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What's Amnesty?

by Bill Dahl

When you talk to people about this word,
They make a funny face.
They think it applies to only those,
Who arrive from outer space.

Based upon the above,
I thought Iíd take some time.
To explain this extraordinary term,
With this basic, simple rhyme.

Americaís a great nation,
built on liberty and justice for all.
Equal opportunity for everyone,
Disregarding race, creed, color, young, old, short or tall

Moral imperatives they guide us,
Discerning right from wrong.
We even sing about them now at ballgames,
God Bless America is our song.

Necessity requires those who have,
To be confronted with the choice to give away.
To share this thing we call freedom,
With those who have a sincere desire to stay.

Extends around the planet,
The choices America will make.
How we treat those within our own borders,
Is what we say we stand for real or fake?

Specifically the choice before America,
Might seem one only politicians are equipped to decide.
Nothing could be further from the truth,
Behind this one, you cannot hide.

To my beloved citizens of America,
This nationís greatness is not something we can hoard or store.
The only way to insure a limitless supply,
Is to risk giving it away, when voices cry no more!

You as one of todayís fortunate,
Must not forget our past.
You have the opportunity to hear the voices cry,
Thank God Almighty we are free at last!

Thereís an interesting thing about freedom,
Nationís that proclaim democracy, and equal opportunity for all.
Itís when we stop giving it away,
That we begin to deteriorate, within the borders of our own cell wall.