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Titles and Contributors Information
The PERM Book Third Edition - Editor: Joel Stewart
Contributors: Roxana C. Bacon, Robert Banta, Blake Chisam, Susan J. Cohen, Attilio M. Costabel, Gary Endelman, Christina B. LaBrie, Cyrus Mehta, Sheela Murthy, Sherry Neal, Michael E. Piston, Edwin R. Rubin, Lawrence H. Rudnick, Carl Shusterman, David Simmons, Richard J. Tasoff, David Ware, Nathan A. Waxman, Mitchell L. Wexler, Leon Wildes, and many other contributors.
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The EB-5 Book 2016-2017 Edition - Editors: Matt Gordon and Sarah Schroeder
Articles by Shae Armstrong, Jeanne Calderon, Michael T. Clark, Laura Danielson, Michael Dunn, L. Batya Schwartz Ehrens, Gary Friedland, Robert P. Gaffney, Adam Gale, Steve Ganis, Sherman Golden, Thomas Gray, Douglas Hauer, Jennifer Hermansky (Jen), Parisa K. Karaahmet, Mark Katzoff, Lily Li, Brandon Meyer, John Neill, Angelo A. Paparelli, Chun Yun ("Elizabeth") Peng, John Roth, Paul Ruby, Reid Thomas, Robert S. Winner, and Ben Zou.
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The Nurse Immigration Book 2007-2008 Edition - Editors: Joseph P. Curran and Dan H. Berger
Contributions by James David Acoba, Stuart Anderson, David Auerbach, Gloria Bazzoli, Sylvia Boecker, Peter Buerhaus, CGFNS International, Sreekanth Chagaturu, Patrick Curran, Esther Fridman, Anneliese Gerland, Michael Hammond, Leslie Holman, Mireille Kingma, Jessica May, Yvette Mooney, Christopher Musillo, Ronald Nair, Phyllis Farrell Norman, Mariah Rutherford-Olds, Carl Shusterman, Greg Siskind, C. Philip Slaton, Douglas Staiger, William A. Stock, Snigdha Vallabhaneni and Christopher Wendt
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The Consular Posts Book 2017-2018 Edition- Editor: Rami Fakhoury
Contributions by Poorvi Chothani, Steven A. Culbreath, Dharamchand Depoo, Marc Ellis, Vic Goel, Edward S. Gudeon, Magdale Labbe Henke, Frederick W. Hong, Christi Hufford, C. Valerie Ibe, Priscilla J. Jones, Noah Klug, Jose E. Latour, Lesa Lawrence, Adam Lee, Mark Levey, Jakob Lipman, Susan Willis McFadden, Christy Nguyen, Claire D. Nilson, Curtis Pierce, Luis A. Pinilla, Jessica L. Rodriguez, Kristina Rost, Emmanuel S. Tipon, Alice Yardum-Hunter.
Coming Soon!
The Removal Book 2015-2016 Edition - By Priscillia Suntoso
Articles by Nadeen Aljijakli, Josh Bardavid, Philip Eichorn, Aga Haupt, Lauren Kosseff, Matthew Kriezelman, Michelle Mendez, Lory Rosenberg, Jason Schaffer, Kimberly Sutton, and others to be announced.
Coming Soon!
The Family Immigration Book 2017-2018 Edition - Editor: TBD
Coming Soon!
The I-140/Degree Equivalency Book 2015-2016 Edition - Editor: TBD
Contributions by Brian S. Weiss, Herbert Weiss, Kristen Quan Hammill, Prakash Khatri, Faye M. Kolly, Howard L. Kushner, Dorothee B. Mitchell, and Sherry Neal.
Coming Soon!
