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Wh(y) Amnesty?

by Bill Dahl

y    y

t y    y t

s t y a m n e s t y t s

e s t y   y t s  e

n e s t y   y t s e n

m n e s t y y t s e n m

Am n e s t y y t s e n m A








Wh(y) do we need a word,

That spares some from the full weight of the laws?

I suppose we may have recognized,

Our democracy may exhibit flaws. 

Based upon the above,

I thought Iíd take some time.

To explain the wh(y) within this essential term,

With a simple, forthright rhyme. 

All are birthed upon this planet,

the place, we have no choice.

As we awaken into consciousness,

Some scream in horror, while the rest of us rejoice. 

Millions journey in search of mercy,

Led solely by hopes for a better life.

The journey leads to foreign lands.

They come with fearful children, man and wife. 

Nation of power and plenty,

They hear the chorus of our sweet song.

Our nannies, cooks, laborers and waitresses,

What have they done wrong? 

Enduring oppression and discrimination,

They work hard and follow orders.

Without their contributions,

Economic chaos occurs within our borders. 

Seven letters in this simple word,

Freedom, liberty and justice have the same number.

Millions are waiting for us to awaken from,

Our duplicitous, self-righteous slumber. 

Thereís a dimension of forgiveness,

One we havenít quite yet learned.

Itís a priceless gift from our Creator to be shared with the oppressed,

Itís not something that weíve earned. 

YĎs the final letter.

Yet, itís also the current question that we face.

Why should we grant amnesty to them?

Itís the only thing you can do, with Almighty Godís free gift of grace. 

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About The Author

Bill Dahl, a contributing columnist to is a freelance writer and social justice advocate and activist. Bill is published in several professional publications, magazines, websites, newspapers and newsletters. He has been an on-air guest on FOX radio in Los Angeles, CA. He is the author of five manuscripts, presently under consideration for publication. Bill earned a Bachelors and Masters degree at Washington State University. He has taught at the university and community college level. He has extensive public speaking experience and has led seminars throughout the United States. He is a member of the Christian Writers Guild and has been accepted to begin graduate study at Fuller Seminary in Pasadena, CA. Requests for permission to make copies of or transmit, reprint any part of this work should be sent to to: Bill Dahl,


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