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A Holiday Carol

by David D. Murray

T'was nigh on to a fortnight before the Holiday Season,
And all around this big North American land,
There were people in the night, entering the U.S. through the sand
And their goal was to cross before dawn's early light,
In hopes that St. Nicholas, or Bush, or Fox would learn of their plight.
They came looking for work, but they broke the law,
As they came to the North seeking shelter and more.

So the came by the millions, and lived and worked scared,
And about breaking the law, none of them cared.
Their poor little children were snuggled in their beds,
While visions of a good life dances in their heads,
But no stockings were hung by any chimney anywhere,
They thought La Migra might leave a lump of coal there.
If you don't like the laws, change them,
But don't come in the night,
Don't come on the lamb, and don't come to fight,
Look backwards to Mexico, to Fox and his crowd,
And ask all of them, and ask for it loud.

Now in this Holiday Season, Momma don's her "kerchief,"
And Dad his sombrero,
And they both settle down to raise their family in the barrio,
Where they never learn English, why should they, they say,
When for everything we need, we can habla our way.

But suddenly in Congress there's a loud clatter,
So they went to the House to see what was the matter,
And they found on the floor, Representative Tancredo,
Making a speech, saying all illegals must go,
So Momma and Dad went home in a flash,
And bared all the doors with fake names, a fake Social Security Number for a sash.
So now Rep. Tancredo and his ilk are on the move,
The point they are making, their point they will prove,
They'll build a big fence to keep the illegals out,
But the Wylie Coyote will hit them on their snout,
Because as long as the carrot hangs huge on the stick,
The illegals will come, are the politicians all thick?"

President Bush now proclaims, "This madness must stop!"
"I'm against the illegals and their champion, Vicente Fox;
If he took time to tend to the needs of his land,
Illegals would not need to come to ours to hold out their hand."
"Now, on Bush! On Cheney! On, Schwarzenneger and Boxer!
On, Frist! On Biden!,Villaraigosa and Rudolf, the red nosed reindeer!
It is time to take action . . On Dancer and Vixon,
And here's to you too, presidents Reagan and Nixon,
It's the right thing to do, enforce the laws of the land,
And respect law and order, which some don't seem to understand.

So Santa is dressed all in fur, and Fox tails,
And he sees what it is from which America ails,
It's a lack of respect for the laws of the land,
Illegals coming while Americas go to Iraq to defend;
Never serving this country, they come from the South,
Taking advantage to put the food in their mouths,
Working at jobs that others won't take, but braking the law all the same.
And Santa Bush, he heard this, with a glance and wink,
And it gave him a minute, just a minute to think,
He spoke not a word, but went straight to his work,
"A Guestworker Program," he said with a smirk,
Knowing full well it would never work.
And laying his finger up side his nose,
To the television cameras he smiled as he rose;
As he sprang to his feet, to Bill Dahl he gave a whistle,
And his ratings went up like a ballistic missile.
I heard him exclaim, as his sleigh drove out of sight,
"Let's not break the law, now go have a good night!"

About The Author

David D. Murray, Esq. is an attorney with offices located in Newport Beach, California. A graduate of Ball State University and Western State University College of Law, Mr. Murray has been a successful practitioner and consultant in connection with business law and immigration matters since 1978. His practice concentrates in the areas of Civil Litigation, Copyright, Trademark, and Trade Secrets Litigation, Employment Law, Contracts, International Transactions, and U.S. Business and Family Immigration matters. Mr. Murray served in the U.S. Army from 1967 to 1969, including deployment to the Republic of South Vietnam, where in addition to regular military duties, he served as a professor of English at the University of Hue. Holding a Merchant Marine Captainís license for sail and power vessels up to 100 net registered tons, Mr. Murray has sailed in excess of 100,000 miles in sailing boats between 22 and 197 feet in length. When not practicing law, or otherwise engaged in other various business endeavors, Mr. Murray is an avid Harley-Davidson motorcycle enthusiast, an amateur guitarist (electric and acoustical), five-string banjo picker, writer, poet, philosopher, backpacker, hiker, sailor, skier, and lover of the great outdoors.

The opinions expressed in this article do not necessarily reflect the opinion of ILW.COM.