Business Immigration Law: Strategies For Employing Foreign Nationals Editors: Rodney A. Malpert and Amanda Thompson
Contributions by Roger Wolf, Tarik Sultan, Rebecca Whitehouse, George Lester, Kevin Fitzgerald, Charles Kuck, Rinku Ray, Robert O'Keefe, Laura Lasdow-Dussourd, Richard Gump, Nancy Morowitz, Leslie Thiele, Ellen Yost, Vicki Martin, and Edward M. Griffith Jr. - An impressive array of specialists provides helpful and pragmatic advice on the nonimmigrant work authorization, including: specialty occupations (H-1Bs); intra-company transfers from abroad (L-1); and treaty traders and investors (E-1 and E-2). Coverage includes: tax issues; discrimination law problems raised by screening foreign nationals during hiring; how to avoid sanctions for I-9 violations; and the interaction between nonimmigrant and immigrant statuses. This book's appendices provide forms, guidelines, regulations and other helpful materials.
Out of Print
Immigration Practice 15th Edition - Editors: Robert C. Divine and R. Blake Chisam
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The Physician Immigration Book 2011-2012 Edition - Editor: Robert Aronson
Contributions by Ana Acosta, Mary Amundson, Robert Aronson, Lisa Atkins, Therese Bart, Janice Bianco, Ingrid Brey, Brian Bruner, Elise Bruner, Jacqueline Bucar, Lisa Claypool, Kristi Crawford, Karen Dean, Alex Dgebuadze, Robert Divine, Goldie Domingue, Maria Fritzinger Elias, Eleanor Fitzpatrick, Roberta Freedman, Kristen Harris, Wendy Hess, Dayna Kelly, Khorzad Mehta, Jennifer Minear, Bruce Morrison, George Newman, Elizabeth Neuwirth, Karen Pollins, Ana Pottratz Acosta, Jennell Prentice, Elizabeth Quinn, Michelle Scimecca, Suzanne Seltzer, Carl Shusterman, Greg Siskind, Rita Sostrin, Tim Skinner, Sarah Peterson Strensrud, Margaret Stock, Hamel Vyas, Tracy Wallowicz, David Ware, Nathan Waxman, Andrew Wizner and Robert Whitehill
Out of Print
THE PERM BOOK 2015-2016 Edition - Joel Stewart
Contributors: Christian Allen, Jonathan Amdur, Davis Bae, Robert E. Banta, Susan L. Brady, Barbara Brandes, Lorna Rogers Burgess, J. Ira Burkemper, Ramon Carrion, Blake Chisam, Susan J. Cohen, Jeffrey Devore, Victoria Donoghue, Gary Endelman, Rami Fakhoury, Jane Goldblum, Paul Hejinian, Linda Kim, Howard Kushner, Christina La Brie, David Lazaar, Katherine Lopez Ley, Edwin Litwin, Benjamin M. Lowe, Joan Matheu, Margaret McCormick, Cyrus D. Mehta, Lori S. Melton, Nancy Jo-Meritt, Matt Morse, Sherry Neal, David B.Pakula, Michael E. Piston, Edwin Rubin, Linda Rose, Lawrence Rudnick, Rebecca L. Sigmund, Jay Solomon, Timothy Spridgeon, Richard Tasoff, Rohit Turkhud, Kiran Vairale-Mumtaz, Alison Walters, Nathan A. Waxman, Mitchell L. Wexler, Leon Wildes, Sofia Zneimer.
Out of Print
Business Immigration Law: Forms and Filings - Authors: Rodney A. Malpert and Amanda Thompson
Business Immigration Law: Forms and Filings is a comprehensive guide to choosing the correct nonimmigrant work authorization category and applying for it efficiently and without error. It provides examples and explanations not only of straightforward situations, but also of the variations that might affect student and business visitors, treaty traders and investors, NAFTA professionals, specialty occupation workers, temporary nonagricultural workers, and others. Coverage includes discussion of every stage of the application process: obstacles and solutions to consider before filing; completed sample forms; support letters; supporting document checklists and filing instructions; guidance on applications for initial status, extension, amendment and change of status; the needs of dependent family members; and detailed guidance on post-9/11 visa requirements.
Out of Print
The EB-5 Book 2014-2015 Edition - Editors: Matt Gordon, Angelo A. Paparelli, and L. Batya Schwartz Ehrens
Out of Print
The Immigrant's Way - By Margaret W. Wong
For all immigrants, by an immigrant.
