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Articles by Cyrus Mehta


EB-3 to EB-2 Boost May Not Protect Your Child Under the Child Status Protection Act

Keeping Hope Alive: President Obama Can Use His Executive Power Until Congress Passes The Dream Act

The Ethical Role Of The Attorney Under Alabama's Anti-Immigrant Law

Immigration Lessons From The Fall Of Strauss-Kahn


Visa Options For Foreign Entreprenurs In The US - While Keeping An Eye On The Potential Traps And Pitfalls

Reflecting On 9/11 After 10 Years As An Immigration Attorney

B-1 In Lieu Of H-1B Visa In Jeopardy: Don't Throw The Baby Out With The Bathwater

Do We Have a Start-Up Visa For Entrepreneurs Even When Congress Has Not Lifted a Finger?

Why Can't a US Branch Of a Foreign Company Sponsor an Intracompany Transferee For a Green Card?

Fewer People To Get Deported Under New Policy: Has The Administration Finally Come To Its Senses?

Final Immigration Lesson From The Dismissal Of The Strauss-Kahn Case

Silver Lining on Immigration After the November 2010 Mid-Term Elections

Shutting Down Global Business In America: Why The H-1B Cap Hurts Us All

Going Beyond The Politics Of Discretion In The American Immigration System

How Fair Is The Fairness For High-Skilled Immigrants Act?

Resumption Of Social Security No-Match Letters And Constructive Knowledge

Reinterpreting the Automatic Conversion Provision of the CSPA to Help Dream Kids

Right to Appointed Counsel in Removal Proceedings? The Supreme Court May Have Opened the Door in Turner v. Rogers

Prosecutorial Discretion and the "Criminal Alien"

Indian Immigration Policy and the Transnational Prevailing Wage for It Workers

Gay Marriage And Immigration

The World According To Senator Schumer: It's Not A Chop Shop, It's A Body Shop

Silence In A Time of Torment: Throwing Indian IT Firms Under The Bus

Kazarian V. USCIS: Discrediting The Circularity Argument In EB-1 Petitions

The Only True Test Of Leadership: Presidential Initiative And Immigration Reform

The Enigma of Bokhari v. Holder: Work Authorization Is Not Lawful Status

Why Is The Three Year Degree So Problematic In Immigration Law?

Conversation With An "Out Of Status" Alien

The Path Less Taken: Is There An Alternative To Waiting For Comprehensive Immigration Reform?

H-1B Spouse's Dependent Time Does Not Count Towards The 6-Year H-1B Limit

My Marriage Has Broken Down, But Not Yet Terminated: How Do I File My I-751

2009 Update From The Board Of Alien Labor Certification Appeals (BALCA)

Ninth Circuit In Herrera v. USCIS Rules That Revocation Of I-140 Petition Trumps Portability

Recording Departure From The US After The Fact

On The Edge Of The Precipice Being Laid Off During The 7th Year H-1B

AAO Rules That MBBS Degree Qualifies Under The Employment-Based Second Preference

How Long Can An Immigration Judge Continue A Removal Proceeding For A Labor Certification To Get Approved?

Is It Mandatory To Detain An Aggravated Felon?

CSPA And Retroactivity

BIA Rules That Child Status Protection Act Retroactively Applies To Children Of US Citizens

Understanding The FBI Name Check Policy That Is Causing Naturalization Delays

Counterpoint: Ethically Handling Conflicts Between Two Clients Through The "Golden Mean"

Seeing Green In US Immigration Policy

Adjustment Of Status Interview After Decades

Students And Immigrant Intent

In Vitro Fertilization, Surrogate Motherhood And Citizenship