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Firm Builds Business By Handling Immigration Cases Over The Web

by Ben Harris

Several years ago, the Columbus, Ohio-based law firm of Shihab & Associates Co., LPA was competing to land a corporate client (X Corp.) for its immigration practice that would substantially increase the firm’s business and notoriety in the professional world.  During discussions with the potential client, it became apparent that X Corp. was searching for a law firm that would not only provide exceptional service, but would also offer unique solutions to meet the company’s ever-increasing immigration needs.

Specifically, this organization was looking for a way to both increase the speed of processing for immigration cases and reduce the amount of paperwork, without sacrificing quality or levels of communication with their attorneys.

After several months of research and discussions, Shihab & Associates partnered with the Denver-based law firm of Carter & Alterman, who was also handling immigration matters for the company in question, along with Denver-based software developer Ironspark, on a quest to develop a custom-built software application that would allow them to process a case directly on their website.

Shihab & Associates’ client was thrilled with the idea…now it just had to be implemented. After a year’s worth of work and nearly $50,000 in expenses, the product reached a point where all parties involved felt that it was ready for a full debut.

For the firm’s hard work and effort, Shihab & Associates was named as exclusive legal counsel on immigration issues for all cases arising in X Corp's Eastern US region, resulting in the opportunity for Shihab & Associates to grow and expand their firm. The benefits reaped from the implementation of the case management software doesn’t end there, however. 

Since its unveiling, the case management software developed has been refined and is a major selling point used by Shihab & Associates when talking with potential clients. When visiting Shihab & Associates’ offices for an initial consultation, each client is given a tour of the program by an attorney, and shown how the program can simplify the immigration process and make life easier for the client.

Additionally, the software management program has boosted Shihab & Associate's image. The typical impression of a law firm being old-fashioned and tradition-bound has been shed and replaced with an image of a dynamic, growing firm focused on client satisfaction. The implementation of case management software has resulted in several clients choosing Shihab & Associates as their immigration counsel of choice.

Developing and implementing case management software has allowed Shihab & Associates to grow and expand their business in an economy where many companies and firms are scaling back. In an environment where the competition for legal services is greater than ever, “going the extra mile” for your clients isn’t simply an option, it can mean the difference between failure and success.

About The Author

Ben Harris is the Director of Marketing and Public Relations for Columbus, Ohio-based Shihab & Associates Co., LPA. He can be reached by calling 866-886-8799, ext. 244, or via email at  More information about VisaPilot® can be found at

The opinions expressed in this article do not necessarily reflect the opinion of ILW.COM.