Out of Print
Forming and Operating an EB-5 Regional Center: A Guide for Developers and Business Innovators - Editors: Angelo A. Paparelli and L. Batya Schwartz Ehrens
Contributing Authors: Louann Bronstein, Laura Danielson, Michael Dunn, Adam Gale, Steve Ganis, Sherman Golden, Matt Gordon, Doug Hauer, Mark Katzoff, Robert F. Loughran, Brandon Meyer, John Neill, John Roth, Reid Thomas, Greg White, and Ben Zou.
Out of Print
The EB-5 Book 2013-2014 Edition - Editors: Matt Gordon and Joseph Whalen
Articles by Laura Danielson, Robert Gaffney, Jennifer Hermansky, David Hirson, Jose E. LaTour, Daniel B. Lundy, Brandon Meyer, Elizabeth Peng, John Roth, Paul Ruby and Batya Schwartz Ehrens
Out of Print
EB-5 for the Chinese Investor - By Mona Shah, ESQ.
Welcome Message by Governor David Paterson of New York, Commentary by Lory Rosenburg, Former BIA Judge
Out of Print
Global Mobility: An Overview for Human Resource Professionals - Editor: Poorvi Chothani
Articles by Amit Acco, Enrique Arellano, Ted Badoux, Maria Jockel, Timur Beslangurov, Ruslan Bocancea, Marla Bojorge, Renuka Cavadini, Hctor Gabriel Celano, Poorvi Chothani, Zahida Ebrahim, Chisato Higashio, Frank S. Hong, Tsvi Kan-Tor, Catherine Lau, Marco Mazzeschi, James Minamoto, Jacqueline Nyabwa, Russel L. Rodriguez, Sonal Sejpal, Maria Luisa Soter, Lozano A. Tan, Sithie Tiruchelvam, Karl Waheed, Jeremy A. Weber, and William F. White
Out of Print
The Immigration Practitioner's Guide To U.S. Export Control Regulations - By: Rami Fakhoury
Understanding the New I-129 Attestations Regarding Export Control Regulations (ITAR, EAR) and OFAC Restrictions -- Senior Editor:Stephen Yale-Loehr; Senior Researcher: Mark Levey; Preface: Angelo Paparelli
Out of Print
The Whole ACTINA By P. J. Patel
The Nationality and Nationality Act, as amended. It is fully indexed and annotated with extensive footnotes, editorial notes and scores of appendices covering other important immigration-related statuses and documents.
Out of Print
8 CFR Plus By P. J. Patel
A fully indexed USCIS and EOIR Regulations, published in Totle 8 of the Code of Federal Regulations, with exhaustive, comprehensive and meticulously prepared Topical Index; with a creative coordination of font-size, and easy-to-read and easy-to-use format.
Out of Print
20/22/28 CFR Plus By P. J. Patel
A compendium volume to 8 CFR Plus, for it contains immigration-related regulations of Department of Labor (20 CFR), Department of State (22 CFR), and Department of Justice (28 CFR), with exhaustive and comprehensive Topical Index, and easy-to-read & easy-to-use format.
Out of Print
Patel's Citations of Administrative Decisions under Immigration and Nationality Laws By P.J. Patel
This is a unique manual published by Legal Research Bureau that traces the history/treatment of any published/precedent administrative decisions and thus provides their up-to-date status ad standing. It is a unique research tool for attorneys who write legal memoranda or briefs, for it enables the attorney to know before hand the proprietary and usefulness of citing any precedent administrative citation. It also enables the user to locate many more useful administrative decisions.
Out of Print
US Tax Compliance For Immigrants And Employers: The Lawyer's Complete Guide Editor: Paula N. Singer, Esq.
