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Consular Processing Today: Visa Procedures, Security Clearances, And Waivers

by Jan Pederson, et al.

Editor's Note: The following are the materials for this seminar.

Citations for ILW.COM's Seminar
"Consular Processing Today: Visa Procedures, Security Clearances, And Waivers"
Session 2 held on February 9, 2005

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From Robyn Bishop

Consular Sections in Mexico are best reached via fax. In your message, I recommend giving an e-mail address as it might be that the consular officer will prefer to answer that way. Fax numbers for the consulates (dialed from the US) are:


Mexico City 011- 52 55-5208-8027
Ciudad Juarez 011- 52 656-613-9341 & 656-611-3860
Guadalajara 011- 52 33-3825-2426
Hermosillo 011- 52 662-217-2578
Matamoros 011- 52 868-812-2171
Merida 011- 52 999-925-6219
Monterrey 011- 52 81-8343-9399 for regular visas; 81-8340-3183 for H2 visas
Nogales 011- 52 631-313-4652
Nuevo Laredo 011 -52 867-714-6075
Tijuana 011- 52 664-686-4570


I have a client who is a Roman Catholic Priest from Nigeria. He entered the U.S. in R-1 status in Janaury 2001 to serve a diocese in West Virginia. He has always maintained his R-1 status, which will not expire until Juanuary 2006. His R-1 visa has expired and he would like to go to Canada to apply for a new R-1 visa. He meets all the eligibility requiremetns for an R-1 visa. I understand that some consulates are particularly suspicious of Nigerians. Can you foresee any probelms he might encounter in applying for an R-1 visa in Ottawa, Montreal or Toronto? Would one post be preferable over another? Thanks for your insight.

Answer by Michael Schimmel:

Toronto would accept this case. On the surface it does not appear problematic.


I am wondering if there is any way in which a Chinese national can have an H-1B visa issued for more than 3 visits? Is it possible to work with the Consulate in Beijing to do this? We have a client who is a Chinese foreign national and he travels to China for business frequently and it is very time consuming for him to obtain a visa application appointment every few months and then wait for the visa to be issued in his passport. Does anyone have experience with this?

Answer by Michael Schimmel:

I don't know of any way that this can be done.


Also, if it is not possible, is it a good idea to send the Chinese foreign national to a post in Canada in between trips to China because the processing times are quicker in Canada or is this a scenario that the Canadian posts would discourage?

Answer by Michael Schimmel:

Toronto routinely accepts H1 renewals from stateside Chinese applicants.

About The Author

Jan Pederson, et al are the speakers for the Consular Processing Today: Visa Procedures, Security Clearances, And Waivers seminar

The opinions expressed in this article do not necessarily reflect the opinion of ILW.COM.