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                                           NOT PRECEDENTIAL

                     FOR THE THIRD CIRCUIT
                          No. 00-3033
 Janet Reno, Attorney General of the United States of America,

             On Petition for Review of an Order of
               The Board of Immigration Appeals 
           Submitted Under Third Circuit LAR 34.1(a)
                        January 15, 2002
             Before: ALITO and ROTH, Circuit Judges
                   SCHWARZER*, District Judge
                (Opinion filed: April 25, 2002)
     * Honorable William W Schwarzer, Senior District Judge for the Northern District
of California, sitting by designation.

ROTH, Circuit Judge

     Petitioner Anastacio Carlos-Martinez, a native and citizen of Honduras, seeks
review of an Order of the Board of Immigration Appeals (Board), denying his motion to
reopen proceedings.  On May 14, 1998, the Immigration Judge found Carlos-Martinez
removable on charges of fraud or willful misrepresentation of material fact, see 8 U.S.C.
. 1182 (a)(6)(C)(i), and lack of a valid visa, see 8 U.S.C. . 1182 (a)(7)(A)(i)(I).  Carlos-
Martinez admitted the allegations charged and requested voluntary departure.  The
Immigration Judge granted the application for voluntary departure until August 12, 1998,
pursuant to section 240B of the Immigration and Nationality Act, see 8 U.S.C. . 1229c,
and in the alternative, if Carlos-Martinez did not comply with the voluntary departure,
ordered Carlos-Martinez deported to Honduras.  On July 15, 1998, Carlos-Martinez filed
a motion to reopen his removal proceedings for the purpose of applying for asylum,
withholding of removal, and relief under the United Nations Convention Against Torture
(UNCAT).  On August 11, 1998, the Immigration Judge denied the motion to reopen. 
Carlos-Martinez filed a timely appeal to the Board.  On December 20, 1999, the Board
affirmed the Immigration Judge's decision to deny Carlos-Martinez's motion.  This
petition for review followed.
     This Court has jurisdiction to hear Carlos-Martinez's petition for review of his
claims of  withholding of removal and relief under UNCAT pursuant to 8 U.S.C. . 1252. 
     In his petition, Carlos-Martinez alleges that the Board abused its discretion by
failing to consider his UNCAT claim.  According to the regulations implementing
UNCAT, when an "Immigration Judge determines that the alien is more likely than not to
be tortured in the country of removal, the alien is entitled to protection under the
Convention Against Torture."  8 C.F.R. . 208.16(c)(4) (2002). Carlos-Martinez claims
that the evidence before the Immigration Judge supports a prima facie case for torture,
and, therefore, justifies the reopening of his claim under UNCAT.  In particular Carlos-
Martinez argues that the Board ignored this evidence, and therefore abused its discretion.
We review the Board's decision to deny reopening for abuse of discretion, mindful of the
"broad" deference the Supreme Court would have us afford.  Xu Yong Lu v. Ashcroft,
259 F.3d 127, 131 (3d Cir. 2001).  On review of the record, we find that the Board had
substantial evidence to support the dismissal of Carlos-Martinez's appeal and, therefore,
did not abuse its discretion.
     Carlos-Martinez also claims that the Board abused its discretion by refusing to
reopen his claim for withholding of removal pursuant to section 241(b)(3) of the
Immigration and Nationality Act.  See 8 U.S.C. . 1231(b)(3).  Carlos-Martinez argues
that the record does not support the Board's finding that Carlos-Martinez agreed to go
back to Honduras.  In order for Carlos-Martinez to be allowed to reopen his claim for the
purpose of withholding of removal, he is required to provide a reasonable explanation for
his failure to apply for relief during the initial proceedings.  See 8 C.F.R. . 208.4
(b)(3)(ii)(2002).  As with Carlos-Martinez's first claim, we find that based on the
evidence, the Board did not abuse its discretion in its denial of Carlos-Martinez's request
to reopen his claim and its determination that Carlos-Martinez agreed to return to
Hondus.   For the foregoing reasons, the petition to review the decision of the Board
of Immigration Appeals is denied.  
     Please file the foregoing Opinion.
                              By the Court,

                                                            /s/Jane R. Roth                        
                              Circuit Judge 

Immigration Daily: the news source for
legal professionals. Free! Join 35000+ readers
Enter your email address here: