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Annual Planning Guide For Professionals

by Mark Maraia

What are the Elements of a Personal Marketing Plan?

We all know that people who set goals vastly outperform those who donít. Yet, most people donít set goals. Have you written down your goals for the current year? If you need a quick tool for doing so and arenít sure where to begin, use the following to give you a quick start on planning. It should take one hour or less to complete.

Anyone who has set and achieved goals knows the rush from doing so. If filling in all these blanks is too much, then fill in the first three lines and do nothing else until youíve completed them. Most business professionals would have a banner year if they actually captured three new clients for the entire year.

A 60-minute Planning Guide for Professionals

1. I will complete this form within ____ days.

2. My three primary target clients for this year are _____________________, ____________________, and ____________________.

3. I will meet with [prospective client/existing client] by _____ for the purpose of ______________________.

4. I will do research on [prospective client/existing client] by ______________.

5. The needs of this person are __________________, __________________, and ___________________.

6. I will ask the following questions of this person during my meeting:

7. The advances I will work toward during phone calls or meetings are ______________________________.

8. I will ask ________________, my primary contact at client __________________, to introduce me to two new people who work for that same client. (This is designed to expand your contacts with an existing client.)

9. I will reduce my reliance on client ______________ from ___ percent of my revenues down to ___ percent.

10. I will conduct ___ client satisfaction interviews with my clients this year. I will start with clients ___________________ and ____________________ in the first quarter; __________________ and ____________________ in the second quarter. I will do these in person.

11. I will meet with ___ prospective clients this quarter. These are people I know for whom Iím not doing any business.

12. I will devote ___ hours to marketing and business development each quarter of this year. I will diligently keep track of the time I invest in this area.

13. I will meet with ___ people in my network each quarter of this year. I will start by meeting with _____________________, _____________________, and ____________________.

14. I will meet with ___ of my partners each quarter of this year. I will start by meeting with ____________ by February 1, _______________ by February 15, and ________________ by March 1, etc.

15. I will meet or speak with ___ referral sources each quarter of this year. I will start by calling _________ by January 30. The list of questions I will ask are ______________________________________________? ______________________________________________?

16. I hope to generate ___ unprompted referrals during each quarter of this year.

17. I will write ___ articles this year and place them in publications that my clients read. My target publications are ________________________ and ___________________________.

18. I will speak ___ times during the year at industry or trade conferences where my prospective clients congregate. (Related questions: Where am I currently scheduled to speak and on what dates? How do I get on the agenda for those conferences? Do I know the name of the chair of the speakersí committee? If not, can one of my clients or partners make an introduction or sponsor me as a speaker?)

19. I will learn ___ new skills this year that will increase my value to the market. (For instance, I will learn about capital funding in the biotech field to better serve the needs of my environmental clients. I will learn how to use the Internet or Lotus Notes or Power- Point so I can better communicate with my clients and/or my partners in other states or countries.)

20. I will call dormant clients ____________________ and _________________________ by _______ to ask them if they would like to receive the firm newsletter or ask them to join a group I belong to or speak to a group I belong to.

(If you would like a downloadable electronic version of the Annual Planning Guide, visit my website at www.markmaraia. com.)

This article is reprinted with permission from Mark Maraia.

About The Author

Mark Maraia is author of Rainmaking Made Simple: What Every Professional Must Know. You can subscribe to Markís free monthly electronic newsletter by going to Mark is founder and president of Maraia & Associates, Inc. a Denver-based relationship development coaching and training firm which helps law firms build skills one lawyer at a time and in groups.

The opinions expressed in this article do not necessarily reflect the opinion of ILW.COM.

Immigration Daily: the news source for
legal professionals. Free! Join 35000+ readers
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