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Kidnapped By The State

by Lynn Atherton-Bloxham

Kidnapped Children
It seems that practically every day we hear or read a story of a missing baby or child. Decent humans react with horror and feel empathy for the grief stricken parents. Our fervent thoughts are for the safe return of the child to the parents. A kidnapper who takes from loving parents their precious child or children, who callously or sadistically, physically or mentally harms and tortures that child is truly reprehensible. Violating children is regarded by civilized people as beyond criminal. We cannot help but mentally place them in a category reserved for the very evil.

What many people do not know is that 5,100 children have been kidnapped over the last few years and yet most of us never heard about these particular kidnappings. Taken by force from loving parents, with little media attention or sympathy to the parent's enormous struggles and acute sorrow, very few people are even aware of these kidnapped children. How can this be? How can so many children be kidnapped and it not be a major news story? Worse, the gang doing the kidnapping is known by the police and FBI, yet, they refuse to assist the distraught parents. What? Not in America? Not in our America, a country peopled by those who show their generosity of spirit and concerns daily for complete strangers whenever tragedy strikes.

This is certainly the truth, but it gets far worse. Not only do the police and FBI know of these children, these babies and children were kidnapped by orders of the State. Working parents were rounded up in the hysteria of the anti-illegal sweeps by the gang known by the acronym of “ICE” (Immigration and Customs Enforcement). The parents were seldom given an opportunity to even make arrangements for their children. The workers were loaded on buses, in most cases right from their workplace, and either imprisoned or deported, sometimes hundreds of miles from where their children were.

They were kept from communicating and then declared unfit as parents only because they were “illegal” immigrants. Indifferent judges insisted that their enforced incarceration constituted child abandonment. The children were placed in foster homes and many set up for adoption. A second heartbreak now may await the loving adopting parents who are fearing the child they have “adopted” and loved and nurtured for several years (as the process is so long and cumbersome) may be taken away from them as biological parents petition for their own children to be returned.

Wait! I know some readers are ready to leave this story. Please pause just a moment because I am asking you to consider what the Ethical importance of this story is. It is not just one sad situation (though that would be one too many) but many parents losing their child by an administrative edict or an administrator of the State. So, before you say, “Serves the biological parents right, just a bunch of illegal aliens” or you say, “Good riddance, the parents will be in Central or South America and we will raise them the American way and instill American values in them.” Or you say, “That is what government is for; to decide these issues and place children in the best home.” Consider thoroughly what your indifference, attitude and philosophy toward these people signifies that may not reflect your real values.

Please, Watch this video.

I hope you carefully watched the video. However, you may not have sympathy toward the parents of these kidnapped children, and you may ask, rhetorically: “Just what don't you understand about the word illegal?” Nonetheless, I would not ask you to follow me for emotion's sake, but rather logic and ethics. First let us tackle a very important point that often arises when discussing immigration.

Most people seem to think immigration control is sacrosanct, codified in our Constitution. Let us clear up this misconception once and for all. The rules and regulations that constitute our immigration morass, are not and never have been a part of the Constitution. Please refer to this perspective on immigration by historical researcher and author Becky Akers.

This article is based on extensive research which also included the study of case law. She examines the false assumption so many make as to the Constitutional aspect of immigration. The Constitution addresses the issue of citizenship, as well it should, but the unrestricted ingress and egress of all people (except slaves) was not even considered. Free movement was assumed to be a basic attribute of freedom.

As the article by Becky Akers lays out clearly, this is not a Constitutional issue at all. Many wise people have come to the conclusion that not only is immigration Constitutionally correct, it also follows the original intent of the founders. It certainly supports the principles that all people hold inalienable rights and the right to the pursuit of happiness.

So how did things become such a mess? As with so many problems we face in our country today, these regulations and edicts are part and parcel of several Administrative Agencies, which, if not involved in graft and corruption as some have charged, have many problems. These agencies are, at the least, overloaded, overextended, inefficient and non-objective. For any person to insist, “but these are illegal” as though there exist fair and equitable laws and procedures, laws that are applicable to anyone and everyone, is incoherent. Consider that these administrative edicts require, at the least, a specialized attorney if not a team of attorneys, to untangle the complicated, contradictory and dictatorial regulations. To call this Justice is simply absurd.

Worse, the Administrative Agencies were deliberately set up to bypass Congress, the elected representatives and the Justice system with their own, almost separate, “more efficient government.” Yet, as with most agencies, the rules and regulations have grown like Topsy and are almost impenetrable even to English speaking people. Attorneys, after obtaining their law degree and passing the bar, still must specialize as the various administrative entities are so complex. For newcomers, struggling with English and attempting to navigate through the maze of bureaucracy, success in understanding and navigating the regulatory maze is unlikely. I certainly am not confident I could negotiate the system.

Rather than assume these people are terrible law breakers who are “invaders” and drug lords, look at the reality of who they are. They are ordinary parents who want a better life — for their children, their elderly parents, themselves. Statistically, the largest percentage are not asking for welfare or a free ride, but simply the opportunity to work and earn their own way.

Who are their consistent advocates? Ignoring those who want a political cause on one side or the other, the people on the line for them have been reputable, non-political, business people who have found the new immigrants, documented or not, to be responsible, hard working employees. I have talked to these employers and some have reluctantly confessed they are embarrassed to admit that before they worked with them, they had spoken harshly about the “illegal aliens.” Now, they are impressed with their work ethic and behavior.

Many business owners desire, at the very least, a great streamlining and much more fairness and justice in the laws. These business people understand that they need to be free to hire the best workers who are the most dependable, so they can succeed in their own business. Quite simply, that is the way a market should work. Those who appreciate a voluntary exchange process over a centrally controlled and planned economic “system” realize it requires the free flow of labor along with goods, capital, and information. These four elements all are necessary, indeed critical, for a thriving market that allows all participants to benefit. In America, historically, the newest immigrants have provided the competition and incentive by their example of ambition and initiative.

However, I want to stress, this issue is much more than an economic and monetary dilemma. It is a question of ethics, which answers why the people who have been persuaded that we need to welcome immigrants, not demonize them, refuse to use terms like Illegal, Alien, Anchor Baby, Criminals, Invaders and far worse verbiage. This terminology slanders innocent and reputable people who come here for freedom and opportunity.

Ethically we should abhor the heavy handed reality of round ups and deportations. For us to be indifferent to what amounts to kidnapping and forced separation of children from loving, caring families does not support even the very basics of civilized behavior or family values. When analyzed logically with complete honesty, ICE, and those who stay silent about their activity and its consequences are sanctioning the kidnapping of children.

This article originally appeared in the AmericanDailyHerald

About The Author

Lynn Atherton-Bloxham has been an enthusiastic pro-freedom activist for many years.  As a former registered commodity and stock broker, her work has included conducting financial and economic evaluations for businesses. As a writer and political and social analyst, her work has appeared in many publications, starting with the Johnson County Missouri Conservative Newsletter in 1962 and continuing since with the Kansas City Business Journal, The Heartland Institute, the California Libertarian Journal, and the Oklahoma Libertarian Forum.

The opinions expressed in this article do not necessarily reflect the opinion of ILW.COM.