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Immigration Daily March 17, 2005
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I-129 USCIS Press Release

Today, we carry a USCIS press release informing the public that the old editions of Form I-129 (edition date 12-10-01) and Form I-129W (edition date 2-14-02) will be accepted until April 30, 2005. This form can be used until April 30, 2005 for all non-immigrant categories covered under the form.

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Immigration Books

P. J. Patel was the first to bring the INA out in book form specifically for immigration lawyers (for the fascinating story behind what attorneys take for granted today - the INA as a reference tool - see, The Story Of The Whole Act). Patel's Immigration Law Library includes the Fully-Indexed PERM Rule. This book includes: (a) A comprehensive and easy-to-use 12 page topical index to the PERM Rule; (b) 10 Key Questions on PERM by Gary Endelman; (c) The PERM World: A Temporary Answer to a Permanent Immigration Problem by David Nachman; and (d) DOL Memorandum: Technical Instructions Regarding Unprocessed Permanent Foreign Labor Certification Cases. For more on Patel's Immigration Law Library, see

"Labor Certification by Joel Stewart - THE PERM BOOK" consists of four parts: (a) The first part of this book is a detailed section-by-section interpretation of the PERM rule by Joel Stewart and his lengthy commentary on the changes wrought by the rule; (b) The second part of the book is a "How To" section with Joel Stewart's tips on filling out Form 9089; (c) The third part of the book is articles on specific topics related to the PERM rule by many noted practitioners; and (d) The fourth part of the book is comprised of many useful appendices including: The PERM rule, the current rule, key Department of Labor contact information and other helpful information. The book will be over 500 pages in length and will be an essential reference tool for serious labor certification practitioners. Orders for this book will be shipped according to the principle first ordered, first shipped (the expected publication date is April 2005). For more info, and to order, see here.


Re-Engineered Permanent Labor Certification Program
The Employment And Training Administration of the US Department of Labor provides its final PERM briefing to the general public in Washington, D.C.

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USCIS Allows Temporary Use Of Old I-129s
The USCIS announced that H-1B petitioners seeking an H-1B number pursuant to the H-1B Visa Reform Act for FY 2005 may file the new Form I-129, Petition for Nonimmigrant Worker, (edition date 3-11-05) or may file the old Form I-129 (edition date 12-10-01) and the old Form I-129W (edition date 2-14-02) through April 30, 2005.

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Help Wanted: Immigration Attorney
Dunbar, Harder & Benson, LLP, an immigration law firm, located in the Galleria area of Houston, Texas has an immediate opportunity for an experienced immigration attorney. Experience must include business immigration cases in NIV and IV matters including labor certifications, all nonimmigrant categories, adjustment of status, consular processing, NIW, extraordinary ability, multi-national and researcher petitions as well as family-based & naturalization. Must have in-depth knowledge of law & procedure, excellent writing, communication and organizational skills. Salary commensurate with experience. Please email resume, writing sample and salary requirements to Bonnie Lampton:

Immigration Law Conference
The Midwest Legal Immigration Project presents its 6th Annual Basic Immigration Law Training, an intensive 1-week seminar, May 16-20, 2005 in Des Moines, Iowa. Seminar covers: family immigration, deportation, asylum, relief from removal, employment, immigration benefits (registry, family unity, NACARA, VAWA, and temporary protected status), fiancee visas, consular visa processing, immigration court representation, preparation of waivers, criminal convictions, obtaining and posting bond, mandatory detention, and working with Congressional offices. Ideal for both non-profit personnel & for-profit private attorneys. Provides skills and know-how to begin a basic immigration legal practice and serve immigrant clientele with confidence on both law + procedure. Seminar will assist private attorneys in starting niche practice in high-growth areas. Attorneys dabbling in immigration law can increase both knowledge and range of competence for their immigrant clients. Tuition cost: private attorneys =$1,500; non-profit personnel= $1,000. 37 immigration CLE credits + 2.75 ethics CLE credits approved. For more info. or to register, call (515)-271-5730, email; or visit

Help Wanted: Immigration Paralegal
As one of the largest nonprofit hospitals in the western US, Cedars-Sinai has combined expertise, technology, research and caring to create the gold standard of excellence in health care. We currently seek an experienced HR professional to assume the role of academic services specialist responsible primarily for immigration, visa and licensure services for the academic community and the institution. Ensure compliance with state and federal regulatory stds related to immigration/visa services. Ensure appropriate processes in Medical Board of California licensure standards. Acts as resource for faculty, academic staff, and employees with matters related to immigration/visa services. Provide assistance in faculty recruitment and contracting, EEO reporting and other systems and processes that may be assigned. Requirements: College education or the equivalent in experience; Paralegal certification preferred but not required; Progressive background and experience in full range of immigration and visa services necessary; Knowledge of Medical Board of California licensure processes. Include Job# EW-ILW/1041009 when submitting cover letter + resume to Nancy Ishioka: Position is based in Los Angeles, CA. Cedars-Sinai welcomes and encourages diversity in the workplace. AA/EOE.

