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Immigration Daily July 21, 2005
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The saga of long-awaited and much-needed comprehensive immigration reform entered a momentous stage with the announced introduction of the bill by Senators Cornyn and Kyl, which will compete for the Senate's attention with the McCain-Kennedy bill. While the text of the bill is not yet available, a detailed summary provided by Sen. Cornyn outlines a enforcement cum temporary benefits proposal. Notably absent is any permanent benefits provision. Without significantly increasing permanent immigration, it is unlikely that the immigration enforcement problem can be addressed in an effective or realistic manner, to this extent, the Cornyn-Kyl bill likely falls short of the mark. However, this is only an opening gambit, and intense Senate maneuvering can be expected between the Cornyn-Kyl and McCain-Kennedy bills. Whatever compromise results from the Senate floor may have a good chance of surviving intact in the House since the White House wants this matter to move forward, and can probably call in enough favors to move this through the House. It promises to be a hot summer in immigration!

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Chart Of Documents To Be Stored For PERM
Julie Pearl provides a detailed 6 page chart on what should be stored in PERM cases.


Summaries Of Cornyn-Kyl Bill
Sen. Cornyn's office released a 2-page and a 11-page summary of the Cornyn-Kyl bill expected to be introduced shortly.


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Dear Editor:
I wish you were correct about your comment in ID 07/20/05. I believe that much darker days are ahead, at least for several years. I hope I am wrong.

Jose Monge Esq,
South Carolina

Dear Editor:
As any country must, America must have immigration control. The sad fact is, as Tom Barry points out in his article "Immigration Debate: Whose side are you on?" (7/20/2005 ID), past presidential administrations have ignored immigration enforcement and as a result, immigration is out of control. By ignoring immigration, and by not re-writing the Immigration & Nationality Act years ago, instead using a "band-aid" approach to resolving individual immigration issues, our government has created a monster. This monster began with issue avoidance, fueled by the ill-conceived Amnesty Program of 1986, coupled with subsequent massive illegal immigration - estimated in 2005 to be approximately 11 million throughout the United States. The only illegal activity at America's borders more disconcerting than illegal immigration, is the illegal drug trade. If tons of illegal drugs can be imported and distributed throughout the United States annually, what makes Americans think their borders are secure anywhere, against anything, much less Latinos from the South "swimming the river" to find work? Building a wall to the south, akin to the shameful "dead line" that for almost forty years divided East and West Germany, is not freedom's answer to either illegal immigration, or illegal drug trafficking. In the 21st century, America can no more restrict lawful immigration than can it restrict lawful international trade. However, America can control both of them, and can prohibit and restrict illegal activity through well conceived, and well enforced, legislation, intended not to benefit raciest or political agendas, but designed to make America stronger and more economically viable as a nation. So, I will rhetorically ask, "whose side are you on?" Why not drop preconceived prejudice and be on the side of what's best for America?

David D. Murray, Esq.,
Newport Beach, CA

Dear Editor:
Mr. Barry's article (ID 07/20/05) is playing the same old song--conflating illegal and legal immigration, then complaining that those of us who object to the violation of our immigration laws and our national sovereignty are "anti-immigrant". If one wants to pick a side, how about picking the side of the American people? The side who interest is supposed to be paramount in immigration policy--not illegal aliens, not special interest groups, not religious zealots, not immigration lawyers, and not immigrants. How about picking the side of enforcing the immigration laws already on the books, duly enacted by our elected representatives, then ignored by them and the other branches of government?

Ali Alexander

Dear Editor:
I came to USA as an F-1 student visa holder. I took a degree & then a work permit allowing me to work & live in USA till 1999. After that I set-up my own business with money borrowed from my parents. I repayed the borrowed money back within one year as my business flourished. However I overstayed my work permission & the F-1 visa. I knew that I can become legal by marriage & other means, but I refused to be dishonest. Now I am a taxpayer & an illegal, 'cause I am not a clever cheat. Who is against me & why?

Name Withheld

Dear Editor:
I urge everyone to read the new Cornyn-Kyl bill which will strengthen our borders, protect our liberties and rid the nation of illegal immigration once and for all. I challenge the pandering open-border groups such as AILA to think of what is best for this country and support this much needed legislation.

Dr. No

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