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Asylum Resource Series: China

by USCIS Asylum Resource Information Center

Information Packet Series
Information Packets are compilations of articles and reports on a given country or subject from a broad spectrum of sources produced by the RIC.

China: People's Republic of China: The One-Child Family Policy (November 1992)

Profile Series
Profiles are papers that provide a detailed history of a given country and identify all of the groups at risk for human rights abuses, what has been done to these groups, and by whom. These papers also discuss relevant issues such as the judicial system and forms of political participation permitted in that country. Profiles are objective papers, which summarize and report a wide range of information available from credible sources, including government agencies, international organizations, other governments, non-governmental human rights monitoring groups, and academic sources. These papers are usually over 50 pages, with a table of contents and index.

China: Family Planning Policy and Practice in the People's Republic of China (March 1995)

Perspective Series
Perspectives are written by expert consultants and may reflect the views of individuals or groups. Like Profiles, they provide background information on the political and social conditions in a country and particularly the human rights situation. These papers are usually over 50 pages in length and include a table of contents and index.

Chinese State Birth Planning in the 1990's and Beyond (September 2001)

Query Responses
Queries are short responses to specific inquiries received from Asylum Officers and other branches of the DHS. Responses may consist of photocopies of articles or may be a short narrative based on staff research and/or information from experts. On the website, only the query response is available. Attachments referenced in a query will not be available on the website.

China: Information on Non-Immigrant Visa Interviews (April 03, 2003)

Tibet [China]: Information on Chushi Gangdruk [Gangdrug] (January 22, 2003)

China: Information on Islamic Reformist Party or Islamic Isalahatcilar (October 10, 2002)

China: Information on The Ministry of National Security's Activities in Hong Kong (August 22, 2002)

China: Information on Procedures for Applying for and Traveling on Passports, Including Documentation, Bank Guaranties, Bearers’ Signatures, and Exit Stamps (August 19, 2002)

China: Information on Treatment of Returning Peasants and Workers Who Violated the One-child Family Planning Policy While Abroad (June 12, 2002)

China: Information on Forced Exile and Travel Restrictions (May 31, 2002)

China: Information on the One Child Policy, Particularly in Shandong Province (May 11, 2001)

China: Information on Identifying Prison Detainees by Number (March 5, 2001)

China: Information on Treatment of Homosexuals (March 1, 2001)

About The Author

USCIS Asylum Resource Information Center ("RIC") was established to meet the information needs of the Asylum Officer and Immigration Officer Corps in the US and overseas by providing them with credible and objective information on conditions in the countries of origin of asylum and refugee applicants. To meet this need we obtain information from reputable human rights monitors, other government agencies, international organizations, non-governmental organizations, academia, and the media. The RIC is a Branch of the Asylum Division in the Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services.

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