2016-10-2716:37:3473070801Canadian BorderAlexandria BayThousand Islands Bridge24 hrs/day10/27/2016Open3At 4:00 pm EDTno delay02N/A8At 4:00 pm EDTno delay52Lanes ClosedN/AN/AN/AN/A300401Canadian BorderBlainePacific Highway24 hrs/day10/27/2016Open3At 1:00 pm PDTdelay153Lanes Closed6At 1:00 pm PDTno delay53At 1:00 pm PDTno delay01Lanes ClosedN/AN/AN/A300402Canadian BorderBlainePeace Arch24 hrs/day10/27/2016OpenN/AN/AN/A10At 1:00 pm PDTno delay53At 1:00 pm PDTno delay51At 1:00 pm PDTno delay51N/AN/AN/A300403Canadian BorderBlainePoint Roberts24 hrs/day10/27/2016Open1At 1:00 pm PDTno delay01N/A3At 1:00 pm PDTno delay51At 1:00 pm PDTno delay01N/AN/AN/AN/A090104Canadian BorderBuffalo/Niagara FallsLewiston Bridge24 hrs/day10/27/2016Open4At 4:35 pm EDTno delay73N/A6At 4:35 pm EDTno delay34Lanes ClosedN/AN/AN/AN/A090101Canadian BorderBuffalo/Niagara FallsPeace Bridge24 hrs/day10/27/2016Open7At 4:35 pm EDTdelay207N/A11At 4:35 pm EDTno delay19At 4:35 pm EDTno delay91At 4:35 pm EDTno delay01N/AN/AN/A090102Canadian BorderBuffalo/Niagara FallsRainbow Bridge24 hrs/day10/27/2016OpenN/AN/AN/A17At 4:00 pm EDTno delay07Lanes ClosedAt 4:00 pm EDTno delay010N/AN/A090103Canadian BorderBuffalo/Niagara FallsWhirlpool Bridge7 am-11 pm10/27/2016OpenN/AN/AN/A2Lanes ClosedAt 3:00 pm EDTno delay01N/AN/AN/AN/A011501Canadian BorderCalaisFerry Point24 hrs/day10/27/2016OpenN/AN/AN/A2At 4:00 pm EDTno delay02N/AN/AN/AN/AN/A011503Canadian BorderCalaisInternational Avenue24 hrs/day10/27/2016Open3At 4:00 pm EDTno delay01N/A6At 4:00 pm EDTno delay01Lanes ClosedN/AN/AN/AN/A011502Canadian BorderCalaisMilltown24 hrs/day10/27/2016OpenN/AN/AN/A1At 4:00 pm EDTno delay01N/AN/AN/AN/AN/A071201Canadian BorderChamplain24 hrs/day10/27/2016Open10At 4:00 pm EDTno delay02At 4:00 pm EDTno delay0110At 4:00 pm EDTno delay02At 4:00 pm EDTno delay01N/AN/AN/AN/A020901Canadian BorderDerby Line24 hrs/day10/27/2016Open2At 4:00 pm EDTno delay01N/A3At 4:00 pm EDTno delay01N/AN/AN/AN/AN/A380001Canadian BorderDetroitAmbassador Bridge24 hrs/day10/27/2016Open13At 3:00 pm EDTno delay58At 3:00 pm EDTno delay5519At 3:00 pm EDTno delay56At 3:00 pm EDTno delay01Lanes ClosedN/AN/AN/A380002Canadian BorderDetroitWindsor Tunnel24 hrs/day10/27/2016Open1At 3:00 pm EDTno delay01N/A10At 3:00 pm EDTno delay06At 3:00 pm EDTno delay01Lanes ClosedN/AN/AN/A021201Canadian BorderHighgate Springs24 hrs/day10/27/2016Open1At 4:00 pm EDTno delay01N/A5At 4:00 pm EDTno delay01Lanes ClosedN/AN/AN/AN/A010601Canadian BorderHoulton24 hrs/day10/27/2016Open2At 4:00 pm EDTno delay01N/A5At 4:00 pm EDTno delay01Lanes ClosedN/AN/AN/AN/A360401Canadian BorderInternational Falls24 hrs/day10/27/2016Open1At 5:00 pm CDTno delay01N/A3At 5:00 pm CDTno delay02N/AN/AN/AN/AN/A010401Canadian BorderJackman24 hrs/day10/27/2016Open2At 3:00 pm EDTno