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Inside Amnesty

by Bill Dahl

Thinking about amnesty,
We've just got to stem the tide.
People don't understand this term,
So I took a look inside.

Every word has a set of letters who reside within.
Rearranged like furniture, they give a different feel to the home.
They deepen our appreciation for the meaning of a term,
When shared inside a basic, simple poem.

This poem is written for American citizens,
Amy, Ema, Mae, Stan, Ty or Nate might be your name.
Living in a sea of ethnic diversity,
Yet, your U.S. citizenship is the same.

May we take a moment,
To reflect upon what this nation's founding fathers meant.
About how we treat those who shall wish to join us,
They anticipated many would be sent.

The ante of our founding fathers was and is,
That liberty and freedom would rise like yeast,
A sweet aroma beckoning those yearning for the same.
Kings, queens and the greatest: The oppressed, the hopeless and the least.

The founders anticipated our challenge,
Aliens, strangers and foreigners threatening our nest.
The world can be a mean and nasty place,
They were confident we would pass the test.

Yet, I'm uncertain whether they envisioned,
Men would file through a border seam like ants.
Steam rising from the collars of Minutemen,
Teams casting nets to stem the hordes advance.

Man has an uncanny ability,
To raise the wrong flag on our mast.
When we set our mind to tame the perceived threat,
Without ample reflection on our nation's past.

America roars like hungry lions,
Threatening passersby with ruffled mane.
Perhaps it's time to ask questions like:
Have we strayed from what's truly sane?

As the debate over U.S. immigration reform continues,
Politicians are assaulting one another tit-for-tat.
Special interests pulling at the puppet strings,
Protecting their neat seat set on status quo's mat.

As America finished any meal today,
Pizza, yams, ten French- fries, tea, or a medium-rare cut of meat.
Take a moment to consider the millions in our nation,
Undocumented immigrants still looking for anything to eat.

At this juncture in our history,
An opportunity to demonstrate our character demands a choice.
Unconscionable delays and double speak have run their course,
God Almighty is listening for our voice.

Lift your voice dissenters.
Let Him hear your "No, not, nyet, na or nay."
May He hear your vote supporters.
Shout your yea, ya, aye and yes today!

The world awaits your answer America.
Is it Amnesty you'll say?
Amen, I'm told, means, so be it.
I say, let them stay!

Copyright 2005 by Bill Dahl. All Rights Reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopy, recording or any information storage and retrieval system, without permission in writing from the author. All rights reserved. Rights for publishing this article, in part or its entirety, in other languages, audio and any other form are contracted to Bill Dahl. Reproduced with permission.

About The Author

Bill Dahl, a contributing columnist to is a freelance writer and social justice advocate and activist. Bill is published in several professional publications, magazines, websites, newspapers and newsletters. He has been an on-air guest on FOX radio in Los Angeles, CA. He is the author of five manuscripts, presently under consideration for publication. Bill earned a Bachelors and Masters degree at Washington State University. He has taught at the university and community college level. He has extensive public speaking experience and has led seminars throughout the United States. He is a member of the Christian Writers Guild and has been accepted to begin graduate study at Fuller Seminary in Pasadena, CA. Requests for permission to make copies of or transmit, reprint any part of this work should be sent to to: Bill Dahl,

The opinions expressed in this article do not necessarily reflect the opinion of ILW.COM.

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