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Immigration Daily March 31, 2003
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Editor's Comments

Al Qaeda, Immigrants, And The Bill Of Rights

An Editorial in the Washington Post discusses the indefinite unchecked detention of Jose Padilla, the suspected Al Qaeda bomber, and says that "if Mr. Padilla can be locked away without any sort of meaningful review for as long as the United States remains at war with al Qaeda, the liberty of all Americans effectively becomes the hostage of presidential whim ... An unbridled power of military detention will not forever be deployed only against would-be terrorists." As our readers know, Immigration Daily strongly supports efforts to find and destroy Al Qaeda wherever it exists overseas. We take strong objection, however, to diluting our civil liberties at home in the process. And the reason is clear - history shows that powers granted to the executive are hard to take back once the danger is passed, and those powers have a way of being used against everyone, not just against the original targets. On the former point, Al Qaeda will be just a footnote in history books one day, whereas our Republic will, we hope and trust, grow ever stronger and more noble. It is naive to hope that a future legislature will repeal the powers now granted, or that a benign future executive will not misuse them. On the latter point, we suspect that many of the new police powers usurped by the executive, including the one decried by the Washington Post Editorial, will actually be used against Americans, especially on the extreme-right. We wish it were otherwise, but the lessons of Waco and Ruby Ridge lead to just that conclusion. And what does this discussion on civil liberties have to do with immigration? The connection is simple. In defending the Bill of Rights, one has to defend not just the unpopular, but often the debased and vile. For example, defending the First Amendment sometimes requires that pornographers be defended. It is much the same with criminal aliens. The attack on the Bill of Rights today is spearheaded by those who set up immigrants as strawmen to disguise their real aims. In this context, the defense of immigrants becomes one-and-the-same as the defense of the Bill of Rights. And on this issue, we are hopeful that even some in the DHS and DOJ will, at least privately, agree with us.


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Featured Article

Women And Naturalization, ca. 1802-1940: Part 3
Marian L. Smith writes, "The subject of women and naturalization was often as confusing to people in the past as it is to researchers today."

A Legal Guide For INS Detainees: Part 5
The Commission on Immigration Practice, Policy, and Pro Bono of the American Bar Association offers a detailed guide at how to petition for release from indefinite detention.

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Immigration Law News

Rep. Tancredo Says His Bill Will Reduce Immigration By 700,000 People Annually
During a debate in Congress, Rep. Tancredo (R-CA) said," I have a bill to reduce immigration to 300,000 people a year down from the present a little over 1 million people a year."

No Jurisdiction Where There Is No Meaningful Standard Against Which To Judge BIA's Exercise Of Discretion
In Belay-Gebru v. INS, No. 02-9509; 02-9518 (10th Cir. Mar. 26, 2003), the court referred to the revised Board of Immigration Appeal's (BIA) regulations at 8 CFR 3.2(a) and said, "Because we have no meaningful standard against which to judge the BIA's exercise of its discretion, we hold that we do not have juridiction to review [Petitioner's] claim that the BIA should have sua sponte reconsidered the Immigration Judge's order."

Categorical Approach Does Not Apply To USSG 2L1.2(b)(1)(A)(i)
In US v. Rodriguez-Duberney, No. 02-20713 (5th Cir. Mar. 25, 2003), the court said that the categorical approach used in interpreting USSG 2L1.2(b)(1)(A)(ii) could not be extended to USSG 2L1.2(b)(1)(A)(i), and therefore, the district court did not err in concluding that Defendant's prior conviction for a felony drug trafficking offense justified a 16-level enhancement under USSG 2L1.2.

Florida Immigration Attorney Is Reindicted For Forged Petitions
The Miami Herald reports that "A federal grand jury today reindicted a [Florida-based] immigration attorney for allegedly charging thousands of dollars for bogus paperwork claiming his clients were executives in multinational corporations."

New York Immigration Consultant Is Arrested On Charges Of Defrauding Clients With Promises To Help Obtain Green Cards
New York Newsday reports that "An immigration consultant was arrested on charges he defrauded tens of thousands of dollars from two clients he had promised to help obtain green cards."

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Los Angeles's leading immigration firm, Lee & Kent, seeks an experienced immigration attorney with 3+ years of business immigration experience (NIV, IV, RIR, EB-5, removals). Applicant must be energetic, self-motivated, and detail-oriented. Ideal candidate should also possess excellent writing, interpersonal, and communication skills. We offer a competitive compensation and benefits package, plus a performance-based bonus. Send your resume and cover letter (treated in confidence) to:, or fax to: 213-380-2826.

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