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by Greg Siskind

USCIS Ombudsman Releases 2011 Report

The USCIS Ombudsman has issued its annual report, a report card of sorts that mentions the progress USCIS is making as well as continuing and new areas of concern. The report covers problems with E-Verify, Requests for Evidence, VIBE, Employment Authorization Card issuance delays, the EB-5 program ad USCIS call centers.

One item that caught my eye in particular:

This report includes a chart summarizing recommendations issued during the 2009 and 2010 reporting periods. Of the 38 recommendations the Ombudsmanís Office issued during this time, USCIS implemented nine, accepted but did not implement 18, and declined to implement 11.

That USCIS implemented only 9 of 38 recommendations from last year is appalling. The Ombudsman is the watchdog agency that is looking out for the best interests of the public and it is staffed with extremely bright, dedicated professionals who are performing their work just as Congress intended when they were set up several years ago. I've read USCIS' response reports and can only say that the tone is often condescending and dismissive. That needs to change and hopefully Director Mayorkas will take this report seriously and also attend to addressing recommendations from the 2010 report.  

2011 USCIS Ombudsman's Report