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Bloggings On Immigration Law And Policy

by Greg Siskind

Editor's note: Here are the latest entries from Greg Siskind's blog.

January 13, 2009


Some very good news in the EB-2 category for Indians and for the Chinese in both the EB-2 and EB-3 categories. Also good news for Mexicans in the EB-3 category - a six month advance for them.

Family 1st - Advancement of worldwide, China and India numbers by three weeks to 08 JUL 2002. Mexico moves up a week to 8 OCT 1992 and the Philippines stays at 15 JUL 1993.

Family 2A - Worldwide, India, China and the Philippines numbers advance one month to 1 JUN 2004. Mexico jumps five weeks to 22 SEP 2001

Family 2B - Worldwide, India and China numbers advance six weeks to 08 MAY 2000. Mexico is still stuck at 1 MAY 1992. The Philippines advances six weeks to 15 OCT 1997.

Family 3rd - Worldwide, India and China remains stalled at 1 AUG 2000. Mexico moves one week to 8 OCT 1992. One week advance for the Philippines to 1 JUN 1991.

Family 4th - Worldwide numbers advance one week to 15 FEB 1998. China moves one month to 22 SEP 1997. India advances ten weeks to 15 JAN 1998. Mexico moves two weeks forward to 22 MAR 1995. The Philippines is stalled at 1 MAY 1986.

Employment 1st - All categories remain current.

Employment 2nd - Worldwide, Mexico and the Philippines remain current. India jumps nearly half a year to 1 JAN 2004. China jumps nearly half a year to 1 JAN 2005.

Employment 3rd skilled/professional workers - All numbers are stalled and there is no movement for the fourth month in a row. Worldwide and Filipino numbers are at 1 May 2005. China jumps four months to 1 OCT 2002. India is stalled at 15 OCT 2001. Mexico jumps a whopping six months to 1 APR 2003.

Employment 3rd unskilled - Worldwide numbers are stalled at 15 MAR 2003. However, Chinese, Indian and Mexican unskilled workers get bad news - retrogression. China goes backward to 1 OCT 2002. India goes backward to 15 OCT 2001. And Mexico is also now at 15 OCT 2001. Last month these three countries were at 15 MAR 2003.

Employment 4th - All remain current.

EB-5 remains current.