delay01N/A3At 3:00 pm EDTno delay01N/AN/AN/AN/AN/A302301Canadian BorderLynden8 am-Midnight10/27/2016Open1At 1:00 pm PDTdelay101N/A4At 1:00 pm PDTno delay51N/AAt 1:00 pm PDTno delay01N/AN/AN/A010901Canadian BorderMadawaska24 hrs/day10/27/2016Open1At 5:00 pm EDTno delay31N/A2At 5:00 pm EDTno delay31N/AN/AN/AN/AN/A070401Canadian BorderMassena24 hrs/day10/27/2016Open3At 6:00 pm EDTno delay01N/A6At 6:00 pm EDTno delay04N/AN/AN/AN/AN/A021101Canadian BorderNorton24 hrs/day10/27/2016Open1At 4:00 pm EDTno delay01N/A2At 4:00 pm EDTno delay01N/AN/AN/AN/AN/A070101Canadian BorderOgdensburg24 hrs/day10/27/2016Open2At 6:00 pm EDTno delay01N/A5At 6:00 pm EDTno delay01N/AN/AN/AN/AN/A340101Canadian BorderPembina24 hrs/day10/27/2016Open4At 3:00 pm CDTno delay21N/A4At 3:00 pm CDTno delay01Lanes ClosedN/AN/AN/AN/A380201Canadian BorderPort HuronBluewater Bridge24 hrs/day10/27/2016Open9At 4:00 pm EDTno delay05At 4:00 pm EDTno delay0111At 4:00 pm EDTdelay106At 4:00 pm EDTno delay01Lanes ClosedN/AN/AN/A380301Canadian BorderSault Ste. MarieInternational Bridge SSM24 hrs/day10/27/2016Open2At 4:00 pm EDTno delay01N/A4At 4:00 pm EDTno delay02Lanes ClosedN/AN/AN/AN/A300901Canadian BorderSumas24 hrs/day10/27/2016Open2At 1:00 pm PDTno delay51N/A5At 1:00 pm PDTdelay102Lanes ClosedAt 1:00 pm PDTno delay51N/AN/AN/A331001Canadian BorderSweetgrass24 hrs/day10/27/2016Open2At 2:00 pm MDTno delay01N/A4At 2:00 pm MDTdelay401N/AN/AN/AN/AN/A250201Mexican BorderAndrade6 am-10 pm10/27/2016Open1Lanes ClosedN/A3At 1:00 pm PDTdelay202N/AN/A4At 1:00 pm PDTdelay152N/A535501Mexican BorderBrownsvilleB&M24 hrs/day10/27/2016OpenN/AN/AN/A4At 3:00 pm CDTdelay201N/AAt 3:00 pm CDTdelay2022At 3:00 pm CDTno delay51N/A535504Mexican BorderBrownsvilleGateway24 hrs/day10/27/2016OpenN/AN/AN/A5Lanes ClosedN/AAt 3:00 pm CDTno delay545At 3:00 pm CDTno delay01At 3:00 pm CDTno delay02535503Mexican BorderBrownsvilleLos Indios6 am-Midnight10/27/2016Open4At 3:00 pm CDTno delay01Lanes Closed4At 3:00 pm CDTno delay01N/AAt 3:00 pm CDTno delay01N/AN/AN/A535502Mexican BorderBrownsvilleVeterans International6 am-Midnight10/27/2016Open4At 3:00 pm CDTdelay153At 3:00 pm CDTno delay214At 3:00 pm CDTno delay51At 3:00 pm CDTno delay01At 3:00 pm CDTno delay52N/AN/AN/A250301Mexican BorderCalexicoEast3 am-Midnight10/27/2016Open3At 1:00 pm PDTdelay152At 1:00 pm PDTdelay1018At 1:00 pm PDTdelay602At 1:00 pm PDTno delay01At 1:00 pm PDTdelay4034At 1:00 pm PDTno delay02N/A250302Mexican BorderCalexicoWest24 hrs/day10/27/2016OpenN/AN/AN/A10At 1:00 pm PDTdelay507At 1:00 pm PDTdelay102N/A6At 1:00 pm PDTdelay152At 1:00 pm PDTdelay102240601Mexican BorderColumbus24 hrs/day10/27/2016Open1At 4:00 pm MDTno delay01N/A2At 4:00 pm MDTno delay51N/AN/AN/AN/AN/A230201Mexican BorderDel Rio24 hrs/day10/27/2016Open2At 3:00 pm CDTno delay01N/A6At 