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Bloggings On Deportation And Removal

by Matthew Kolken

May 03, 2011

Obama's Third Meeting On Immigration Reform

The President is meeting with the Hispanic Caucus today, his third immigration related meeting in three weeks.  The White House has indicated that this meeting will be about: "the importance of fixing our nation's broken immigration system to meet our 21st century economic and national security needs so that America can win the future." 

The President continues to tell his base that he can't do anything about immigration reform without Republican assistance.  Given that this is true, wouldn't it make sense for the President to invite some Republican lawmakers to the White House to lay a foundation for a grand compromise?

Just looks like more political posturing to me.

Parenthetically, I wonder if the President's record of deporting more immigrants over a two-year span than any President in the history of the United States will come up.

It would if I was there.

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May 02, 2011

Does President Obama Have the Power to Stop His Own Deportation Machine?

Today the Immigration Policy Center released a legal memo that examines whether or not President Obama’s hands are really tied by Congressional inaction on immigration reform.  The memo explains how much executive power the President has to stop his own administration from deporting more immigrants than any President in history.  

It is very much worth the read.

Click here to read the memo  published: Mon, May 02, 2011

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