexible shall lose economic appeal and therefore the underlying reason of greatness. We belong to the world and therefore share responsibility towards environment conducive to peace and prosperity for all. Economically, such irresponsible remarks has a potential in restricting access to one billion plus Muslim market for American products. Such irresponsible remarks will add to the propaganda of those who preach hatred against USA making vulnerable the lives of those who are serving overseas for the country. He should follow President Bush when he condemned a Chinese General fairly recently who threatened to use nuclear arsenal against US if they became a target.

Imtiaz S. Syed

Dear Editor:
Regarding 7/28/05 ID comment, I, an immigrant, agree with Rep. Tancredo. I do not like him, but I agree with him: We should nuke Mecca if terrorists who happen to be Muslims nuked a US city. They kill based on religion. Religion is their justification. That's why they need to know that there will be a religious retaliation from the US if they attack the US again. If you think Muslims can nuke the US and go away without retaliations, you should move from the US to live with Muslims in those countries where the terrorists are. And answer my question: Why don't you go where the terrorists are and tell them, that religion can not provide military or moral justification for them to attack families, children, workers, etc ? Do you know, your comments clearly show that you consider your interest more important than our security and our lives.

Helena Oliveira

Dear Editor:
Your editorial (7/28/05 ID) against Rep. Tancredo is at best ill-informed, and at worst, is an ignorant and dangerous screed. Since when is the military defense of the U.S. "unbecoming" of a Congressman, and deserving of censure or intolerant pressure tactics? When terrorists threaten to strike the US, should he just mumble the same incessant mumbo-jumbo like President Bush, and say something about "bringing these people to 'justice'" or the like? The threats and attacks we are witnessing are coming out of Mecca and similar places -- after all where does the anti-Western hatred get preached? Medina, and other Muslim centers in Saudi Arabia and elsewhere. Where did our 9/11 attackers come from? Saudi Arabia. I note that you did not, nor have you ever, condemned the throat slitters and/or the states that sponsor them, yet you attack Rep. Tancredo. Why would that be, pray tell? And if you are so concerned with "conduct unbecoming", I note that you haven't targeted Senators Kennedy and Durbin when they smear our troops by calling them "Nazis" and the like. Those are the outrageous comments. Seems like someone has anti-American urge to jump to the defense the enemy in a time of war. We are not fooled by you cloaking your politically correct, blame-America first agenda by simply saying that your comment has something to do with "immigration". If you really cared about that, you would instead urge peaceful Muslims to speak out against terrorists and their nuclear ambitions against our country, instead of lashing out with a cheap, holier-than-thou condemnation against a leader of ours who is merely voicing that which we all know would become necessary in the event of an al-Qaeda nuclear strike against a US city.

R. Gorman

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