3:00 pm CDTno delay02N/AAt 3:00 pm CDTno delay01N/AN/AN/A260101Mexican BorderDouglas (Raul Hector Castro)24 hrs/day10/27/2016Open2At 1:00 pm MSTdelay101N/A7At 1:00 pm MSTno delay53At 1:00 pm MSTno delay11At 1:00 pm MSTno delay12N/AN/AN/A230301Mexican BorderEagle PassBridge I7 am-11 pm10/27/2016OpenN/AN/AN/A5At 3:00 pm CDTdelay191N/AAt 3:00 pm CDTdelay192N/AN/AN/A230302Mexican BorderEagle PassBridge II24 hrs/day10/27/2016Open2At 3:00 pm CDTno delay31N/A6At 3:00 pm CDTdelay132N/AAt 3:00 pm CDTdelay131N/AN/AN/A240201Mexican BorderEl PasoBridge of the Americas (BOTA)24 hrs/day10/27/2016Open6At 2:00 pm MDTdelay404At 2:00 pm MDTdelay10114At 2:00 pm MDTdelay406N/AAt 2:00 pm MDTdelay2064At 2:00 pm MDTno delay22Lanes Closed240202Mexican BorderEl PasoPaso Del Norte (PDN)24 hrs/day10/27/2016OpenN/AN/AN/A12At 2:00 pm MDTdelay404N/AAt 2:00 pm MDTdelay40314At 2:00 pm MDTno delay23At 2:00 pm MDTno delay12240204Mexican BorderEl PasoStanton DCL6 am-Midnight10/27/2016OpenN/AN/AN/A3Lanes ClosedAt 2:00 pm MDTno delay11N/A2Lanes ClosedLanes Closed240203Mexican BorderEl PasoYsleta24 hrs/day10/27/2016Open8At 2:00 pm MDTno delay34At 2:00 pm MDTno delay2212At 2:00 pm MDTno delay84At 2:00 pm MDTno delay11At 2:00 pm MDTdelay1123At 2:00 pm MDTno delay11Lanes Closed240401Mexican BorderFabensTornillo6 am-10 pm10/27/2016OpenN/AN/AN/A4At 3:00 pm MDTno delay01Lanes ClosedLanes Closed2At 3:00 pm MDTno delay01Lanes Closedl24501Mexican BorderFort HancockFort Hancock6 am-10 pm10/27/2016OpenN/AN/AN/A2At 10:00 am MDTno delay01N/AN/AN/AN/AN/A230503Mexican BorderHidalgo/PharrAnzalduas International Bridge6 am-10 pm10/27/2016OpenN/AN/AN/A4At 3:00 pm CDTdelay251At 3:00 pm CDTno delay01At 3:00 pm CDTdelay202N/AN/AN/A230501Mexican BorderHidalgo/PharrHidalgo24 hrs/day10/27/2016OpenN/AN/AN/A12At 3:00 pm CDTdelay452At 3:00 pm CDTno delay01At 3:00 pm CDTdelay4035At 3:00 pm CDTno delay24N/A230502Mexican BorderHidalgo/PharrPharr6 am-Midnight10/27/2016Open6At 3:00 pm CDTdelay454At 3:00 pm CDTdelay2016At 3:00 pm CDTdelay201At 3:00 pm CDTno delay01At 3:00 pm CDTdelay102N/AN/AN/A230401Mexican BorderLaredoBridge I24 hrs/day10/27/2016OpenN/AN/AN/A4Lanes ClosedN/AN/A9At 3:00 pm CDTdelay102At 3:00 pm CDTdelay102230402Mexican BorderLaredoBridge II24 hrs/day10/27/2016OpenN/AN/AN/A15At 3:00 pm CDTdelay354At 3:00 pm CDTno delay03At 3:00 pm CDTdelay307N/AN/AN/A230403Mexican BorderLaredoColombia Solidarity8 am-Midnight10/27/2016Open8At 3:00 pm CDTdelay152At 3:00 pm CDTno delay014At 3:00 pm CDTno delay01At 3:00 pm CDTno delay01N/AN/AN/AN/A230404Mexican BorderLaredoWorld Trade Bridge8 am-Midnight10/27/2016Open16At 3:00 pm CDTno delay511At 3:00 pm CDTno delay54N/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A260201Mexican BorderLukeville6 am-Midnight10/27/2016Open1Lanes ClosedN/A6At 