Labor Certification Advertising/Recruitment
We are a private employment firm for PERM recruitment. We are a fully qualified placement agency that will provide private employment firm services for PERM recruitment for professionals. We provide a test of the job market for any professional position in any field. The employer or agent will pay a one time flat fee and we will recruit for the employer as part of our normal placement agency services. The employer can choose to have Placement Services USA sort and interview any qualified candidates or simply select to have all collected resumes from a particular position posting forwarded directly to the employer or agent. We will provide both a signed letter and hard copy print out from our job listings website to confirm the recruitment efforts for your files - all of our services above apply only to our private employment firm services. There is no obligation or additional fee involved if the employer does not hire a Placement Services USA candidate. We can have your private employment firm needs fulfilled in an easy, expeditious and courteous manner. The position can be added to our private employment firm campaign and website in a matter of hours. Contact us to get started today at (ph) 310-820-7469, (fax) 310-820-7648 or (email)

Immigration Law Conference
Save The Dates - April 25-26, 2005. The CMS-Fordham 28th National Legal Conference on Immigration and Refugee Policy. Sponsored by the Center for Migration Studies (CMS) and the Fordham Law School, in Collaboration with the Catholic Legal Immigration Network, Inc. (CLINIC) Program. Location: The Fordham Law School, New York, New York. Topics will include: Is Big Brother watching: using technology to improve both security and service, the impact that security checks and delays are having on artists, entertainers, schools and businesses, civil liberties and rights for nonimmigrants in the brave new post 9-11 world, international human rights developments related to migration, emerging issues in business immigration, workplace enforcement issues in the twenty-first century, prospects for immigration reform in the 109th Congress, plus 2 special programs: getting ready for legalization and getting ready for PERM: a nuts and bolts overview. Representatives from the government, nongovernmental organizations and private practice have been invited. For additional information, please go to

Labor Certification Advertising/Recruitment
Place your labor certification ads with Computerworld IT Careers. IT Careers is a recruitment resource to help you fulfill your labor certification advertising requirements. Join hundreds of employers, law firms and individuals who place their labor certification advertisements in Computerworld's IT Careers section. We offer prompt, courteous service and will work with you to put together the most cost-effective advertising rates. The IT Careers' staff will tend to your needs from ad layout and design to immediately sending tear sheets once the ad is published. Let us help make this time-consuming task a little easier. For more information, contact Account Executive, Danielle Tetreault at 800-762-2977 or . Visit

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Readers are welcome to share their comments, email: (300-words or fewer preferred).

Dear Editor:
Your March 15th ID comment, titled The Red Carpet, is intellectually bankrupt because in all your generalizations about immigrants, and all your pontificating about those on the left and the right who disagree with you, you fail even one time to distinguish between people with immigrant visas and illegal aliens. Your blindness to the distinction, and your contempt for those who see it, is appalling.

Doug Ellice

Dear Editor:
I am a relatively new immigration lawyer, although I have worked in the area in other capacities over the last few years. I appreciate the news, information and substantive articles that appear on Immigration Daily. However, I cannot help but take issue with the following statement: "a view on immigration impossible to differentiate from the compassionate and humanitarian Religious Right" (see 3/16/05 ID comment). What does this mean coming from your keyboard? I do not know the exact number of religious, faith-based organizations that assist new immigrants, refugees and others, but the number is probably significant. There are numerous groups that provide assistance to those who cannot afford most immigration lawyers' full rates. I am not sure how broad a brush you wanted to paint with, but I think your statement is somewhat inconsiderate of those whose religious views merge with the secular goal to help others in this complex area of the law.

Tony Weigel

Dear Editor:
Your sarcasm in regard to the "Religious Right" was offensive, in part because it seems to be based on prejudice rather than fact (Red carpet comment (3/16/05 ID). What position does the "Religious Right" have on immigration? I think that the "Religious Right" supports immigration, especially when it comes to refugees etc. In fact I think that many of the new immigrants, especially Latinos etc. are part of the Religious Right. People who oppose immigration are not the James Dobsons or Pat Robertsons of the world rather the Pat Buchanans and Tom Tanredos who are not part of the Religious Right. Rather they are part of the "economic" and "isolationist" right and oppose the "religious" right for their internationalist positions.

Daniel Raetchi

Dear Editor:
I'm im favor of rolling out the red carpet for legal immigrants (3/16/05 ID comment). It seems that ILW.COM and immigration lawyers, however, can't seem to make the distinction between legal and illegal immigrants - you want to ignore the rule of law and just treat them all the same. What about the backlog of legal immigrants that have been waiting years for their immigration hearings? Do you want to abandon established laws and protocols and deny them fair treatment under the law? I keep seeing ILW.COM and immigration lawyers in general call those of us who want controlled immigration in America xenophobes, racists, and worse. You're playing the emotional card here. Most Americans do support controlled immigration into this country, but you twist their statements and the statistics to support your fallacious arguments and try to make us the bad guys. I have spoken with many naturalized citizens of this country - from Mexico, Argentina, India, the UK, Pakistan, and elsewhere. All of the naturalized citizens with whom I have discussed these issues agree with me that we need controlled immigration in this country - are you going to slur them and call them xenophobes as well? Face it - the huge illegal immigrant population in this country benefits employers, not American workers. At a minimum, they cause depressed wages and increased taxes for those of us who are either born or naturalized citizens of this country. I'm sure that when the non-immigrant lawyers start coming to America to take away your jobs, you'll be singing a different tune. Wake up and smell the coffee.

Steve Landess
Austin, Texas

Dear Editor:
The H.R. 1268, the Emergency Wartime Appropriation Act for fiscal year ending Sept. 30, 2005, is currently being debated on the floor of the House of Representatives under special rules H.Res. 151. According to the House Resolution 151, Section 2, H.R. 418, the so-called "REAL ID Act" as passed by the House in February is slipped in to this appropriation bill to be passed. The engrossed version of H.R. 1268, then, will be sent to the Senate containing the REAL ID poisons. The House is scheduled to vote on H.R. 1268 on Wednesday, probably with no substantial oppositions. It is imperative now to bring this to the awareness of all the Senators and keep this irrelevant bill from sneaking into the appropriations bill to avoid the process and deliberation otherwise required.



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