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Immigration Daily April 8, 2005
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Well Done, OIS

The post-WWII immigration from around the world to the US is one of the largest and most significant human migrations in history, with profound implications on many geostrategic issues. Without numbers to chart it, discerning patterns and drawing conclusions for policy would be very difficult. The DHS Office of Immigration Statistics (OIS) performs a crucial role in presenting facts on which intelligent policy can be based.

The OIS recently launched its newly redesigned website. The OIS analyzes the enormous statistical data of the USCIS and presents it in a manner that is informative and user-friendly. The OIS is best identified with its annual Yearbook of Immigration Statistics which provides a detailed snapshot of immigration to the US on a year-to-year basis. However, OIS also publishes numerous other publications including: annual population estimates, working papers, statistical reports. Immigration Daily readers may want to know the individuals who are responsible for running the OIS: Michael Hoefer, Director, OIS; Nancy Rytina, Chief, Analysis Division; Beth Mateyka, Chief, Methods and Standards Division; Mark Herrenbruck, Chief, Information Services Division; and Liz Grieco who led the website redesign.

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PERM: Speculation Or Gospel?

There is a widespread mis-conception about PERM currently - the myth goes that since no one has any operative experience worth talking about in actually filing PERM cases at this time, no one can accurately predict what will or won't happen when PERM cases are filed today. That's pure baloney. And it is worth noting that the same thing was said in late 1996 and early 1997 when most attorneys were unsure whether and how RIRs would work. The last time the regs were changed was about 25 years ago, when they moved from 29 CFR to their present home in 20 CFR (ETA was then called Manpower Administration!). Experience from that time is helpful in predicting what will likely happen with PERM today. Further, DOL's interpretations are not as important with PERM as they were under the RIR regime since the PERM rule is black-letter and binding on all parties - attorneys and DOL alike. "To everything there is a season" (Book of Ecclesiastes, 3, Old Testament), and now is NOT the time for attorneys to be conservative in labor certs. Those who are not aggressive risk the same fate that attorneys who were RIR-shy experienced in 1997 and 1998 - they will lose clients to attorneys who are willing to learn about PERM without waiting for a time when the entire bar knows what to do with a PERM case. Yes, there are many un-answered questions today - but that's not the same as saying that no questions can be answered. And we are not talking here about nuts-and-bolts procedure - there are many good seminars being held by bar associations across the country for the simple PERM stuff. "Filing PERM Cases For Advanced Practitioners" is intended for those with familiarity with the PERM rule and labor certification process. The deadline to register for the next session which will handle Audit issues, is Tuesday, April 12th. For more info, including speaker bios, detailed curriculum, and registration information, please see: (Fax version: Don't delay, register today!


Tips For Mastering E-mail Overload
Stever Robbins writes "Fortunately, being buried alive under electronic missives forced me to develop coping strategies. Let me share some of the nonobvious ones with you. Together, maybe we can start a revolution."

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CRS Report On Asylum Seekers
The Congressional Research Service issued a report analyzing US immigration policy on asylum seekers.

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Berry, Appleman & Leiden LLP, a global corporate immigration law firm, is seeking attorneys with a minimum of three years of business immigration experience for our San Francisco Office. Our attorneys work in a fast-paced, high volume practice and utilize carefully developed procedures, advanced practice tools, and a state-of-the-art case management system. Experience in a range of business immigration matters, the ability to provide exceptional client service, experience managing legal assistants, and superb analytical, organizational and case management skills are expected. We strive for excellence in legal practice in a collegial environment, promoting cooperation and learning from each other. We offer competitive salary and benefits. Please submit your resume via email to or by fax to 415-217-4426.

Help Wanted: Immigration Paralegal
13-person midtown NYC immigration law firm seeks paralegal with 5+ yrs. of exp. with business immigration applications, nonimmigrant and immigrant. Experienced with other application types (family, naturalization, etc.. is a plus). Ideal candidate must have BA degree, excellent organizational, case management and computer skills. Must have excellent English and Spanish verbal and written skills. Should have fully developed paralegal skills in this area including ability and desire to serve as a resource/trainer to junior paralegals. Working hrs 9-6pm or 9:30-6:30pm with 1 hr. lunch and overtime as needed. Competitive compensation package offered. Email cover letter + resume to Marcia Needleman:

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Immigration Law Conference
The Center for Migration Studies and Fordham Law School are pleased to present the 28th National Legal Conference on Immigration and Refugee Policy. Conducted in collaboration with Catholic Legal Immigration Network, it will take place April 25th-26th in NYC. Sessions will include: (1) using technology to improve both service and security; (2) impact that security checks and backlogs have had on assorted industries (3)impact on civil rights and liberties for immigrants post-9/11 (4) human rights and asylum developments (5) emerging issues in employment-based immigration (6) workplace enforcement issues and (7) prospects for immigration reform. Sponsors will also conduct two special alternative programs: (1) what groups are doing now to advocate and prepare for immigration reform (2) implementation of PERM. The conference will feature a panel of distinguished speakers. For conference program details, including speakers, see To register, see: Up to 11.5 professional practice CLE credits available for non-transitional CLE Program. Visit to learn more about CLE credit and obtaining financial hardship relief.

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Dear Editor:
Sugiharto's letter claims that competition and globalization are the answer to all the world's problems (4/07/05 ID). It ain't so. In fact, one of the main objections to CAFTA is that it benefits global corporations, not people in general, whether in the US or Latin America. In fact, CAFTA says nothing about improving labor conditions in Latin America, and permits such egregious practices as child labor and sexual harassment. Without limits to trade, companies and countries can literally cut each other's throats and drive the well-being of their citizenry into the ground. If that's the benefit of free trade, then Sugiharto misunderstands a large part of what Americans have fought for over the past century. Furthermore, his letter appears to indicate that the U.S. is only an economic system, not a nation. There is simply no reason why we should accept people who will not respect or assimilate to what we as a culture value, including the respect for the law. Finally, by Sugiharto letter's own reasoning, the world is truly globalizing then there is no reason at all for H1-Bs or others to care about immigrating to the U.S. In such a case, workers should be perfectly willing to come here on totally "temporary" status, and to leave when they no longer have a job here, as was the original intent of the H1-B program. The H1-B and guest worker programs actually distort the free market that Sugiharto letters long for. Also, we should accept only those who provide an economic benefit to us (no extended family), and then only for as long as they do not become a drain on our resources. In fact, all of those who oppose illegal immigration and immigration by unskilled uneducated workers are being economically rational in their behavior.

Ali Alexander

Dear Editor:
What Mr. Alexander's letter (04/06/05 ID) forgets to mention about Kihoromk's letter is that his wife is eligible for permanent residency. Up to year 2000, they were able to come on a V1 visa. What happens is that now she will have to wait for many years until the USCIS even starts looking at her file and allows her to travel to the U.S. This only if the sloppy bureaucrats dont, as they often do, lose or misplace her file before the time for processing comes. The government should first revamp the whole immigration system and get rid of all the ineptness before we can pass judgment on anyone. USCIS should render decisions on cases of people eligible for benefits in a timely and consistent manner. Lawful PRs should be free to marry anyone and settle in the U.S. if they wish. Citizens that advocate legality should also demand from the agency to abide by the laws and regulations which it often disregards (e.g., PERM implementation, H-1BVisa Reform Act of 2004, and many others).

Washington DC

Dear Editor:
With respect to Kihoromk's letter (04/05/05 ID), once he has filed his I-130, he may want to consider an application for a "K-3" visa on the I-129F form.

Robert R. Gard, Esq.

Dear Editor:
Immigration Daily's 2/24/05 comment, titled "REAL ID May Not Be All Bad," stated that the "foreboding by many of the anti-immigration REAL ID bill may be unwarranted," because the only negative result would be that "our country will be saddled with a National ID card." As a matter of fact, the "Real ID" bill does a number of things that are not even remotely related to a national ID card, or, for that matter, the stated purpose of the Real ID act, which is to disrupt the free movement of terrorists. To the contrary, the bill would make it far more onerous for asylum seekers to establish their claims by: making it harder for applicants to establish a link between the harm they suffered and one of the five statutorily protected grounds; dramatically expanding the power of immigration judges to reject asylum seekers as not being credible; imposing stringent requirements for documentary or "corroborating" evidence, even where the applicant presents specific, detailed and credible testimony; and insulating improper government actions from scrutiny by sharply limiting judicial review of asylum claims. These provisions go far beyond instituting a national ID card, and severely increase the risk that thousands of bona-fide asylum seekers, particularly women who are victims of trafficking and other forms of violence, will be sent back into the hands of their persecutors. I was surprised to see Immigration Daily overlook these important and troubling aspects of the Real ID bill.

Leena Khandwala, New Voices Fellow
Center for Gender and Refugee Studies, UC Hastings College of the Law

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