1:00 pm MSTno delay02N/AN/AN/AN/AN/A260301Mexican BorderNaco24 hrs/day10/27/2016Open1Lanes ClosedN/A2At 3:00 pm MSTno delay11N/AN/AN/AN/AN/A260401Mexican BorderNogalesDeconcini24 hrs/day10/27/2016OpenN/AN/AN/A8At 1:00 pm MSTdelay453At 1:00 pm MSTno delay01At 1:00 pm MSTdelay4516At 1:00 pm MSTdelay253Lanes Closed260402Mexican BorderNogalesMariposa6 am-10 pm10/27/2016Open8At 1:00 pm MSTno delay07At 1:00 pm MSTno delay0113At 1:00 pm MSTdelay455N/AN/AN/AN/AN/A260403Mexican BorderNogalesMorley Gate10 am-6 pm10/27/2016OpenN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A4At 2:00 pm MSTdelay153N/A250602Mexican BorderOtay MesaCommercial6 am-8 pm10/27/2016Open10At 1:00 pm PDTdelay456At 1:00 pm PDTdelay903N/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A250601Mexican BorderOtay MesaPassenger24 hrs/day10/27/2016OpenN/AN/AN/A13At 2:00 pm PDTdelay352At 2:00 pm PDTdelay102At 2:00 pm PDTdelay3596At 2:00 pm PDTdelay103At 2:00 pm PDTno delay53250603Mexican BorderOtay MesaPedestrian Cross Border Xpress24 hrs/day10/27/2016OpenN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A4At 1:00 pm PDTno delay01At 1:00 pm PDTno delay02240301Mexican BorderPresidio24 hrs/day10/27/2016Open2At 1:00 pm CDTno delay01N/A4At 1:00 pm CDTdelay112N/AN/AN/AN/AN/A230902Mexican BorderProgresoDonna International Bridge6 am-10 pm10/27/2016OpenN/AN/AN/A4At 2:00 pm CDTdelay162N/ALanes Closed4Lanes ClosedN/A230901Mexican BorderProgresoProgreso International Bridge24 hrs/day10/27/2016Open1At 1:00 pm CDTno delay01N/A5At 1:00 pm CDTdelay153N/AN/A7At 1:00 pm CDTno delay01N/A230701Mexican BorderRio Grande City7 am-Midnight10/27/2016Open2At 4:00 pm CDTno delay01N/A3At 4:00 pm CDTdelay101N/AN/AN/AN/AN/A231001Mexican BorderRoma24 hrs/day10/27/2016Open1At 3:00 pm CDTno delay01N/A4At 3:00 pm CDTdelay103N/AN/AN/AN/AN/A260801Mexican BorderSan LuisSan Luis I24 hrs/day10/27/2016OpenN/AN/AN/A9At 1:00 pm MSTdelay453At 1:00 pm MSTno delay51At 1:00 pm MSTdelay1547At 1:00 pm MSTno delay02N/A260802Mexican BorderSan LuisSan Luis II9 am-8 pm10/27/2016Open3At 1:00 pm MSTno delay01N/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A250401Mexican BorderSan Ysidro24 hrs/day10/27/2016OpenN/AN/AN/A24At 1:00 pm PDTdelay307At 1:00 pm PDTdelay106At 1:00 pm PDTdelay451115At 1:00 pm PDTdelay203At 1:00 pm PDTdelay103250407Mexican BorderSan YsidroPedWest24 hrs/day10/27/2016OpenN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A14At 1:00 pm PDTdelay107N/A240801Mexican BorderSanta TeresaSanta Teresa Port of Entry6 am-Midnight10/27/2016Open3At 2:00 pm MDTdelay151At 2:00 pm MDTdelay1014At 2:00 pm MDTdelay151N/AAt 2:00 pm MDTdelay1012At 2:00 pm MDTno delay01N/A250501Mexican BorderTecate5 am-11 pm10/27/2016Open2At 2:00 pm PDTno delay52N/A2At 2:00 pm PDTno delay82N/AN/A2At 2:00 pm PDTno delay22N/A