Contributions by Gary P. Singerl; Sections: International Aspects of Individual U.S. Tax Return; A Guide for Filing IRS 1042 and 1042-S; U.S. Taxation of H-1B Specialty Workers; U.S. Taxation of B-1 Business Visitors; U.S. Taxation of Foreign Students; Intracompany Transferees on U.S. Assignment; What You Need to Know About Exchange Visitors; J-1 Non-student Exchange Visitors Performing U.S. Services; Tax Treaty Benefits for Foreign Nationals Performing U.S. Service
Out of Print
The Employer's Immigration Compliance Desk Reference - By: Gregory H. Siskind
Contributions by Jonathan Marks; Chapters: Form I-9 General Concepts; Completing the Form I-9; Reverification; Recordkeeping; Electronic I-9 Systems; Knowledge of Unlawful Immigration Status; Unfair Immigration Practices; Penalties and Other Risks; Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA) Compliance Tips; Conducting an I-9 Self Audit; and much more.
Out of Print
The Immigration Compliance Book - Editors: Angelo A. Paparelli, L. Batya Schwartz Ehrens, and Dan Siciliano
Contributions by Adam Ketcher, Bonnie K. Gibson, Cynthia Lange, Cyrus D. Mehta, Douglas D. Hauer, Francis E. Chin, Greg Wald, Jason Burritt, Jay Jorgensen, John Fay, Johanna Marmon, Julie Pearl, Justin A. Rymer, Kevin Lashus, Kristin Major, Laura Danielson, Loan Huynh, Lynn O. Tarran, Maggie Murphy, Matthew Warren, Michael Patrick, Michael J. Wildes, Olivia M. Sanson, Philip C. Curtis, Richard Gump, Robert F. Loughran, Steve Trow, Susanne C. Heubel, Susan Kelly, Vinh C. Trieu
Out of Print
The H-1B Book - Editor: Karen Weinstock
Contributions by Prakash Khatri, Courtney Black, Mikiel Davids, Melissa Downing, Rajeshri Patel, Ari Sauer, and Elissa Taub
Out of Print
Relief from Removal: A Definitive Manual for Winning Cases - 2007-2008 Edition, Editors: Jill Sheldon
Chapters: Removal Proceedings; Grounds of deportability; Grounds of inadmissibility; Contesting removability; Adjustment of status; Waivers of inadmissibility and deportability in removal proceedings; Secton 212(c) and Cancellation of Removal for Lawful Permanent Residents; and much more.
Out of Print
Crimes & Immigration: A Definitive Manual for Winning Cases - 2007-2008 Edition - Editor: Jill Sheldon
Chapters: Evaluating a criminal case for immigration purposes,criminal grounds of inadmissibility and waivers, criminal grounds of deportability, Good moral character, Detention and removal of noncitizens charged with criminal grounds of inadmissibility and deportability, Applications for relief afrom removal for criminal aliens in removal proceedings and much more.
Out of Print
PQ: The PERM Quarterly - 2006 - Editor: Joel Stewart
Contributions by Gary Endelman, Nathan Waxman, Careen B. Shannon, R. Blake Chisam, Sam Udani, Edward R. Litwin, Sherry Neal, Jane Goldblum, David H.
Out of Print
Family-Based Immigration: Nuts & Bolts 2006-2007 Edition - Editor: Charles Wheeler
Chapters: Immediate Relatives and the Preference System, Overview of the Application Process For Permanent Residence, Adjustment of Status, Consuler Processing, Immigrating Through Marriage, Grounds of Inadmissibility, Waivers of Inadmissibility, Affidavit of Support, Self-Petitions for Abused Spouces and Children, Ethics, and many more.
Out of Print
Child Status Protection Act by Charles Wheeler
A Practitione's Guide - 2006-2007 Edition
Out of Print
The Perm Book 2005-2006 Edition - Editor: Joel Stewart
Articles by Roxana C. Bacon, Ramon Carrion, Howard L. Kushner, Nancy Jo-Meritt, Nancy M. Lawrence, Joan Mathieu, Lori S. Melton, Sherry Neal, Michael Piston, Edwin Rubin, Lawrence H. Rudnick, Carl Shusteman, Timothy M. Spridgeon, Richard Tasoff, Alison Walters, Nathan A. Waxman, Leon Wildes, Christopher A. Wilburn
Out of Print

Free Shipping And Handling On All Our Books!
(Taxes Also Included)